September 5

Part 6. A Pandemic Treaty and Amendments (From “The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics”)

Part 6. A Pandemic Treaty and Amendments: Brought to You by the Same People Who Mismanaged the Past 3 Years to Save Us from Themselves?

The same US government, other governments and the WHO that imposed draconian measures on citizens to force us to be vaccinated; take dangerous, expensive, experimental drugs; withheld effective treatments; and refused to tell us that most people who required ICU care for COVID were vitamin D-deficient; and never said that taking vitamin D would lessen COVID’s severity–decided in 2021 we suddenly needed an international pandemic treaty.  Why?  To prevent and ameliorate future pandemics or biological warfare events… so we would not suffer again as we did with the COVID pandemic, they insisted. The WHO would manage it.

What the WHO and our governments conveniently failed to mention is that we suffered so badly because of their medical mismanagement and our governments’ merciless economic shutdowns and mismanagement. According to the World Bank, an additional 70 million people were forced into extreme poverty in 2020 alone. This was due to policies issued by our nations’ rulers, their handpicked advisers and the World Health Organization, which issued guidance to shut down economic activity that most nations adopted without question. The WHO is acutely aware of the consequences children have had to pay for the economic lockdowns it imposed, having published the following:

Malnutrition persisted in all its forms, with children paying a high price: in 2020, over 149 million children under-fives are estimated to have been stunted, or too short for their age; more than 45 million – wasted, or too thin for their height…

Starvation may have killed more people than COVID, and they were disproportionately the youngest, rather than the oldest. Yet the tone deaf WHO prattles on about equity, diversity, and solidarity—having itself caused the worst starvation crisis of our lifetime, which was not due to nature but was man-made

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, the words, “I’m from the WHO, and I’m here to help” should be the most terrifying words in the English language, after what we learned from the COVID fiasco.

How can anyone trust or take seriously claims made by the same officials who mishandled COVID that they want to spare us from another medical and economic disaster–by employing the same strategies they applied to COVID, after they masterminded the last disaster?  And the fact that no governments or health officials have admitted their errors should convince us never to let them manage anything for us ever again. Why would we let them draw up an international treaty and new amendments to the existing International Health Regulations (IHR) that will bind our governments to obey the WHO’s dictates forever? 

Those dictates, by the way, include vaccine development at breakneck speed, the power to enforce which drugs we may use and which drugs will be prohibited, and the requirement to monitor media for “misinformation” and impose censorship on media so that only the WHO’s public health narrative will be conveyed to the public. Which is a First Amendment violation. 

The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Draft Requires the Sharing of Potential Pandemic Pathogens. This is a Euphemism for Bioweapons Proliferation.

Obviously, the best way to spare us from another pandemic is to immediately stop funding gain-of-function (GOF) research and get rid of all existing GOF organisms. Let all nations build huge bonfires and burn up their evil creations at the same time, while allowing other nations to inspect their biological facilities and records.

But the WHO in its June 2023 Bureau Text of the Draft Pandemic Treaty has a plan that is the exact opposite of this. In the WHO’s draft treaty, which most nations’ rulers appear to have bought into, all governments will share all viruses and bacteria they come up with that are determined to have “pandemic potential” — share them with the WHO and other governments, putting their genomic sequences online. No, I am not making this up. (See screenshots from the draft treaty below. which calls for “global sharing of emerging pathogens with pandemic potential.”) Then the WHO and all the Fauci’s of the world would gain access to all the newly identified dangerous viruses. Would hackers also gain access to the sequences? This pandemic plan should make you feel anything but secure. 

Fauci, Tedros, and their ilk at the WHO, and those managing biodefense and biomedical research for nation states are on one side, the side that gains access to ever more potential biological weapons, and the rest of us are on the other, at their mercy.

This poorly conceptualized plan used to be called proliferation of weapons of mass destruction—and it is almost certainly illegal. (For example, see Security Council resolution 1540 adopted in 2004.)  The US state department considers biological weapons proliferation “a grave threat.” But this is the plan of the WHO and of many of our leaders. Governments will all share the weapons. 


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