February 20, 2007

Newsweek’s featured article: “Men and Depression: New Treatments” (February 26, 2007) s is an infomercial masquerading as

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“Real Men, Real Depression” Marketing Masquerading as Medical News_Newsweek

February 20, 2007

Boston residents are jolted by news reports detailing the drug-induced death of 4 year old Rebecca Riley

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4-year old Rebecca Riley,a Casualty of Psychiatric “Treatment”_BostonGlobe_NYT

February 19, 2007

“Real Men, Real Depression campaign <http://menanddepression.nimh.nih.gov/infopage.asp?ID=1> ”–in Newsweek: “Men and Depression: New Treatments” (February 26, 2007). This

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Real Men, Real Depression—-Marketing Masquerading as Medical News_Newsweek

February 16, 2007

Below , Australian artist Justine Cooper created a marketing campaign for anon-existent drug called Havidol (as in

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Fake Drug, Fake Illness_People Believe it

November 4, 2006

A prescription drug’s success is measured by the size of the population in which it is used. 

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Potent Narcotic ‘Lollipop’ Becomes Best Seller_WSJ

October 26, 2006

Op Ed: Psychiatry on the Ropes–WP / Evidence-based Psychiatry– Multi-Discipline Conference_ NYC Mon, 4 Oct 2004 An

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Op Ed: Psychiatry on the Ropes–WP / Evidence-based Psychiatry– Multi-Discipline Conference_ NYC

September 30, 2006

An article by pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Darshak Sanghavi, the author of “A Map of the Child: A

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Pediatric Cardiologist Explains: The crucial health stat you’ve never heard of_Slate

May 29, 2006

The conflicts of interest are covert: the reporter notes that "although patients seldom know it, many patient

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$29 Million Donations Tie Drug Firms and Nonprofits_Philadelphia Inquirer

May 20, 2006

The article is passed off as a news report with the byline of two TIME reporters—Julie Raw

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Shame on TIME Magazine–College Suicide Story is a Big Pharma Infomercial

May 19, 2006

ABC investigative reporter, Brian Ross explains:  “We’re putting this story back on line because of the many

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ABC Resumes Posting Comments RE: “Tots Drug Experiments”

May 3, 2006

The New York Times reports: “In recent years, psychiatric researchers have been experimenting with a bold and

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Yale-Lilly Experiment: Adolescents Rx Toxic Drug for Presumed Mental Illness They Do Not Have

April 28, 2006

Since at least 2002, critics–including the director of the prestigious Cochrane Center, Dr. Peter C Gøtzsche–have been

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Glaxo denies “disease mongering”_Selling Bipolar questioned_PLoS

April 26, 2006

A provocative article in The New York Times (below) refers to a report in the Journal of

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What’s wrong with American medicine?

April 10, 2006

 An Inaugural Conference on Disease-Mongering, April, 11 to 13, is being hosted by the Newcastle Institute of

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Disease Mongering_Conference / PLoS Special Issue