Cong Greenwood’s version

Wed, 21 Jul 2004

Congressman James Greenwood called at 4:05 to inform AHRP of the following:

He has resigned from the chairmanship of the House subcommittee on oversight and investigations today.

He was offered the job with Biotechnology Industry Organization on Friday.

He objected to being accused of selling out to the drug industry.

He indicated that the committee’s investigation of pharmaceutical company concealment of evidence would continue.

He assured us that the aborted July 20 hearing would be rescheduled.

We at AHRP and the families whose children have suffered harm from adverse drug effects anxiously await the truth about the drugs to be fully disclosed–so that remedial action may be taken to protect the lives of children.

Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav
Tel: 212-595-8974