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Anthrax Vaccine Damage Done – London Times

Anthrax Vaccine Damage Done – London Times

Tue, 26 Nov 2002

A riveting report in the London Times reveals more facts about the US anthrax vaccine debacle. The Times reports it “has looked at thousands of pages of government, FDA, Army, congressional and medical reports stretching back 30 years. The extraordinary story of this anthrax vaccine, suddenly thrust on to centre stage in a new age of global terror, is one of high-level politics, furious scientific dispute, big business and great controversy.”

The evidence uncovered shows a continuing pattern of deceit and collusion by government agencies–FDA, the Center for Disease Control, and the Pentagon–whose officials had misled the US military personnel, Congress, and the American public. Instead of informing the public, they lied about the vaccine’s safety, by covering up evidence of its hazards, and denying the harm that it produced.

Here is what happened to one of the military’s forced vaccine casualties:

“Ronda Wilson, a supremely fit, strikingly beautiful American helicopter gunship pilot, was heading for military stardom. Just 21 and the only woman in her squadron, she had recently defeated her 63 male fellow pilots to earn the coveted Top Gun award in her first gunnery flight test. She was without peer in her cavalry unit, so skilled at handling the OH-58 Delta Warrior, armed with Hellfire missiles and .50-calibre machine guns, that she was described by her commanding officer as “one of the most outstanding pilots of her generation”.

“at Fort Stewart, Georgia, she received a routine order that was ultimately to destroy her faith in the military family and American government which she loved beyond question, and which she says “I was willing to die for”. She was told to “go get your jabs”.

“She was never told what the injection was for, and felt no need to ask. It was, she later discovered, the first in a six-dose course of anthrax vaccination. It was the moment she became part of the US government’s compulsory, highly ambitious anthrax vaccination programme for all 2.4 million of its military personnel; the project was authorised by President Clinton himself, it had begun eight months before, and it was halted 18 months later amid damning congressional verdicts, lawsuits and accusations of a top-level cover-up.”

“There were many things Wilson was not told about the 0.5ml phial of milky liquid that was being injected into her arm. It was manufactured by a company that today, after a new lease of life for the vaccination programme, has begun to distribute millions of doses to immunise “high-risk” US troops heading to the Persian Gulf for an attack on Iraq. (British soldiers will not be immunised with this vaccine, but with a home-grown version, produced at Porton Down).”

“Of all the things Wilson was not told about her first jab, perhaps the most crucial was this: that 10 months earlier, in February 1998, after an inspection of the Michigan laboratory that manufactures the vaccine, the plant had its authority to make the vaccine suspended by the FDA.”

AFTER BEING VACCINATED with a contaminated vaccine, “she developed “irritability, loss of memory, fatigue. By late February to early March nausea and diarrhoea started. One week after her third anthrax vaccine dose her gastro-intestinal symptoms worsened further, evolving into her current disabling state of illness.”

“That current state is pitiful. Wilson, who four years ago was in superb health and in charge of one of the most potent weapons in the US armoury, can barely drive a car. She has lost a third of her body weight and suffers such agonising cramps every day that she is forced to curl up in a foetal position for hours at a time. She has stiff joints, chronic fatigue, anaemia, difficulty with simple sums, memory loss, blackouts, permanent abdominal pain and, according to her medical report, ‘loss of cognitive function’. ”

“She is sure the anthrax jabs caused her physical and mental degeneration, but understands the difficulty in proving it. The final medical report concluded: “There were no other risk factors present . . . that could account for her symptoms. The anthrax vaccination may have adversely affected her immunological balance. There is a clear temporal association with the onset of her illness and her anthrax vaccination. While it is not possible to scientifically prove causality between anthrax vaccination and the onset of her illness, it is impossible to disprove causality.”

“What has destroyed her trust in everything she once held dear – the US military, the US government and her husband, a fellow pilot who has now left her – is that for 18 months she was led to believe she was a freak, the only soldier to have become ill after the injections, a strange one-off. Military doctors would diagnose stress, Aids, leukaemia, anything except a possible link to the vaccination. And, she says, as soon as she became ill, “they couldn’t wait to get rid of me”.

Only after a lawsuit was filed by Captain Tom Rempfer and Major Russ Dingle, officers in the Connecticut Air National Guard, did the FDA acknowledge in August 2002, that the anthrax vaccine “could harm people with immunity disorders, could cause a host of serious long-term adverse reactions and could already be responsible for six deaths and a number of birth defects.” Furthermore, the FDA conceded that “the safety and efficacy review was never completed.”

See AHRP Infomail Oct. 19. see also: Hartford Courant


FDA Halts Use Of Old Anthrax Vaccine

October 19, 2002


It is indeed disturbing to note that the Homeland Security Act just signed by President Bush includes a provision that would deny victims of adulterated vaccines the right to sue – thereby sealing the evidence.

See: http://www.govexec.com/dailyfed/1102/111402cdam1.htm

The Times reports:

“One thing is certain – this vaccine has a history. Questions persist on two levels: the ability of the company that manufactures it to produce it safely, and the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine itself. There is testimony and documentation that raise the question of why the American military establishment and successive White House administrations have persisted with a company and a vaccine that by their own admission have suffered problems. It is a history that the hundreds of thousands of US troops about to receive the compulsory immunisation, and who have no right to refuse it, are not being told about.”

Questions have been raised about sweetheart deals. The Times reports that less than a month after it purchased the company that origianlly manufactured the vaccine, BioPort landed a $29 million contract with the Pentagon. BioPort’s director and a major shareholder in BioPort was Admiral William Crowe, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under the Reagan and Bush Senior administrations. “Admiral Crowe has vehemently denied that he knew of the deal before BioPort purchased MBPI. He also insists that the vaccine is safe. ”

The pattern of deception and disinformation that have been meted out to the public, to military personnel and Congress about the safety and efficacy of the anthrax vaccine, do not generate public trust in the government and its healthcare agency officials. Indeed, the revelations provide compelling reasons to doubt the veracity of the current claims made as the government seeks to spearhead the enrollment of civilians in “unethical and inappropriate anthrax vaccine research.”

See: Dr. Meryl Nass recent column in RedFlags Weekly


London Times entire report:


The needle and the damage done

By Tim Reid

London Times

26 November 2002

Hundreds of American soldiers have suffered serious illness after being compulsorily injected with a controversial Anthrax vaccine, a batch of which has been found to be contaminated

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