October 26

Infomail Archive, 2005

Infomail 2005

News Stories on Human Research Protection and
Commentary by Vera Hassner Sharav

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Dec 16: Drugs, Devices & Doctors – NYT Paul Krugman

Dec 11: Scientific Fraud & Corruption on Both sides of Atlantic: Merck / Proctor & Gamble

Dec 11: Gov Accountability Project Creates “FactSquad” on Rx Drugs

Dec 9: Psychopharmacology in Turmoil: David Healy, MD Presentation Columbia + Debate Dr. Joseph Coyne, Ph.D

Dec 2: Pfizer Fires a Vice President Who Criticized Company’s Sales Practices

Dec 1: Anthrax shots may be required in military – Assoc Press

Dec 1: Study found: older patients risk death on BOTH old and new Antipsychotics

Nov 30: AHRP Comments Re: EPA Proposed Rule for Human Pesticide Research

Nov 28: Marketing Drugs by Marketing Sex–Cheerleader Sales Reps

Nov 25: P&G Osteoperosis Drug Trials Spark Major Academic Research Debate Re: Concealed Data

Nov 17: At FDA, Graham is still the whistle-blower – USA Today

Nov 14: Tamiflu Cited in 2 Teen Deaths_Global Plan for Influenza Action – Lancet

Nov 14: Loss of Trust: Big Drug Makers See Sales Decline With Their Image – NYT

Nov 14: NIMH Offers Grants to Study SSRI relation to Suicidality – FDA to Examine SSRI- Suicide in Adults

Nov 11: Federal Court (Illinois) Rejects FDA-Daniel Troy Preemption Argument

Nov 10: War hero’s death in clinical trial follows years of FDA neglect – Bloomberg News

Nov 5: European perspective: Bird Flu–BBC Panoarama / German skeptics / Rumsfeld Tamiflu stock $5 to $25 million

Nov 3: Big Pharma’s Shameful Secret–Bloomberg/ Clinical Trials Stopped Early for perceived benefit later turned out false–JAMA

Nov 2: AHRP Position Statement on Mental Health Screening – FDA Hearing Re: Drug Advertising

Nov 2: Twin Pharma Give-A-Ways: Biodefense Vaccine /Drug Development Act–S. 1873_ $7 bill Bird Flu Plan

Nov 2: “Lilly is Hiding Negative Information About Zyprexa” – SAPS

Oct 27: An Epidemic of Overreaction /The scare Scenario / The Fear Epidemic

Oct 27: Former FDA Commissioner or Wife Held Stock in FDA Regulated Area – NYT

Oct 27: Is Tamiflu worth it?

Oct 26: Scientific American: Preparing for a Pandemic

Oct 25: ADHD drug Cylert withdrawn from market due to Liver Toxicity

Oct 25: Beware of Avian Flu Hoax – Senate HELP Committee OK’s bill to Shield Drug / Vaccine Mfg

Oct 24: SAMHSA Backs Away From TeenScreen & TMAP

Oct 23: Cash Interests Taint Drug Advice – NATURE / Death a Risk of Antipsychotics – AP

Oct 23: Jayson Blair, reporter fired from NY Times, helped PhRMA scare consumers

Oct 22: NYT reporter Judith Miller: Woman of Mass Destruction–Not Joan of Arc

Oct 21: New Diabetes Drug Increases Mortality / Morbidity – FDA “approvable” letter Challenged

Oct 20: Serono to pay $704 million for Illegal Marketing AIDS drug and “voodoolike” clinical trials – NYT

Oct 18: States Protest Contributions to Drug Plan – New York Times

Oct 18: FDA May Require Longer Studies Before Approving Psych Drugs – WSJ

Oct 18: Psychiatry’s Claims Re: Brain Imaging Have Far Outpaced Science – NYT

Oct 17: Dr. David Healy Addresses Credibility Crisis-at Columbia University Oct. 20

Oct 17: Former FDA Commissioner says FDA lost public trust

Oct 16: APA Claims Credit for Censoring News Report about Mental Screening

Oct 16: Researcher Who Challenged ADHD industry cleared of misconduct charges

Oct 15: Prescription: Suicide? – A Documentary Film about a 12 year old child prescribed Zoloft

Oct 14: Rutherford Institute Interview: Allen Jones reveals TMAP drug scam linked to then Governor George W. Bush

Oct 12: Debate: When Is it Ethical / Unethical to Use Placebo? – PLoS

Oct 10: Lilly Consultants dismiss significance of suicide risk while Lilly will issue Black Box warning for Strattera

Oct 9: UK: ADHD advice secretly paid for by drugs companies

Oct 8: Epidemiologist Says Most Published Research Findings Are False – Psychiatrist Addresses Credibility Crisis

Oct 8: 20% Drop in Psych Drugs Prescribed for US Children – WashPost

Oct 6: A Taxpayer-Funded Clinical Trial Registry Exists!

