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Beware of Medicine Marching in Lockstep with Government, Personal Reflections


The following are my personal reflections about the profound threat posed by government-dictated mandatory childhood vaccination schedules. I submit these comments at the invitation of the President of the Network Impfentscheid Deutschland (Network for Vaccine Choice Germany) for their Protest Against Forced Vaccination in Berlin,  Sept. 2019.

                Beware of Medicine Marching in Lockstep with Government                                                        [German Translation-Video Presentation]

As a child survivor of the Holocaust I learned indelible lessons about the nature of evil. I was 31/2 years old when my family was uprooted & chased out of our home in Romania. We were herded into a concentration camp, where my father died. My experience as a child has sensitized me to the threat posed by government dictates that sever parents’ right to protect their children. Not only is protecting one’s child a parental human right; it is a primal instinct.

My perspective is informed by those painful personal memories, by the historical record, and the magnitude of the evidence in human terms. For me, it is always about the plight of children. I relate to the trauma that children suffer when they are forcibly separated from their parents, because I was once, such a child myself.

  • The very first medical victims of the Holocaust were children. They were German children who were disabled, mentally or physically. Medical doctors declared these children “unfit” for life.

These children were taken away from their families and placed in medical institutions. The parents were told that the children would receive “special treatment”. The parents were deceived.

  • Doctors in white coats selected the children for gruesome experiments such as calibrated starvation and murder by lethal injection or Zyklon B — the poison gas that was later used in the gas chambers.
  • The children’s parents were given fake death certificates signed by medical doctors, stating that the children died of natural causes.
  • What makes the Holocaust unique is that at every step of the murderous process medical doctors & medical institutions endorsed and lent the veneer of legitimacy to mass murder of millions of civilians. 
  • Doctors in white coats selected who was assigned for slave labor, who was assigned for medical experiments, and who was murdered immediately.

The stark lesson to be learned is that medicine can be weaponized when doctors join forces with government & deviate from their personal and professional ethical commitment under the Hippocratic Oath – “First, do no harm”.

The judges in the Doctors’ Trial at Nuremberg set forth the foundational legal code of medical ethics, the Nuremberg Code (1947). The first principle is unequivocal: “the voluntary, informed consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”.

By the mid-1950s, the pharmaceutical industry was a global business whose singular objective was — and remains — profits without regard for the harm caused by a defective drug or vaccine. A prime example of this culture of greed is the irresponsible, criminal marketing of the drug, Thalidomide to pregnant women. The scale of catastrophic harm caused by the manufacturer of that drug, Chemie Grünenthal, was staggering: 100,000 babies were either born dead or severely deformed. The survivors were condemned to lifelong suffering. For almost 50 years the company denied its culpability; protected by the German government, it refused to compensate the victims.

  • Thalidomide encapsulates the immoral, ruthless culture that continues to define the pharmaceutical industry whose marketing tactics have been compared to Organized Crime syndicates[1] which have perverted the ethos of medicine. Indeed, the American public now ranks Big Pharma lowest of all industries.[2]

So then, why is the pharmaceutical industry so powerful?
The answer is collusion by the medical establishment, by government, and Big Pharma. This unholy alliance works in tandem to promote widespread uptake of new drugs and vaccines – disregarding the harm caused in pursuit of profits. When signs of serious risks of harm are detected, this triad follows the Grünenthal strategy of denial and cover-up of evidence.[3] The journal Science reported that in April 2017, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control removed public access to vaccine injury data.[4] Furthermore, parents are not told the facts about the short span of time that most vaccines are effective at all.[5]

The integrity of medicine and public health policy has been undermined so that you cannot trust official assurances that government-licensed pharmaceutical products are “safe and effective”.
Examples abound:

