Rotavirus vaccine found contaminated–FDA Suspends Use of Rotarix

On March 22, 2010 the FDA recommended suspension in the use of GlaxoSMithKline’s Rotarix vaccine–to prevent rotavirus (diarrhea)–due to contamination with pig virus.  Rotarix, one of two vaccines licensed in the U.S , has already been given to about 1 million U.S. children along with 30 million worldwide.
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Specific Anticonvulsants Increase Suicide Risk

A large-scale Harvard meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is the first ever to evaluate the relationship between different anticonvulsant drugs and the risk of suicide in for patients with diverse diagnoses: " the risk was derived from the specific drug that the patient was taking and not their underlying conditions." Continue reading →

Greatest Experiment Ever Performed: exploding the Estrogen Myth

Greatest Experiment Ever Performed: exploding the Estrogen Myth Wed, 9 Jul 2003 A newly published book by Barbara Seaman, “The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women: Exploding the Estrogen Myth,” Hyperion Press, should provide women with the ammunition they need to confront . . . Continue reading →

Infomail Archive

Infomail 2005 News Stories on Human Research Protection and Commentary by Vera Hassner Sharav Subscribe to the AHRP infomail list Dec 16: Drugs, Devices & Doctors – NYT Paul Krugman Dec 11: Scientific Fraud & Corruption on Both sides of Atlantic: Merck . . . Continue reading →