October 13, 2006

BBC reports (below) that an article in the journal, The Lancet, by experts from the Netherlands have

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BBC News: Key Data ‘Missing” in Catastrophic TGN1412 Drug Trial

October 11, 2006

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, reports that four senior Israeli doctorsaccused of conducting illegal medical experiments without informed consenton

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Four Top Doctors Arrested for illegal medical experiments_Israel

October 7, 2006

This Infomail deals with three interrelated issues: 1. A BMJ meta-analysis found pharmaceutical influence results in biased

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Industry Influence: FDA “Critical Path”/ Biased Research: BMJ / NIH: still smoke & mirrors

September 27, 2006

In this experiment, all six previously healthy young male volunteers (aged 19 to 34) nearly died after

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UK Chanel 4 Investigates: The Drug Trial That Went Wrong_Critique NEJM Editorial

September 27, 2006

Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D. Volunteers at Risk, EDITORIALTHE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE vol 355 Sept. 7,

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Volunteers at Risk_Editorial, NEJM Justifies Catastrophic TGN1412 Experiment

August 23, 2006

What sets human research subjects apart from animals is the universalprohibition enshrined in the Nuremberg Code: "The

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NYT Editorial: Safe Drug Testing in Prisons?

July 31, 2006

The Sunday Times reports (below) that the victims of the deadly TGN 1412 experiment have been told

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TGN1412 Deadly Drug Trial Victims Told To Expect Early Death

July 4, 2006

The British MHRA (equivalent to the U.S. FDA) reportedly acknowledged that Parexel, the U.S. firm that conducted

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German Drug maker of disastrous TGN1412 files for insolvency_BBC

April 9, 2006

 Anaphylaxis could occur any time you encounter any new drug, cosmetic or even foodstuff in a restaurant

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Company Knew of the Catastrophic Risk–so did the British Medicines Authority

April 8, 2006

All the men instantly experienced cytokine release syndrome, which involves an outpouring of toxic molecules when the

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British Rethinking Rules After Ill-Fated Drug Trial_NYT

April 7, 2006

In a press release, ISIS puts the system’s failure to prevent the near fatal consequences of that

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London Drug Trial Catastrophe: Collapse of Science and Ethics

April 6, 2006

"It has found no evidence to suggest that there was any problem with the manufacturing of the

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MHRA Releases Selective Documents–Where is Informed Consent Document?

March 28, 2006

The FDA has quietly adopted a radical policy to boost the biotech-pharmaceutical industry. The drug, TGN1412, a

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Disasterous Drug Trial_FDA New Rules Ensure More Disasters to Follow

March 26, 2006

Contrary to public assurances that clinical trials are highly regulated and safe enough for children. Congress enacted

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Guinea Pig Gang: Meet U.S. Students Who Rent Their Bodies for Cash