Oct 6: Efforts to Expand Emergency Exception from Informed Consent

Oct 6: NY Banker–“Perfect Gentleman” shot son and fatally shot himself – prescribed antidepressant found

Oct 6: Ethics / Science of ARDS Controversy Continues – J Medical Ethics-BMJ

Oct 5: A Disease for Every Pill – FDA Hearing Drug Advertising

Oct 4: Pharma’s Pervasive Influence Corrupts Medicine both sides of Atlantic

Oct 1: Acting FDA Head Temporarily Drops NCI Duty – WashPost

Sep 30: At FDA, Changes In Name Only–Agency Puts Business interests Above Safety

Sep 29: Associated Press: More Details about FDA Warning Strattera Associated with Suicide

Sep 29: Lilly to Add Suicide Warning to Strattera – Medicaid May shrink $5.5 Billion spending on Schizophrenia Drug

Sep 29: Guidant Case May Involve Crime Inquiry

Sep 28: UK Doctors told to stop giving antidepressants to children – Glaxo Warns of Paxil Birth Defects

Sep 28: TIME inquiry finds top officials at vital gov agencies lack credentials for the job

Sep 27: 212% Increase in Prescription Drug Abuse by US Teens – Australian critics challenge loose prescribers

Sep 27: What the FDA Isn’t Telling You – SLATE

Sep 26: Bush’s Choice for F.D.A. Chief to Keep Other Job

Sep 26: Addicted to Legal Prescription Drugs

Sep 25: Bayh-Dole Act: The Law of Unintended Consequences – Fortune

Sep 25: Practice Guidelines: Can We Trustthe Evidence in Evidence-Based Medicine?

Sep 24: The Crawford Resignation Mystery

Sep 23: FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford Resigns – AP

Sep 23: $95 billion a year spent on medical research in US – JAMA

Sep 23: Failed Drug Treatments for Schizophrenia–Letters to the Editor – NYT

Sep 23: FDA Standards – Good Enough for Government Work?

Sep 22: Medical Costs: “It’s a broken system. And at some point, it will fall apart” – COI – NYT

Sep 21: Suspended Chief Medical Officer of Medicare reassigned to AHRQ

Sep 21: NYT Editorial: Comparing Schizophrenia Drugs

Sep 21: Use of combinations of antipsychotics–Harms Patients: McLean & Leipzig

Sep 21: Doctor Chides Medical Societies to Take Action – GSK Fined $150 Million in Medicare Fraud

Sep 20: Federal Study Finds No Benefit of New Antipsychotic Drugs – WashPost/Wall StreetJ/NY Times

Sep 19: Marcia Angell: The Body Hunters & The Constant Gardner

Sep 19: Rutherford Files Mental Health Screening Lawsuit_Indiana / Fierce Opposition to TeenScreen Mounts

Sep 18: Paxil Protest at GSK US headquarters Sept. 26–Sept. 28

Sep 18: CNN / Mercury News: Bioshield Vaccine Contracts to mfg with “closest ties with the government”

Sep 17: FDA acknowledges failure to act as defibrillator malfunction increased

Sep 16: Physician Attacks AHRP for Criticizing EPA CHEERS Pesticide Experiment on Children

Sep 15: EPA Exceptions to proposed Rules Allow Pesticides experiments on Children – Baltimore Sun

Sep 15: Dr. Kramer – All Things They Taught Us That Were Wrong in Psychiatry

Sep 14: Phrma found new market for psychotropic drugs: Toledo Zoo

Sep 13: Major Drug Effectiveness Review Found “Little Evidence” that ADHD drugs are safe or effective

