February 1, 2021

BBC: “Israel bought large stocks of the [Covid-19] jab in exchange for acting as the world’s guinea

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Government Consigned Israeli Population to be Human Subjects in a Massive Experiment

January 23, 2007

As more scientists examine the side effects of selective serotonin reuptakeinhibitors (SSRIs)–the antidepressants once marketed as "wonder

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Canadian Study: SSRI Increase Bone Fracture Risk

November 4, 2006

A prescription drug’s success is measured by the size of the population in which it is used. 

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Potent Narcotic ‘Lollipop’ Becomes Best Seller_WSJ

September 27, 2006

In this experiment, all six previously healthy young male volunteers (aged 19 to 34) nearly died after

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UK Chanel 4 Investigates: The Drug Trial That Went Wrong_Critique NEJM Editorial

August 27, 2006

"Researchers mined insurance claims for 3,526 women who had intravenouschemotherapy for breast cancer and tallied problems serious

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On the Toxicity of Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer-the Need for Vigilance

April 8, 2006

All the men instantly experienced cytokine release syndrome, which involves an outpouring of toxic molecules when the

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British Rethinking Rules After Ill-Fated Drug Trial_NYT

April 7, 2006

In a press release, ISIS puts the system’s failure to prevent the near fatal consequences of that

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London Drug Trial Catastrophe: Collapse of Science and Ethics

April 6, 2006

"It has found no evidence to suggest that there was any problem with the manufacturing of the

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MHRA Releases Selective Documents–Where is Informed Consent Document?

March 28, 2006

The FDA has quietly adopted a radical policy to boost the biotech-pharmaceutical industry. The drug, TGN1412, a

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Disasterous Drug Trial_FDA New Rules Ensure More Disasters to Follow

March 26, 2006

Contrary to public assurances that clinical trials are highly regulated and safe enough for children. Congress enacted

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Guinea Pig Gang: Meet U.S. Students Who Rent Their Bodies for Cash

March 15, 2006

Eight healthy volunteers–some are students were tempted by money. Were they informed about the potential hazards of

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Six Healthy Volunteers in Phase I Drug Trial-Critically Ill_UK

March 7, 2006

A new study published (3/1/06) shows that the rate of neurodevelopmental disorders (NDs) in children has decreased

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Mercury Crimes at CDC

March 3, 2006

Biogen and Elan, the manufacturers of the drug, Tysabri, refused to release her medical records and imaging

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FDA Approval process under fire–PML: Lethal side-effect–Tysabri: Multiple Sclerosis Drug

February 25, 2006

For years leading child psychiatrists and the National Institute of Mental Health refused to entertain evidence of

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ADHD Drugs Addictive_NIDA study