  • The OxyContin opioid crisis is the result of collusion between Purdue, Johnson & Johnson (the leading supplier of raw opioids),[6] physicians who received payment to prescribe the drug widely, and government officials who were “willfully blind” to the mounting evidence of a disaster.[7] The estimated death toll in the U.S. from is 50,000[8] each year.
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Talcum Powder is linked to ovarian cancer and its psychiatric drug, Risperdal causes diabetes.
  • Merck’s aggressive marketing of Vioxx, garnered $2.55 billion in sales; it killed an estimated 38,000 people. Merck’s aggressive marketing of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil garnered $3 billion annually in the U.S; the vaccine is linked to long-lasting debilitating pain.[9] Thanks to the measles outbreak this year, sales of Merck’s MMR vaccine increased 58%.[10] These vaccines are Merck’s 3d and 4th largest sellers.
  • GlaxoSmithKline’s Pandemrix, the Swine flu vaccine caused 1,300 cases of severe narcolepsy (sleeping sickness);[11] Infanrix hexa (7-viruses in one) vaccine is linked to sudden infant deaths;[12] and Cervarix, GSK’s HPV Vaccine causes disabling fatigue, myalgia and arthralgia pain.[13]
  • Sanofi’s vaccine, Dengvaxia is shown to pose a high risk of lethal dengue for children.[14]
  • Companies that manufacture government-mandated childhood vaccines are shielded from lawsuits by the U.S. and UK governments.

I shudder that once again the medical establishment has aligned itself with government casting aside bedrock ethical standards, and endorsing coercive medical policies to override parental objections.

  • Doctors have become state enforcers of mandatory childhood vaccination schedules violating the un-equivocal human right to voluntary informed consent to medical interventions. Schools are also complicit state agents enforcing government requirements. This is a chilling throwback to the STASI reign in East Germany.
  • Vaccines are legally recognized in the U.S as “unavoidably unsafe” – that is why the U.S. Vaccine Injury Act was passed in 1986, and why legal exemptions for medical, religious, and moral /philosophical beliefs, were provided by state governments. Public health officials argue that there is no “statistically significant” evidence of harm, disregarding the evidence of risk posed for some children.
  • A child’s only defense against exposure to serious risks of harm from admittedly unavoidably unsafe vaccines is parents who are willing to go to battle.
  • Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children – who have no communicable disease – pose no risk to others, including to children who are immune compromised.
  • Measles, mumps, whooping cough (pertussis), rubella, and the flu occur in both vaccinated and unvaccinated children – because the vaccines are neither not as effective nor as safe as is claimed. Measles does not in fact pose a serious threat to public health, and neither do unvaccinated children. As has been carefully documented by Meryl Nass, MD:[15]

 “There is no evidence that in recent years unvaccinated US children have caused a single death from measles, mumps and rubella. Yet how many column inches, how many hours of TV news have been devoted to scaring the American public about the dire threat of measles? Fear of measles has been the major driver of the campaigns to eliminate vaccine exemptions.”

  • But these vaccines pose serious risks of harm for some children as is documented in the government database.
  • During the past 30 years, approximately 89,000 adverse reactions, including about 450 deaths, have been reported to the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System for measles vaccines.”15 
  • The current measles hysteria is fomented by a continuous stream of fear-mongering propaganda, resorting to the Goebbels opinion molding method for controlling the message to a single dogma by censoring contrary information. The (no longer honest) media has obliged by transmitting fictitious scenarios of dire public health consequences from unvaccinated children.[16] The media fails to report the findings of scientific reports that raise serious safety concerns, nor has the media reported about mass protests.
  • Unvaccinated children are being stigmatized, shunned, and banned from schools and public places as if they were lepers. Their parents are disparaged and treated like criminals; they are threatened with loss of parental custody.
  • In February 2019, a SWAT team in Arizona broke down the door to a home in the middle of the night with guns drawn. They arrested the parents and abducted three unvaccinated young children.
  • The plight of thousands of real children, who have suffered irreversible neurological harm following the administration of multiple vaccinations simultaneously, is willfully ignored by the medical establishment – as if vaccine-injured children are somehow irrelevant – mere “collateral damage”.
  • Physicians in clinical practice are under extreme pressure to disregard parents’ legitimate safety concerns and objections. Many doctors, who are opposed to the “one-size-fits-all” government-dictated vaccination schedule, are intimidated. Doctors who sign exemption certificates are at risk of losing their medical license – even as the number of children who suffer serious harm following vaccination increases.
  • Scientists in academia who raise questions about the evidence of vaccine safety are disparaged and attacked as “quacks”; their research studies are dismissed as “pseudoscience”, and they risk losing their faculty position.
  • California eliminated the right to vaccination exemptions for personal belief of conscience and religion in 2015, leaving only a medical exemption. During the past four years, conscientious physicians have been under intense intimidation. Ron Kennedy, MD, a practicing clinician for close to 50-years, filed a lawsuit charging that the California Medical Board, in its zeal to identify physicians who wrote medical exemptions for vaccines, has gone from school to school demanding children’s medical records, without any permission from the parents.[17]This is a gross violation of medical privacy; a major step on the “slippery slope”.

