November 19

Homeland Security Bill — Eli Lilly Man in Bush Cabinet

Homeland Security Bill – Eli Lilly Man in Bush Cabinet

Tue, 19 Nov 2002

According to a biography on Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), Eli Lilly’s Man in the President’s Cabinet, Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., sits on both Homeland Security and National Security Councils.

Eli Lilly happens to be the defendant in 150 lawsuits by autistic children around the country. The suits charge the company with selling adulterated vaccines that included a mercury laced preservative.

Nicholas Regush of RedFlaggs Weekly, points out: “The fact is, the vaccine industry is truly in a mess…The industry does not do relevant research on vaccines and continues, with help from its CDC, FDA and doctor friends, to heap one vaccine after another on children without doing anything close to what might be considered appropriate safety and efficacy research. And this has been going on for decades.”

Daniels’ influential position in the administration goes a long way to explain why the Homeland Security Act is more about corporate welfare than public safety. Its sweeping last minute provisions would give pharmaceutical industry giants–such as Eli Lilly–immunity from product liability.



Biography of Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.

Confirmed by the United States Senate on January 23, 2001, the Honorable Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. joined President George W. Bush’s Cabinet as a member who combines Main Street experience and Pennsylvania Avenue credentials.

Prior to joining the President’s Cabinet, Daniels enjoyed a successful tenure at the pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly & Co. as the senior vice president of corporate strategy and policy in 1997. As a top executive, Daniels ensured that Lilly had the flexibility necessary to remain a leader in its constantly evolving field. Daniels also has advised firms ranging from Indiana National Bank to IPALCO Enterprises, Inc.

Daniels has proved a key contributor to the President’s vision for renewing America. Helping shape the historic tax relief bill President Bush signed into law last June, Daniels was also influential in designing the economic and fiscal response to the terrorist attacks of September 11. Among other things, he oversaw the formulation and implementation of the airline rescue package. Currently, Daniels sits on the Homeland Security and National Security Councils.

Throughout his career, Daniels has remembered the importance of family and community. While at Lilly, he co-founded the Oaks Academy, a non-denominational Christian school for inner-city youth. Daniels has been active in various charities including Goodwill Industries, Choice Charitable Trust, and the Fund for Hoosier Excellence.

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