Testimony Against SF 2841-Minnesota – Preschool Socioemotional Screening–Karen Effrem, MD.

I am here in vigorous opposition to SF 2841 that would implement mental health screening for three-year-old children entering public school. Continue reading →

4-year old Rebecca Riley,a Casualty of Psychiatric “Treatment”_BostonGlobe_NYT

“To me one of the miracle of children’s brains is that we don’t see more harm from these treatments.” Continue reading →

Assaultive Prescribing of Psych Drugs for Children

Australian psychiatrist: "Does anyone else see tardive dysmentia after atypicalantipsychotics?"

U.S. Doctors are prescribing the antidepressant, Effexor (150mg) for infants under age one!

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Psychiatric Drug Mix for Young On Shaky Grounds_ NYTimes

The lead story in The New York Times on Thanksgiving day (below) acknowledged several facts demonstrating that children are the victims of major medical malpractice:

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ABC News Poll: Should Babies Be Given Prozac?? Vote NO

We urge you to Vote — http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/OnCall/story?id=2640591&page=1 We need a letter writing campaign to stop the mad doctors from stunting infants' development The psychiatrists among you, please raise your voice –Help!  Latest Vote Tally (Sunday. 8:00AM:   "Absolutely NO'–5,450;  No, babies can't be depressed—612;  OK if doctors says so—124.  TOTAL VOTE:  6,186

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