2019 is the year in which the line in the sand has been drawn.
We either preserve medical free choice, or the pharmaceutical-state coalition succeeds in enforcing its agenda backed by state police.

  • California passed SB276, a bill that strips medical doctors of their professional authority to make medical decisions based on their clinical judgement for children in their care; children who require a medical exemption from vaccines to protect them from risks of serious harm. This legislation empowers the Department of Public Health to dictate medical exemption standards that doctors must follow.
  • This draconian law forces doctors to vaccinate a child who they have reason to believe will be seriously harmed. Doctors who comply with the state law will be violating their moral and professional Oath to “do no harm”. To ensure compliance, California Public health officials will be authorized to review doctors’ exemptions if they have issued more than five in a year – without regard for children’s fragility, or how many children they treat.[18]
  • Medical doctors practicing in California will be subjected to monitoring by state officials, much like prisoners on parole.
  • This summer New York State effectively stripped citizens of both conscientious religious and medical exemptions. The state swept aside the legitimate 1973 Public Health Law  that authorized licensed medical physicians to determine and to certify what vaccine may be harmful to a child:  “If any physician licensed to practice medicine in this state certifies that such immunization may be detrimental to a child’s health, the requirements of this section shall be inapplicable until such immunization is found no longer to be detrimental to the child’s health.”[19]
  • On June 13, 2019, the legal status of religious exemptions in NY was eliminated without a single public hearing or public debate.
  • On August 16th, the Department of Health issued “emergency regulations[20] effective immediately; the regulations made NYS law “consistent with national immunization recommendations and guidelines.”[21] 
  • These new federal guidelines — as of August 20, 2019[22]remove almost ALL discretion from both physicians and parents alike.
  • The only medical exemption recognized by these new U.S. federal guidelines is:
    for a vaccine that had caused a child anaphylaxis – near death – following an earlier dose of the same vaccine.

These radical NYS legislative actions exclude 26,000 unvaccinated children from all public and private nurseries and schools. These are developmentally disabled children, and healthy, unvaccinated children – under 2 months of age to 18 years.  The discriminatory exclusion of unvaccinated children by the NYS legislative and the  enforcement process effectively targets mostly children with disabilities and Orthodox Jewish children whose legal rights to education have been eliminated.

  • The situation is eerily reminiscent of the infamous 1935 Nuremberg racial Laws that eliminated the rights of citizenship from Jews.

According to the CDC, the percentage of children who are unvaccinated has quadrupled since 2001, even though the overall number of vaccinated children remains high. More than 100,000 American infants and toddlers are unvaccinated; millions more received only some vaccines.[23] 

Clearly, these unvaccinated and partially vaccinated children pose no risk to others; as there have been no serious life-threatening outbreaks from any of the childhood infectious diseases. What the vaccine lobby isn’t telling you are evidence-based facts such as the findings of the Mayo Clinic Vaccine Research Group headed by Dr. Gregory Poland, Chair of Merck’s Safety Evaluation Committee, and a consultant to the major vaccine manufacturers:

  • The Mayo Clinic findings confirm that the one-size-fits-all government-dictated vaccination schedule is contrary to children’s best interest.
  • Human antibody response to measles vaccine is highly variable. Gender, race, and heredity influence response to vaccines, and girls have greater adverse reactions than boys.[24]
  • The problem of vaccine failure: Measles outbreaks result from both failure to vaccinate and vaccine failure.[25]
  • Vaccine effectiveness failure is responsible for mumps and whooping cough outbreaks; more than 80% of whooping cough cases are in fully vaccinated children.
  • Vaccines containing live viruses, such as the MMR, Varicella, and oral polio can infect, harm and very rarely kill, especially if the child has an unknown immune deficiency.
  • The much publicized Disneyland measles outbreak occurred in recently vaccinated children; in 73 of those cases, the vaccine strain of measles was identified,[26] not wild measles.

