September 5

Part 8. The Genomic Sequencing Conundrum (From “The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics”)

Part 8. The Genomic Sequencing Conundrum

And governments are to commit to building biolabs that must include genomic sequencing. No explanation has been forthcoming about why each nation needs to install its own genome sequencing laboratories. Of course, they would sequence the many viruses that will be detected as a result of the pathogen surveillance activities nations must perform, according to the WHO treaty draft. But the same techniques can be used to sequence human genomes. The fact that the EU, UK, and US are currently engaged in projects to sequence about 2 million of their citizens’ genomes provides a hint they may want to collect additional genomes of Africans, Asians, and others.

Genomic sequencing  might fly as simply sharing state-of-the-art science with our less-developed neighbors. But it is curious that there is so much emphasis on genomics, compared to the absence of any discussion about developing repurposed drugs for pandemics in either the draft treaty or IHR amendments. Some might suppose the proposed treaty was a disguised business plan for the biodefense industry.

We must not forget that virtually all developed nations, in lockstep, restricted the use of safe generic hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and related drugs during the pandemic. In retrospect, the only logical explanation for this unprecedented action was to preserve the market for expensive patentable drugs and vaccines, and possibly to prolong the pandemic. 

US law only allows unlicensed, emergency use authorized (EUA) vaccines and drugs to be used if there is no adequate, approved (licensed) and available drug for the same purpose.  If the US government admitted that existing, approved drugs could prevent and/or treat COVID, it would need to immediately revoke all the EUA vaccines and drugs for COVID.  This is one explanation for why these drugs have been vilified and suppressed by our state and federal agencies.

Genomes offer great potential profits, as they may reveal the secrets of immunity to certain diseases. However, they may also reveal genetic weaknesses at which weapons could be aimed.   They may also provide the substrate for transhumanist experiments that could include designer babies, among other things.

The latest version (aka the WHO Bureau draft) of the pandemic treaty can be accessed here. I provide screenshots below to illustrate additional points.

Draft pages 10 and 11: 

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