December 10

CIA & Pentagon eradicated incriminating records & imported Nazis steeped in eugenics

Inasmuch as these CIA recruits were war criminals, they could not enter the U.S. legally.  In February 1947, the first set of Paperclip scientists’ visa requests were denied after their dossiers were reviewed and rejected by both Departments of State and Justice.  Navy Captain, Bosquet Wev, Deputy Director of the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, ordered JIOA officials to sanitize the incriminating records and expunge evidence of war crimes and ardent Nazism.

He justified his defiance of President Truman’s order by trivializing Nazi war crimes, asserting that the government’s concern over “picayune details”—such as the scientists’ barbarous criminal records — would result in “the best interests of the United States [being] subjugated to the efforts expended in beating a dead Nazi horse.” (Hunt, Secret Agenda, 1991)

The directors of the CIA and JIOA (Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency) smuggled Nazi criminals into the U.S. These officials and their staff operated behind a wall of secrecy, deception and misinformation. They disregarded the authority of the President of the U.S. with impunity; and shielded infamous Nazi criminals from prosecution, methodically expunging their criminal wartime activities from their records, falsifying security reports—without investigating the potential security risk for the U.S. Those falsified records enabled Nazi criminals to secure visas and eventually U.S. citizenship. In their public pronouncements, the Joint Chiefs of Staff described these Nazi criminals as “chosen, rare minds whose continuing intellectual productivity we wish to use.”  

By importing the Third Reich’s masterminds, the CIA and Pentagon imported Nazis steeped in eugenics, a malevolent elitist ideology that defines humans by their value to society; some humans are deemed valuable and worthy, others are deemed inferior. An appreciation of eugenics attitudes among medical researchers is fundamental toward understanding the mind set of physicians / scientists who designed and conducted unconscionable experiments knowing that the human subjects will likely suffer harm, and death is a foreseeable risk.  (Read Medical Atrocities: Nazi Germany)

“The methods and philosophies that Nazi scientists brought with them resulted in… the unthinkable horror of American soldiers being used as research guinea pigs in the same way that concentration camp prisoners had been used during the war.” (Jacobsen. Operation Paperclip, 2014)

For many decades, most of the American public knew nothing about the dominant role that Nazi doctors and scientists have played in Top secret American research in medicine and technology. The Pentagon and CIA designated all Paperclip documents CLASSIFIED and the media, as usual, didn’t delve as they should have. Linda Hunt’s landmark article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (1985) was an exception.

The fact that numerous Nazi Paperclip scientists worked at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, the U.S. Army center for chemical warfare research, until 1966, was a guarded secret. At first, their main task was to test the poison nerve gases invented by the Nazis — sarin and tabun — the deadliest pathogens ever encountered by the American military. Unwitting American military men were used as guinea pigs in heinous experiments testing deadly nerve gasses, poisonous chemicals, and oxygen deprivation.

In 1945, 530 tons of Tabun (obtained from Hitler’s secret arsenal) was shipped to the U.S. and tested in a specially constructed gas chamber”—much like those used in the Nazi death camps. The subjects of the poison gas experiments were American soldiers who shared the chamber with various animals—all of whom were made to breathe the poisonous fumes.  As anticipated, the soldiers were “partially disabled” recovering within three weeks (Jacobsen. Operation Paperclip, 2014) However, some of the soldiers were seriously injured; and reports of servicemen’s deaths in these experiments have persisted for decades. But as Hank Albarelli points out, the Pentagon refuses to release the documents of these experiments. (Albarelli. CIA’s Denial…Baltant Lie, 2010)

U.S. Soldiers were also subjected to behavior control experiments in which they unwittingly ingested hallucinogenic drugs such as mescaline and LSD. They were subjected to electroshock and had electrodes implanted in their brain. All of the experiments were conducted with utter disregard for their humanity. The experiments were conducted at Fort Detrick and Edgewood Arsenal both in Maryland and on civilians at more than 80 non-government institutions.  (Read Chemical and Biological Experiements on U.S. Soldiers)

Linda Hunt observed: “It had taken the greatest war in history to put a stop to an unspeakable evil, and now the cutting edge of that nightmare was being transplanted to America.”  (Secret Agenda)

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