September 5

Part 5. COVID Vaccines: The Chicken or the Egg? (From “The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics”)

Part 5. COVID Vaccines: The Chicken or the Egg?

The health authorities could have just been ignorant—that could possibly explain the first few months of the COVID vaccines’ rollout. But once they figured out, and even announced in August 2021 that vaccines did not prevent catching COVID or transmitting it, why did our health authorities mandate COVID vaccines for 100 million mostly low-risk Americans who were clearly at greater risk from vaccine side effects than from COVID? And why did they double down on mandates as time went on and newer variants were less and less virulent?

And that wasn’t all the federal authorities did.  Understanding that mandates could not legally be issued unless the vaccines were licensed (not just authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)) FDA issued a license for the Pfizer vaccine on August 23, 2021. 

It is important to understand that the licensed vaccine had liability attached:  if it caused injuries, the manufacturer could be sued for damages.  While the authorized (EUA) COVID vaccines had all liability waived for the manufacturers, government officials and healthcare workers administering them under the PREP Act.

So the FDA performed a deliberate bait and switch. It led Americans to believe they were receiving a licensed product that had gone through a full FDA approval process, when in fact what they actually received was the EUA product that was unlicensed, and for which they could not sue if injured.  FDA hid this by using peculiar language when it issued the license to Pfizer, by claiming the two vaccines were “legally distinct” in a footnote.

Once you understand these basic facts, you realize that perhaps the vaccines were not made for the pandemic, and instead the pandemic was made to roll out the vaccines. While we cannot be certain, we should at least be suspicious. And the fact that the US contracted for 10 doses per person (review purchases here, here, here, here and here) and so did the European Union (here and here) and Canada should make us even more suspicious. 

There is no medical justification for agreeing to purchase so many doses for vaccines at a time when at a time when the virus was rapidly mutating, the vaccines’ ability to prevent infection and transmission was questionable and its safety was suspect or worse. 

Australia bought 8 doses per person. By December 20, 2020 New Zealand had secured triple the vaccines it needed, and offered to share some with nearby nations. Why would governments buy so many doses per person? Three maybe. But ten? Even if yearly boosters were expected, there was no reason to sign contracts for enough vaccine for nine years. No one has ever explained the reason for these excessive, lockstep purchases by so many nations.

Furthermore, you don’t need a vaccine passport (aka digital ID, aka a phone app that in Europe included a mechanism for an electronic payments system) unless you are monitoring whether people are up to date on their boosters. Were the vaccines conceived of as the means for putting our vaccinations and most importantly, shifting our financial transactions online, all to be managed on a phone app? This would be an attack on privacy as well as the enabling step for a China-style social credit system in the West. Interestingly, vaccine passports were already being planned for the European Union pre-COVID, in 2018.  Why?

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