Zinc cadmium sulfide was sprayed on a housing complex in St. Louis that was home to 10,000 low-income people, 70% of who were children under age 12. Lisa Martino-Taylor is a sociologist whose life’s work has been to uncover details of the Army’s ultra-secret military experiments carried out in St. Louis and other cities during the 1950s and 60s found evidence in the documents released in the 90s that showed the Army placed sprayers on a former Knights of Columbus building on Lindell and in Forest Park. The Army always insisted the chemical compound was safe, but documents prove otherwise.

“There is a lot of evidence that shows people in St. Louis and the city, in particular minority communities, were subjected to military testing that was connected to a larger radiological weapons testing project. . . It was pretty shocking, the level of duplicity and secrecy. Clearly they went to great lengths to deceive people.” (Army’s Secret Cold War Experiments…2012)