ABC News Poll: Should Babies Be Given Prozac?? Vote NO

We urge you to Vote — We need a letter writing campaign to stop the mad doctors from stunting infants' development The psychiatrists among you, please raise your voice –Help!  Latest Vote Tally (Sunday. 8:00AM:   "Absolutely NO'–5,450;  No, babies can't be depressed—612;  OK if doctors says so—124.  TOTAL VOTE:  6,186

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An Out of Control Profession_NewScientist / Infant Mental Health Now Targeted by Psychiatry_MSNBC

A report in The New Scientist, "Prescribing of Hyperactivity Drugs is Out of Control," shows just how deviant U.S. prescribing of psychostimulants for
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Coalition letter to Charles Curie, Administrator, SAMHSA

We are, however, very distressed at what appears to us to be a significant discrepancy between your statements and the reality of SAMHSA’s role in implementing the NFC report recommendations, as well as other discrepancies between your statements and SAMHSA’s actions.
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TeenScreen – Angel of Mercy or Pill-Pusher for Drug Industry

TeenScreen – Angel of Mercy or Pill-Pusher for Drug Industry Thu, 14 Apr 2005 An investigative reporter has dug up the facts behind TeenScreen, the aggressive marketing scheme that targets America’s school children who are being “screened” for undetected mental problems – . . . Continue reading →