Pre-School Children on Ritalin 2/13/02

  AHRP InfoMail Declaration of Helsinki Nuremberg Code Hippocratic Oath Return to Home Page Prescribing Ritalin for Pre-Schoolers FYI A Feb. 4, 2002 press release by The National Institutes ofHealth (NIH) announces a new "finding" by researchers from theNational Institute of Environmental Health . . . Continue reading →

Science Refutes Claims of Drug Benefit: Antipsychotics Found Harmful_NEJM

"The drugs most commonly used to soothe agitation and aggression in people with Alzheimer’s disease are no more effective than placebos for most patients, and put them at risk of serious side effects, including confusion, sleepiness and Parkinson’s disease-like symptoms, researchers are reporting
today." Continue reading →

NYT Editorial: Safe Drug Testing in Prisons?

An editorial in today's New York Times is a follow-up to its riveting report by Ian Urbina on the recommendation by an Institute of Medicine panel to
lift 1978 federal restrictions on medical experiments on prisoners.
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An Out of Control Profession_NewScientist / Infant Mental Health Now Targeted by Psychiatry_MSNBC

A report in The New Scientist, "Prescribing of Hyperactivity Drugs is Out of Control," shows just how deviant U.S. prescribing of psychostimulants for
children is compared to the rest of the world. Continue reading →