Allen Dulles, a master propagandist demonstrated his adroit duplicity when he delivered a fear mongering speech about “brain warfare” at a national Princeton alumni conference. He described the “abhorrent” but effective vast Soviet experiment in “brain perversion techniques” when, in fact he launched a massive abhorrent CIA brainwashing manipulation project.

“The target of this “brain warfare” is the minds of men both on a collective and on an individual basis. Its aim is to condition the mind so that it no longer reacts on a free will or rational basis but responds to impulses implanted from outside. . . The Soviets are now using brain perversion techniques as one of their main weapons in preempting the cold war. Some of these techniques are so subtle and so abhorrent to our way of life that we have recoiled from facing up to them.”

“it is hard for us to realize that [ ] behind the Iron Curtain a vast experiment is underway to change men’s minds. . . the perversion of the minds of selected individuals who are subjected to such treatment that they are deprived of the ability to state their own thoughts. Parrot-like individuals so conditioned can repeat thoughts which have been implanted in their minds by suggestion from outside.

“Soviet science and ingenuity made rapid strides in the study of mental reactions and in the nefarious art of breaking down the human mind. . . We in the West are somewhat handicapped in brain warfare because there are few survivors and we have no human guinea pigs to try these extraordinary techniques. . .” (CIA-RDP80R01731R001700030015-9 Released 2003-05-05)

John Marks notes, “even as Dulles spoke, [ ] CIA officials acting under his orders had begun to find the scientists and the guinea pigs. (Manchurian Candidate, Chapter 8) Indeed, three days after this speech, Allen Dulles directed MK-ULTRA researchers to perfect those very techniques.