October 26


Congressional Investigations

Senate Finance Committee Investigates FDA

Aug 4: Sen. Grassley letter (416 K pdf) to 8 drug companies requests list of all antidepressant tests on children (1/1/1990–7/23/2004)

Aug 3: Drug safety Hearings-Sept-Congress/ FDA – Lilly Plans to Disclose Data

Jul 15: Senate Letter to FDA re: disclosure of risks (490 K pdf file)

Jul 15: Cong. Hinchey calls for ouster of FDA Counsel – Sen. Bingaman & Reed tell FDA: disclose all trial info

Jun 3, 04: Letter probes FDA re antidepressant suicide

House of Representatives Oversight Committee Investigates NIH Conflict of Interest

Sep 22: Will Cong Oversight / Investigations Committee Ask FDA Tough Questions?

Jul 27: Bill Moyers: the Real Show…Congressional hearing was abruptly cancelled

Jul 21: Cong Greenwood’s version

Jul 21: Hearing on Antidepressants Canceled – Washington Post

Jul 20: Corruption of Cong by Pharma: Greenwood offered job / drops Pharma hearing

Jul 16: Congressional Hearing: What did drug companies & FDA hide?

Jul 15: Cong. Hinchey calls for ouster of FDA Counsel – Sen. Bingaman & Reed tell FDA: disclose all trial info

Jul 13: Cong Hinchey Rebukes Daniel Troy, Chief Counsel FDA, for financial conflict of interest

Jul 10: Cong Hinchey PRESS CONFERENCE Re: Drug Co. Influecne on FDA

Jul 7, 04: Cong Hearing Re: Disclosure Pediatric SSRI Trials

Jul 6: Double Dipping at NIH: “the Gaming Must End” – Editorial WashPost

Jun 27, 04: NIH Under Fire: Longtime Favorite of Congress – Wash Post / WSJ

May 18, 04: Committee Accuses NIH of Encouraging "Option of Corruption"

May 13, 04: Congressional Panel Scolds NIH Chief, HHS


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