Sep 13: Eli Lilly Wants Insurers to Pay $1 billion in Zyprexa claims – AP

Sep 12: Abbott Seeks FDA approval for cancer drug despite failed trials – WSJ

Sep 12: Selling Sickness: Pharma Industry Turning Us All Into Patients

Sep 12: FDA Had Report of Heart Device failures

Sep 9: Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Orgs & NCQA

Sep 7: EPA Declines to Show Proposed Regulations for Human Pesticide Experiments

Sep 6: Olive Oil Better than Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Sep 6: Cognititve Therapy Halves Risk of Second Suicide Attempt – JAMA

Sep 6: How to earn promotions in pharmaceutical industry

Sep 5: On Evidence, Medical and Legal

Sep 3: The Constant Gardner–John le Carre’s novel about Big Pharma gets rave reviews

Sep 1: New Evidence Uncovered About AIDS Drug/Vaccine Experiments on Foster Care Infants & Children

Sep 1: SC Supreme Court To Hear Christopher Pittman Appeal

Aug 29: Anatomy of an Epidemic: Psychiatric Drugs and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America – Whitaker

Aug 29: FDA Response to Utah Court Must Be Truthful Re: Zoloft / SSRI Suicidal Risks

Aug 26: Director of NIH Agrees To Loosen Ethics Rules

Aug 20: Eli Lilly Finances World Health Org (WHO) promoting psychotropic drugs

Aug 19: Are we all going mad, or are the experts crazy? / Are psychiatric drugs an assault on the human condition?

Aug 17: Universities Misappropriate Federal Grants – Cornell Doctor Blows Whistle Alleging Phantom Studies – WSJ

Aug 16: Published Clinical Trials Contradict Claimed Benefits – Front Page Pill Pushers

Aug 16: Doctors On the Take-Engaging in Vairous Dubious Activities for Cash / Stock Options

Aug 14: US transferred virulent anthrax to Iraq; Saddam used it for weapons – London Times

Aug 12: Johnson & Johnson stung by its own Advisory Committee–Natrecor should be strictly limited

Aug 11: EPA Proposed Research Rules Leaked

Aug 7: Tim Russert of Meet the Press Has Been Deceived about Thimerasol

Aug 5: Cymbalta Contract: How Eli Lilly Influences What Prescribers Learn about Lilly’s drugs

Aug 5: College Students Abuse of psychostimulants–Adderall / concerta / Ritalin

Aug 3: Florida Attorney General Subpoena’s Eli Lilly Re: Zyprexa documents

Aug 3: How to Quit the Cure–Antidepressant Withdrawal – NewsWeek

Aug 3: Russian Roulette Medicine: More kids get multiple psychiatric drugs

July 29: Next Phase in Psychiatry? Or, NIMH Effort to Rescue Bad Drugs – WSJ

July 29: Applause to Editor of Amer J of Hypertension Who Said NO to financially compromised Society

July 28: Congress Bars EPA from accepting human pesticide data

July 27: Columbia Journalism Review–The Complicity of the Media in Drug Marketing

July 26: Israeli State Comptroller Blasts Researchers for Experimenting on Patients without Consent

July 24: IOM Committee Considers Prison Research

July 21: Two Court Rulings Reject Pfizer-FDA Preemption Claim in Zoloft “failure to warn” cases

July 20: FDA Public Health Advisory: SSRI-Suicide link in adults

July 14: Internal Investigation Found Widespread Ethical Lapses by NIH Scientists

July 9: US Epidemic: Controlled Prescription Drug Abuse–Teen Drug Abuse Triples in 10 Years – CASA

July 8: Landmark Decision: Jury awards $635,177 Damages for Memory Loss from Electroshock

July 7: NY Times Journalist Judith Miller Goes to Jail Rather than Reveal Her Sources

July 5: Circumcision May Offer Powerful 70% HIV Prevention

July 4: Concealed NIH Review Substantiates Fired Expert’s Concerns – AP

July 4: Someone Tell Brooke Shields the Truth!!

