America’s Healthcare Crisis–Part II–What Do We Get for $$$ ?


Part II.  What Do We Get for All That Money?  A preventable epidemic of injury and death from prescription drugs; FDA’s contribution to the epidemic;  Big Pharma’s business model: manufactured myths, propaganda and a hidden agenda;

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Role of Litigation in Defining Drug Risks_JAMA / BMJ

Documents uncovered during the course of litigation shed light on real risks of drug-induced harm that would not otherwise be known. Continue reading →

Dangerous Deception: Hiding the Evidence of Adverse Drug Effects_NEJM

FDA's slip-shod approval of defective, harmful drugs, accompanied by rubber stampped endorsements by compromised FDA advisory committees may be reaching a boiling point.
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Trial Lawyers Are Taking Aim at the Drug Industry_NYT

Trial Lawyers Are Taking Aim at the Drug Industry_NYT Sun, 18 May 2003 It appears that trial lawyers will produce the results that government oversight agencies–in particular, the FDA–have failed to do. Namely, to protect the public against an increasing number of . . . Continue reading →

What’s New? – Alliance for Human Research Protection

To view AHRP news and infomails from 2006, please visit our new site. Infomails Subscribe to AHRP’s infomails At FDA, Graham is still the whistle-blower Loss of Trust: Big Drug Makers See Sales Decline With Their Image War hero’s death in clinical . . . Continue reading →

Featured News

AHRP Speaks Out AHRP Press Briefing 9/14/04: Antidepressants & suicide-related risks for children Open Letter to NIMH re Prozac & Concealed Suicide Attempts Open Letter to Officials at NIMH AHRP Briefing 2/2/04: Scientists present suicide evidence Conflicts of Interest policy – New . . . Continue reading →

Risks: Drugs / Vaccines / Trials / Treatments

Risks: Drugs / Vaccines / Trials / Treatment Evidence of antidepressant harm Oct 14, 2005: Andrew Finkelstein Letter to Dr. Russell Katz, Director, Neuropharmacological Drug Products, FDA about FDA’s Failure to Warn about Neurontin-Suicides Aug 29: FDA Response to Utah Court Must . . . Continue reading →