October 26

Walter Reed Seeking Volunteers to Test Anthrax Vaccine_WP

Walter Reed Seeking Volunteers to Test Anthrax Vaccine_WP

Tue, 25 Mar 2003

A clinical trial to test the anthrax vaccine is being conducted at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. The investigators are seeking civilian volunteers who are being solicited in the Washington area through newspaper advertisements.

The Alliance for Human Research Protection is seeking to obtain a copy of the informed consent for this trial.



At Page F-8 (Health Section) 3/25/03:

Volunteers Needed


Who? Civilian women and men Where? At the Clinical Trials Center in the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver spring, MD

What?–This study uses the licensed anthrax vaccine AVA The purpose is to see if using fewere (spelled fewere) shots given in the muscle will give a good immune response with fewer side effects.

General requirements For Participation

You must be between the ages of 18 and 61 years

In good general health; not pregnant or planning pregnancy

Not allergic to some vaccine components (egg allergies are OK)

Have never received an anthrax vaccine

Can participate for the entire 43 months of the study

Study Procedures

8 shots over 43 months with AVA or salt water. Some people will ONLY get salt-water shots.

A total of 25 study visits with 16 or 17 blood draws.

You must complete a study diary after each shot and keep a record of all your medications, illnesses, or major health events during this study.

Volunteers will receive compensation for their time and effort.

For more information please contact us!

1-866-856-3259 (toll free) or 301-319-9320/9335

Sammie R. Young
(301) 384-9481

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