July 3: 2000 Study by Merck Showed Vioxx Risk: Results Not Given to FDA – Star Ledger

July 2: Supreme Court Expansion of eminent domain–Sandra Day O’Connor smelled the rat

July 1: Tom Cruise re-ignited the debate about psychiatry–its false claims & drug hazards – Florida Medicaid restricts

July 1: FDA Advisory Suicide Risk for Adults on Antidepressants / Advisory Committee Resistant to issue Warnings on ADHD drugs

June 29: AMA Serves Pharma Marketing Priority/ FDA To Add Warnings on ADHD drugs–Concerta, Ritalin, Strattera, Adderall

June 19: Was Traci Johnson driven to suicide by anti-depressants? That’s a trade secret, say US officials

June 16: Fed Investigation Report: AIDS Drug Tests on Foster Kids Violated Rules

June 16: The Facts about Medicare “Wider Choices in Drug Benefits”

June 14: UK Pharma Association Displaying Acute Anxiety / FDA approves Focalin XR for ADHD

June 14: Is there hope for Psychiatry to make it as a profession?

June 13: TeenScreen: the Law Suits Begin

June 13: The Rutherford Institute Takes on TeenScreen Case in Indiana

June 12: UK reports the FDA Conceals Vital Data on Prescription Drugs – Independent

June 11: Why We Need Whistleblowers–One-third US Scientists Admit Unethical Research Practices

June 10: Merck / Johnson & Johnson/ Lilly-Zyprexa: $690 Million settlement / a Flowering of Diabetes Drugs

June 9: Suicide Rate Unchanged in 10 Years–JAMA / AMA Considers Stand Against Warning Labels on Antidepressants

June 9: House Votes to Prevent Pharma – tied Scientists on FDA Advisory Panels

June 9: Despite Vow, Drug Makers Still Wtihhold Data – NYT letters

June 8: When Doctors Learn, Drug Firms Often Pay the Tab – Philly Inquirer

June 8: Grassley Pushes FDA: Transparency, Accountability & Independence / Whistleblowers are essential Witnesses

June 8: Integrity of Medical Regulators

June 7: Junk Science Hits Front Page Headlines: Most Americans Will Be Mentally Ill at Some Point – NIMH / Harvard Study Says

June 6: 60 Minutes: Insider’s Rx for Drug Costs – Peter Rost Hits a Homer!

June 5: Mental Health Tests For Kids Spark Debate – Chicago Tribune

May 29: TeenScreen: Who Pays for Treatment and Drugs??

May 27: FDA sends contradictory message re: addictive drugs for children – NIMH admits cognitive therapy as good as SSRIs

May 26: Treating children as young as 4 for bipolar – WSJ

May 26: Jeffrey Drazen editor NEJM Turns Activist on Drug Trials

May 24: Guidant Didn’t Disclose a Flaw in Defibrillator for 3 Years – NYT / FDA Wrong on Crestor Safety

May 24: Congress Voted NO to EPA Human Pesticide Experiments

May 22: FDA New Drug Safety Website – ADHD A Huge Profit-Engine for amphetamine-like drugs – The Street

May 22: Foster children AIDS Drug-Vaccine Experiments – Editorial – OpEd

May 21: Latest Huckstersm: Surgical Implants for Depression – NYT

May 20: Mechanical ventilation in ARDS: One size does not fit all – Editorial AJCCM

May 19: Senate Finance Committee Investigating FDA brain stimulation device approval – WSJ

May 19: Foster Care Study – Editorial NY Times

May 18: SSRI Defects: Infants Suffer Drug Withdrawal / Adults risk GI bleeding

May 18: AHRP Testimony: Protections for Foster Children Enrolled in Clinical Trials Submitted to Cong.Ways & Means Hearing

May 17: Accutane Suicide Controversy–small study finds depression reduced

May 17: Natrecor found to worsen kidney function, hasten death – NYT

May 13: Marketing Diseas – NYT /APA invites Soprano-Actress Psychiatrist– Pfizer Spokeswoman to speak at conference

May 11: A Lobbying Campaign for Screening Children for Mental Problems–a Gimmick Aimed at Increasing PhRMA Profits

May 7: FDA Slaps Pfizer on Zoloft Ads After AHRP Files Complaint

May 7: Ct. Attorney General Files Petition with FDA Seeking Warning on Drug – NYT

May 6: A Serious Drug Problem – The Medicare Prescription Bill of 2003 – Krugman

May 6: Pharma Ethics: Merck CEO Resigns – Vioxx deceptive Marketing / AIDS drug experiments Foster Kids

