September 14

Antidepressants & Suicide-Related Risks: 9/14/04 AHRP Press Briefing

AHRP Press Briefing September 14, 2004
Antidepressants and Suicide-Related Risks for Children

Scientists’ Presentations at AHRP Press Briefing in Conjunction with FDA Hearings:

  • Peter Mansfield, MD, University of Adelaide (Australia), Director of Healthy Skepticism discussed the illusion of potency in light of the meta-analyses in the British Medical Journal (which he co-authored) and the Lancet.
    Dr. Mansfield’s power point presentation
  • Peter Breggin, MD, a psychiatrist with a sub-specialty in clinical psychopharmacology, who was among the first to recognize adverse antidepressant drug reactions
    Dr. Breggin’s presentation
  • Lawrence Diller, MD, a pediatrician and family therapist who has evaluated and treated more than 2,500 children
    Dr. Diller’s presentation
  • Stefan Kruszewski, MD, a clinical and academic psychiatrist, and Associate Medical Director of Physicians’ Health Programs, Pennsylvania Medical Society
    Dr. Kruszewski’s presentation
  • David Healy, MD, Director of the North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine and Visiting Professor, University of Toronto, who in large measure has brought pressure to bear on the FDA to examine the pediatric data. Dr Healy shed light on FDA’s asymmetric standards for evaluating efficacy and safety, and presented newly uncovered documents.
    Dr. Healy’s power point presentation
    Accompanying text for Dr. Healy’s power point slides
    Appendix – Brecher Document (140 K pdf)

AHRP’s September 14, 2004 press statement re the FDA & concealment of suicide-related risks of antidepressants

AHRP’s testimony submitted to the FDA Psychopharmacological Drugs Advisory Committee and Pediatric Subcommittee Drugs Advisory Committee at the September 13-14, 2004 Meeting RE: Suicidality Associated with Antidepressant Drug Treatment

AHRP’s press release announcing AHRP’s September 14 press briefing

David Healy’s response (502K pdf file) to a slanderous personal attack by Pfizer, posted by the FDA on FDA’s website, August 20

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