Bitter Pill: NEJM Waited 5 Years to Report Missing Data from published Vioxx Study_WSJ

A documented report by David Armstrong of The Wall Street Journal (below) shatters the last glimmer of illusion about The New England Journal of Medicine as a bastion of scientific and moral integrity. Continue reading →

Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Trials

Presented by Vera Hassner Sharav
14th Tri-Service Clinical Investigation Symposium
Sponsored by The U.S. Army Medical Department and The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancment of Military Medicine

The cornerstone of public trust in medical research is the integrity of academic institutions and the expectation that universities, which rely on public funding, have a responsibility to serve the public good. Financial conflicts of interest affect millions of American people – those who are subjects of clinical trials testing new drugs and those who are prescribed drugs after their approval. Continue reading →

InfoMail for April 22, 2002

  AHRP InfoMail Return to Home Page Return to InfoMail Media Coverage List MediaCoverage News Stories on Human ResearchProtection andCommentary by Vera Hassner Sharav April 22, 2002 ScientificMisconduct Notices FYI Scientific misconduct is a big problem undermining theintegrity of the scientific literature. Data . . . Continue reading →