May 4: A National Scandal: AIDS Drug Experiments on Foster Care Children

May 4: Drug Companies are Outsourcing Drug Trials – WP

Apr 28: The Power of $4 bill Drug Ads: Doctors Respond with Diagnosis & Prescription – WashPost

Apr 27: Calls for Transparency- Accountability – NYC Foster Children AIDS drug trials – FoxNews/Newsday/India/Rutherford

Apr 27: Supreme Court Decision On Right to Sue For Pesticide Harm

Apr 26: Drugmakers Go Furthest to Sway Congress: 1,274 Lobbyists – USA Today

Apr 26: European Medicines Agency finalises review of antidepressants in children / adolescents

Apr 26: Drug Warnings: Are They Effective? USA Today

Apr 25: Vioxx Fallout: Merck Officials Intervened–NYT / FDA Officials Intervened–Mother Jones

Apr 23: NGO Probe to Look at Foster Kids in AIDS Drug Trials – NYC

Apr 23: University of Washington “Oversees” Research Safety at 100 Locations

Apr 22: NIH Dissident Scientists Hire Drug Industry Lawyers–Evidence of Journalistic Shilling – LA Times

Apr 21: University of Washington Violated Federal Protections for Human Research Subjects

Apr 20: FDA Requests Anticonvulsant Suicide Data Analysis – Boston Globe

Apr 20: Netracor J & J heart Drug May Raise Risk of Dying

Apr 19: Mental Health Screening: A Form of Child Abuse–Children Drugged Without Parental Consent

Apr 19: Part II– Mental Health Screening: A Form of Child Abuse–Mother Jones

Apr 16: SSRI Prescription For Murder? CBS News 48 Hours /Interrogation Methods Can Elicit Confessions From Innocent People

Apr 15: In the UK & Canada, but NOT the US Eli Lilly Warns about Zyprexa Lethal Side Effect

Apr 15: Penn State Pharmacist Fined for Ethics Violations & Taking Cash from Pfizer

Apr 14: Depressing news for GSK

Apr 14: TeenScreen – Angel of Mercy or Pill-Pusher for Drug Industry

Apr 13: Depressed? NYC Screens for People at Risk – NY Times

Apr 12: Zyprexa – Risperdal – Abilify – Clozari Kill Elderly

Apr 11: National Institue AIDS Research–Professional Women Describe Sex Harassment – Conduct Unbecoming

Apr 11: Unhealthy Ethics? The Price of NIH Credibility – Editorials: WashPost / Los Angeles Times

Apr 10: Researcher To Be Sacked After Reporting High Rates of ADHD – BMJ

Apr 10: NY Times Public Advocate: Extra! Extra! Read Not Quite Everything About It!

Apr 9: Acting EPA Chief Withdraws Controversial Pesticide Experiment – LAT / NYT

Apr 8: CHEERS pesticide experiment on children is CANCELLED

Apr 8: Pfizer Statements RE: Bextra, Celebrex, Neurontin Shown to be Lies

Apr 8: Science & Ethics Hold Up EPA Nomination: pesticide experiment draws fire

Apr 7: EPA Nominee Challenged in Senate Over Children’s Pesticide Experiment

Apr 7: Pfizer PainKiller Bextra withdrawn from market, New Boxed Warnings for Celebrex

Apr 6: UK Parliament Report Re: Pharma Influence / US Regulators Comatose as 258 Fatal Suicides Linked to Neurontin

Apr 6: Follow the Money / Can the Institute of Medicine Review the FDA?

Apr 4: UK: Drugs firms ‘creating ills for every pill / US ‘Bioshield’ Drug-Patent Plan Draws Fire

Apr 5: How Genentech, Novartis Stifled A Promising Drug – WSJ

Apr 2: Counterpuch–The Pills Your Mother Gives You…Death, Depression and Prozac

Apr 1: Ethical and Scientific Objections to FDA’s Proposed Licensure of Anthrax Vaccine

Apr 1: Two Federal Courts Reject Pfizer’s Federal Preemption Argument in cases involving Zoloft

Mar 31: Researchers Chastise Am J Psychiatry Over Skewed Celexa Study

Mar 30: Anthrax Global Press Conference: Reunion of Heavy Metal Band To Raise Awareness Against Forced Drugs

