Weapons of mass decepetion: false claims, corrupted science

Proponents of genetically engineered / modified (GE/GM, GMO) food often characterize the debate as one of science versus superstition. The implication is that those opposed to GE/GMOs are irrational anti-science cranks or they are misguided by religious ideas. In fact, most of . . . Continue reading →

How Monsanto Rigged the System: through Politics & Propaganda

A profit-enhancing policy trumps public safety & scientific integrity In the mid-1980s, the U.S. executive branch was persuaded that the biotechnology industry would boost the U.S. economy out of its doldrums. To accommodate this newly developing industry, the executive branch gave the . . . Continue reading →

Biotech Agriculture Failed to Increase Crop Yields, but Increased Use of Herbicide

Monsanto’s pledge of benefits from genetically engineered/modified (GE, GM, GMO) crops: “Over the last decade, Monsanto’s innovative products have increased crop yield as well as reduced the use of pesticides…Farmers are seeing real economic benefits, with 10 to 18 percent average yield gains across the countries…biotech crops improve yield, cut costs, and . . . Continue reading →