September 5

Part 4. Maiming with Myocarditis (From “The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics”)

Part 4. Maiming with Myocarditis

Both of the two US monkeypox/smallpox vaccines (Jynneos and ACAM2000) are known to cause myocarditis, as do all 3 COVID vaccines currently available in the US:  the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and the Novavax vaccine. The Novavax vaccine was first associated with myocarditis during its clinical trial, but this was downplayed, and it was authorized and rolled out anyway.  The Novavax vaccine was considered a solution for those who refused the mRNA vaccines due to the use of fetal tissue in their manufacture.

Here is what the FDA’s reviewers wrote about the cardiac side effects noted in the Jynneos clinical trials:

Up to 18.4% of subjects in 2 studies developed post-vaccination elevation of troponin [a cardiac muscle enzyme signifying cardiac damage]. However, all of these troponin elevations were asymptomatic and without a clinically associated event or other sign of myopericarditis. p. 198

The applicant has committed to conduct an observational, post-marketing study as part of their routine PVP. The sponsor will collect data on cardiac events that occur and are assessed as a routine part of medical care. p. 200

In other words, while the only way to cause an elevated troponin level is to break down cardiac muscle cells, the FDA did not require a specific study to evaluate the extent of cardiac damage that might be caused by Jynneos when it issued the vaccine’s 2019 license. 

How frequently does myocarditis occur after these vaccines?  If you use elevated cardiac enzymes as your marker, ACAM2000 caused this in one in thirty people receiving it for the first time. If you use other measures like abnormal cardiac MRI or echo, according to the CDC it occurs in one in 175 vaccinees. I have not seen a study with rates of myocarditis for Jynneos, but there was an unspecified elevation of cardiac enzymes in 10 percent and 18 percent of Jynneos recipients in two unpublished prelicensure studies available on the FDA website. My guess for the mRNA COVID vaccines is that they cause myocarditis in this general range (between 1 in 10 and 1 in 250 recipients per dose), while the vast majority of cases are probably asymptomatic and never diagnosed.

Why would our governments push 5 separate vaccines all known to cause myocarditis on young people who are at extremely low risk from COVID?  Monkeypox simply causes a few eruptions (like shingles) for 1-4 weeks unless the infected person is severely immunocompromised. 

Why dangerous vaccines are being pushed on young, low-risk populations for whom the health risks from vaccination are considerably greater than the risks from the disease is an important question. It does not make medical sense. Especially for a vaccine that probably does not work.  

Jynneos didn’t prevent infection in the monkeys in whom it was tested, nor did it do well in people. And the CDC has failed to publish its trial of Jynneos vaccine in the ~1,600 Congolese healthcare workers in whom the CDC tested it for efficacy and safety in 2017. The CDC announced it was conducting the trial, and posted it to as required, but has not informed its advisory committee that reviewed the vaccine, nor the public, of the trial’s results. We can safely guess that had the vaccine been safe and effective in its only field trial, CDC’s advisors and the public would have been informed. 

There can be no question about it: our health agencies are guilty of malfeasance, misrepresentation, and deliberate infliction of harm on their own populations. 

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