Mar 30: Dubious Drug Therapy – Keith Koeller / Bread and Shelter, Yes. Psychiatrists, No – Sally Satel

Mar 27: Dying to be Famous? Shooting Fuels Debate Over Safety of Prozac for Teens

Mar 26: Family Wonders if Prozac Prompted School Shootings

Mar 25: Petition FDA to Investigate if SSRI Induced School Shootings

Mar 24: NYC Community Protest Rally: Child Abuse AIDS Experiments– Incarnation Center Saturday 3-26-05

Mar 24: Minn. Shooter Described As Deeply Disturbed – He took Prozac – Wash Post

Mar 23: Behind the Rampage /Erie Parallels Are Seen to Shootings at Columbine–Psychotropic Drugs – NYT

Mar 23: Antipsychotic Dangers Psychotropic drugs may be bad for your heart/ Clozaril and Zyprexa

Mar 22: Minnesota Attorney General Supports Widow in Zoloft Suicide Case

Mar 21: 40 Psychiatrists Lobby FDA to Legitimize Drug Restraints for Aggression

Mar 18: Obesity Researcher AdmitsFabricating Data- $3 Mill Fraud in Gov Grants – Boston Globe

Mar 18: FDA Commissioner Nominee told Senate He’s Open to Independent Safety Unit / Avonex Warning

Mar 17: 2/3 Institute of Medicine AIDS research panel have Conflicts of Interst – Assoc Press

Mar 17: Evidence-based medicine? Overdosed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine

Mar 16: “Depressionology” is Alive and Well

Mar 15: FDA Rejects Crestor Petition–Sacrificing Patient safety

Mar 14: Medicaid Battles: Law firm With Ties to Drug Makers Joins Fight in Tennessee / NYT Blind Spot

Mar 14: Labeling Kids Mentally Ill for Profit – E. Pringle

Mar 12: Whistleblowers: Dangerous Pursuit for Profits at the Expense of Patients’ Lives

Mar 11: Ritalin: Chromosome Abnormalities Occured in All 12 Children / High school prescription drug abuse

Mar 11: Merck Baby Vaccines Not Pure – LAT/ FDA Advisory-Crestor / Zyprexa Lawsuit charges Lilly concealed Diabetes risk

Mar 10: Three Senior NIH Researchers in COI Controversy Are Leaving – LAT

Mar 10: Pfizer CEO earned $16 milion-72% Increase / V-P Tells Congress How to Save $37.8 billion in cost of drugs

Mar 10: What Ails the FDA? Payola – Marcia Angell Boston Globe

Mar 9: Glaxo Pricing Under DOJ investigation / GAO Report Says Medicaid Overpays for Drugs

Mar 8: Charitable Choice: Research Grants–Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – National Journal

Mar 7: US Marshals Seize Millions of Defective Paxil & Avandamet pills – NYT

Mar 7: Pfizer Marketing Scheme Stirs Concern / Corporate Responsibility Movement Puts PhRMA on Notice

Mar 6: Disingenous Remarks from AMA President on Tort Reform – letter BMJ / NYT Test a Lawyer’s Ingenuity

Mar 5: NIH Scientists Gripe At Ethics Rule: NO Stocks in Pharmaceutical Companies – LAT / WSJ

Mar 5: Opinion column: Antidepressants Carry Risk— Dr. Joseph Glenmullen

Mar 4: FDA Tones Down Warning–Shyra Kallas an SSRI Suicide Victim

Mar 4: FDA Official Calls Newsletter Unethical – WP / Senate Considers Safety Reform at FDA – LAT

Mar 2: Are SSRIs and Atypical Antidepressants Safe / Effective for Children / Adolescents/ Neonates?

