Psychiatry Texbook Penned by Two Academic Leaders –GSK Ghosted

“To ghostwrite an entire textbook is a new level of chutzpah,” said Dr. David A. Kessler, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, after reviewing the documents. “I’ve never heard of that before. It takes your breath away.” Continue reading →

Making a Killing–Marketing Exercises by Dr. Carl Elliott

The catalyst for Dr. Elliott’s article was the tragic case of Dan Markingson, a 26-year old who committed suicide in May 2004, while enrolled in the CAFE trial, prescribed Seroquel. This case encapsulates the tragic consequences of a broken system which is not designed to detect the hazards for human subjects posed by market-driven research. Continue reading →

Ghosted Journal Articles Undermine Integrity of Medicine

Today’s New York Times reports (below) that "court documents provide a paper trail showing that Wyeth contracted with a medical communications company to outline articles, draft them and then solicit top physicians to sign their names, even though many of the doctors contributed little or no writing."

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Army Doctor Accused of Research Fraud Takes Leave From University

Given the serious charges against Dr. Kuklo–including fraud, forgery, and conducting an unapproved experiment on soldiers–the University of Washington’s failure to take action until a series of articles in The New York Times and pressure brought to bear by Sen. Charles Grassley, speaks volumes about a pervasive culture of arrogance in academia. Continue reading →