America’s Healthcare Crisis–Part V–FDA Complicit in Crimes


FDA, a complicit partner in crimes and corrupt industry practices have resulted in an epidemic of preventable injuries and deaths. Continue reading →

FDA Scientists Collide with FDA Managers Re: Safety Issues

Since 1995 FDA scientists have been at odds against FDA managers who routinely override sientists’ safety concerns to approve dubious prescription drugs. Continue reading →

NIMH Scientist Charged with Criminal Conflict of Interest

CORRECTION: An Associated Press article about a federal criminal case accusing Dr. P. Trey Sunderland III of improperly accepting consulting fees from a drug maker, misstated the level of the charge against him. Dr. Sunderland was charged with "non-willful" criminal violation, a misdemeanor which carries a maximum one year prison term and $100,000 fine. It is NOT a felony, which is punishable by more than one year prison term.

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Is the FDA a Broken Agency?

“You’ve got an agency that quite frankly is either non-functional, or dysfunctional, or maybe all of the above. “Bet yourself a new hat or a fine dinner that you are going to have a scandal a month. They are running around like a lot of headless chickens.” said Rep. John Dingell. Continue reading →