Mar 2: FDA Official Admits ‘Lapses’ on Vioxx – FDA Didn’t Heed Warnings on Dangers of MS Drug

Mar 1: Another deadly drug recalled – FDA asks Congress for Power to Dictate Warnings

Mar 1: FDA says it Screened Panelists for Conflicts of Interest

Feb 28: Children were the raw material of medical research /Newborn Screening for 29 conditions

Feb 25: 10 of 32 FDA Vioxx Panelists Had Industry Ties / Cozy NIH Review “Clears” NIH Industry Ties

Feb 24: FDA Cut Off Critic’s Access to Drug Safety Database – Chicago Tribune

Feb 17: FDA Critics Slam Plan for Safety Reform – Nature

Feb 17: FDA Panel Poses Pointed Questions to Drug Makers Over Risks of Painkillers – NYT

Feb 16: FDA Smoke & Mirrors Musical Chairs

Feb 15: FDA Scientist Won’t Present New Pain Drug Data – FDA to Create Independent Drug Safety Board

Feb 15: Jury Finds Chrisopher Pittman Guilty of Murder

Feb 14: NIH Chief Calls for Ethics Summit to address Conflicts of Interest in Medical Research – LA Times

Feb 13: Drug intoxication defense breaks new South Carolina legal ground: Pittman /Zoloft trial

Feb 13: Worry Spreads Over G.I. Drug Side Effects

Feb 12: FDA Regulators Accused of Trying to Quash Testimony About Cardiac Risks of Painkillers – NYT

Feb 11: Senator Says FDA Asked Canada NOT to Suspend Adderall, Drug used for ADHD – NYT

Feb 10: Canadian Regulators Withdraw ADD Drug Linked to 20 Sudden Deaths

Feb 10: Pfizer Zoloft Warnings to Canadian Doctors Contrast to US – FDA Caves In to Pharma lobbying

Feb 9: Forbes: Judgment Day for the FDA, Pfizer

Feb 8: 91 Merck Memo Warned of Mercury in Baby Vaccines – LAT

Feb 8: Did Zoloft make him do it? FDA Zoloft data

Feb 7: Media Release: Congressional Staff Briefing Re: Mental Health Screening for Children

Feb 6: Protecting Editorial Integrity – Dr. Stefan Kreuszewski BMJ

Feb 6: Abuses Endangered Veterans in Cancer Drug Experiments – NYT

Feb 5: Antidepressants Pregnancy Risk: Babies Adversely Affected

Feb 3: DHHS Reverses its Legal Position Petitioning FOR Federal Whistleblower Protection for Dr. Fishbein

Feb 2: Fewer Kids Prescribed Drugs for Depression – WashPost

Feb 2: Will NIH Ban on Consulting Deals with Drug Firms Set an Ethical Example? LAT / NYT

Feb 1: NIH to Ban Consulting Deals With Drug Firms – LAT / NYT

Feb 1: Pfizer Acknowledges It Failed to Reveal Celebrex cardiac risk found in 1999 trial

Jan 31: Public Servant or Private Marketer? NIH Seeks Outside Inquiry of Alzheimer’s researcher conflicts of interest

Jan 31: Despite Accutane Suicide Risk, Judge Refuses to make company Memos Public

Jan 30: Corporate Welfare Runs Amok – NYT Editorial

Jan 30: Pittman-Zoloft Trial to begin – Another Boy on Prozac is Charged in Father’s Slaying – AP

Jan 29: Alabama Filed Suit against 79 Drug companies Medicaid Overcharges

Jan 28: Lilly Withdraws Duloxetine Application from FDA

Jan 27: Eli Lilly Prozac Documents: What do They Reveal?

Jan 27: Auschwitz:60 Year Anniversary– the Role of IG Farben-Bayer

Jan 24: FATAL FLAW Efforts to Overturn SSRI Black Box warning before it has even been implemented

Jan 15: Bad Medicine: A Gift for Drug Makers–Malpractice Bill Shields Drugmakers

Jan 11: Cholesterol lowering drug, Crestor Linked to Patient Death

Jan 11: NIH Scientists Caught Concealing Millions in Royalties for Experimental Treatments – AP

Jan 10: Recent developments in gene transfer research: risk and ethics

Jan 9: Lies & Broken Promises – Drug firm Websites Fail to Disclose Test Data

Jan 7: Corporate Culture of Denial Results in Preventable Deaths

Jan 5: DHHS Report: Contradicting itself on drug imports – OpEd Peter Rost

Jan 5: Intimidation, Politics and Drug Industry Cripple U.S. Medicine – FDA Permits Dr. David Graham to publish Vioxx Report

Jan 4: Prozac Suicide Risk – CNN Posts long concealed Eli Lilly Internal Documents

Jan 1: Lilly Shares Fall After BMJ Report About Prozac Documents – NYT

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