December 10

Nazi Doctors Extend Their Inhuman Experimental Techniques in America

Dr. Walter Schreiber headed radical interrogation techniques at Camp King. He was a Major General of the Wehrmacht who introduced lethal phenol injections “as a quick and convenient means of executing troublemakers.” He worked closely with high ranking doctors who conducted freezing experiments at Auschwitz and chemical and bone experiments at Ravensbrueck where women’s legs were cut open and deliberately infected with gangrene, then having bone transplanted.  The experiments he presided over “usually resulted in a slow and agonizing death.”  Schreiber served as chief doctor at the military/ CIA notorious interrogation site in Germany, Oberursel, later renamed, Camp King. He was hired by US Air Force, School of Aviation Medicine, Texas.

Dr. Konrad Buettner was brought to the U.S. under Paperclip in 1947, having done extensive research on the “effects of extreme heat on humans”. He conducted a study for the UCLA engineering department and found that “Negroes would be in special danger from heat following an atomic explosion”. He worked closely with Nazi Storm Trooper, Dr. Heinrich Rose in 1952 in the Nevada desert observing the effects of an atomic blast on service men whom they used as guinea pigs. They found that the men had suffered severe eye damage, including blindness. The two scientists urged further such experiments. (Jet Magazine, April 10, 1953 cited by Albarelli. Exploiting Evil: Project Paperclip, the Pentagon, CIA and Human Experimentation Excerpt )

Dr. Herbert Gerstner studied the effects of electricity on the human body and began collaborating with Dr. Siegfried Koeppen; together they conducted a series of experiments on untold numbers of human subjects designed to compare the wounds inflicted upon human skin from burns and electrocution. The scant files that remain on these experiments indicate that the researchers had ample supplies of “fresh human skin” that is believed to have come in part from the “feeble minded” children exterminated by the T4 program. (Albarelli. CIA’s Denial of Protecting Nazis is Blatant Lie, 2010)

When Gerstner was first interviewed by Project Paperclip officials, before being sent to the U.S., he admitted that he used human subjects in his experiments, but explained that from 1937 through 1939 he used “cancer patients” and “old people and young people who were sick” as his subjects. When Gerstner was recruited by Paperclip officials for work in San Antonio at the M.D. Anderson Hospital for Cancer Research, his research in Nazi Germany made him a perfect match for the objectives of the Air Force and CIA, both of which were most interested in learning all that they could about how many flights a pilot of a nuclear-powered aircraft might take without harmful radiation exposure, as well as how to treat radiation and electrical burns on human flesh.

Dr. Gerstner’s Texas cancer patients never suspected that their treatment at the hands of Dr. Gerstner was not in their best interest or aimed at curing their illness. Even when they became deathly sick with constant vomiting, dehydration, skin lesions, and rapid weight loss, Gerstner’s patients did not suspect that they were being administered an extreme amount of X-ray dosages that would eventually kill them. (Albarelli. CIA’s Denial of Protecting Nazis is Blatant Lie , 2010)

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