February 16, 2007

The New York Times reports that “a roaring backlash has some health experts worried that the proponents,

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Furor on Rush to Require Cervical Cancer Vaccine_NYT

February 13, 2007

The documents contain evidence of Lilly’s marketing strategy promoting Zyprexa for unapproved, off-label uses while concealing from doctors

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Court Ruling: Injunction on Release of Zyprexa Documents

February 1, 2007

The Associated Press reports that Merck–the company responsible for thetens of thousands of preventable heart attacks and

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Merck Lobbies States to MANDATE cervical-cancer vaccine forschoolgirls_AP

November 28, 2006

Several astute observers of the flu, the vaccine, and the government promotional campaign urging the public to

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Flu Vaccine–where is the evidence?

October 31, 2006

The Los Angeles Times reports (below) about the latest study in "a welter of efforts to identify

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NIMH Chief Child/Adoles Research Blows Wind out TeenScreen Sails_ Los Angeles Times

October 10, 2006

Tomorrow, October 11 the FDA is holding a hearing about its controversial Emergency Research Rule (21 CFR

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Hearing: Americans Denied Human Right to Say NO to Experimental Research Under FDA Rule

May 4, 2006

Good news!!! Laypersons and independent researchers often cannot afford to access reports published in ‘peer reviewed’ journals–which

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Legislation Seeks Access to Tax-Funded Research_WashPost

April 16, 2006

Dr. Gerberdig told a Tacoma Washington audience of 1,200 : “There is no evidence [the bird flu]

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No Evidence of Pandemic_US Center for Disease Control Changes Bird Flu Policy

March 9, 2006

Well, check government policies affecting pharmaceutical companies–which are Sen. Bill Frist’s favorite corporate travel hosts. Among the

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Bill Frist’s most Frequent Corporate Flight Hosts–Pharmaceutical companies

January 24, 2006

December 12, 2005 Mr. Charles Curie Office of the Administrator Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

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Coalition letter to Charles Curie, Administrator, SAMHSA

January 21, 2006

The rationale given by FDA’s deputy commissioner for medical and scientific affairs,  Scott Gottlieb, for FDA’s proposed

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FDA is Selling the Brooklyn Bridge

January 19, 2006

Times columnist, Paul Krugman, assesses the “catastrophic” effect of the Medicare Prescription Act—which was falsely marketed as

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“this was a drug bill written by and for lobbyists”

December 20, 2000

“The FDA used to serve a purpose….A doctor could feel sure that a drug he was prescribing

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How a New Policy Led to Seven Deadly Drugs