Pharmaceutical companies are colluding with governments to expand on their much publicized legislative victories in the U.S. 

They are using the media, the political party leadership, and professional organizations that have benefitted from industry largesse,[27] to gain support for vaccination mandates. Parents, who resist, are those who have informed themselves about the evidence of harm and the reality of “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines. Some parents have witnessed the tragedy that befell a neighbor’s child following vaccination with multiple-vaccines in one session.

We are at this moment at a crossroad in history:

Governments that have lost public trust are initiating measures to take our freedom of choice away while silencing us.

  • We may not criticize vaccines that – unlike any other consumer product – are free from liability. Nor may we criticize the colluding stakeholders who profit enormously from these products.
  • Our moral right to refuse to expose our children to the risks of harm that are inherent in “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines is being abolished.
  • This sets the stage for the launching of hundreds of additional vaccines in the pipeline. These will, no doubt, also be mandated for our children.
  • To ensure the continued flow of cash, the pharmaceutical industry has unleashed a mass propaganda campaign planting fake news reports and editorials in the mass media and in influential newspapers of record.

In January 2019, a major editorial under the headline: “How to Inoculate Against Anti-Vaxxers[28] signed by the Editorial Board of the New York Times, not only reiterated industry-generated propaganda; it urged state and federal officials to launch an “aggressive and targeted social media campaign” of surveillance; to “monitor anti-vaccine websites” in order to defeat “the enemy”.

In March U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff wrote a stream of letters urging CEOs of Amazon, Facebook, and Google, to censor and delete content that raises doubt about vaccine safety.[29] Other social media and internet giants followed suit including: YouTube, GoFundMe, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, Pinterest, Etsy, and MailChimp.

In 2019, news outlets such as Huffington Post have also removed dozens of articles about vaccine safety from their website such as: articles that discussed the landmark court case in which the U.S. government conceded that a little girl, named Hannah Poling developed “features of autism spectrum” following vaccination. The article had been posted six years earlier.[30]

Clearly, these industry-funded pro-vaccine collaborators in government, the media, and academia cannot withstand open public discussions about evidence that supports safety concerns about the children’s vaccination schedule. They won’t engage in public debate because their science is rigged, it can’t stand up to independent scrutiny. So they cling to hackneyed categorical pronouncements that will not convince parents who have studied the issues, and gained knowledge about the risks. Informed parents won’t turn a blind eye to the children who need to be protected from a ruthless struggle to maintain high profit margins.

  • Caught in a web of deceptions vaccine stakeholders are resorting to strong-arm police tactics to silence once and for all, those who challenge them.  
  • What is at issue globally is the human right to conscientious objection to medical interventions; freedom of choice and freedom of speech — a very dangerous combination. 

As was the case in 1935, state-supported censorship, and recent government decrees eviscerating fundamental parental rights and the professional judgement of medical doctors, have failed to raise protests from mainstream medicine, from the Ivy Towers of academia, or from the corporate-controlled media. Instead, these powerful institutions are protecting their financial stake in the business of vaccines.

Young children and their parents are being vilified and ostracized as “spreaders of disease”.  “Spreaders of disease” was the propaganda the Nazi’s used against the Jewish people.

  • In April 2019, New York City issued an emergency order directed at four specific zip codes in Brooklyn where most residents are Jewish. These Jewish residents – 6 months and older – were ordered to be vaccinated within 48 hours. Anyone who did not comply was to be fined $1,000.
  • Have we learned nothing from history?



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