November 21, 2014

Karen R. Effrem, MD EdWatch Board of Directors Alliance for Human Research Protection Board of Directors ICSPP

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Testimony Against SF 2841-Minnesota – Preschool Socioemotional Screening–Karen Effrem, MD.

September 27, 2014

David Graham, MD, FDA’s Associate Director of Science and Medicine who, throughout his career, has been a

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David Graham, MD

October 7, 2012

IV. What Do We Get for All That Money? According to the Kaiser Foundation:[1] The number of

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America’s Healthcare Crisis–Part II–What Do We Get for $$$ ?

May 11, 2011

Antipsychotics are used primarily as chemical restraints to control behavior– not for any therapeutic, medically justifiable reason..

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US Inspector General Report: Antipsychotic Drug Hazards

February 22, 2011

The FDA has just issued an alert to healthcare professionals–in particular, psychiatrists and obstetricians about the serious

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FDA MedWatch- Antipsychotics Class Label Change

September 10, 2010

According to a report by the Associated Press, the FDA has approved expanded use of Merck’s toxic

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FDA Expands Market for Another Toxic Antipsychotic

July 15, 2010

In 2007, an FDA advisory panel voted 22 to 1 to keep GlaxoSmithKline’s diabetes drug, Avandia (Rosiglitazone)

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Will Another Blockbuster Drug Hit the Dust?

June 13, 2010

A report in BNET, the business publication, by its pharmaceutical industry analyst, Jim Edwards, reveals that GlaxoSmithKline

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Glaxo Is Testing Paxil on 7-Year-Olds Despite Well Known Suicide Risks

March 17, 2010

The NY Times reports that an IMS Health report found that the giant pharmaceutical industry  annual growth

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US Gov Medical Experiment Radically Departs from medical “Best Practices”

October 31, 2009

One of our very insightful professional Infomail readers suggested that our comments about who the antipsychotic drug

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Follow-up: Antipsychotics–Psychiatry’s Disregard for the life-threatening hazards

April 29, 2009

If enacted, the IOM recommendations will essentially sever the financial ties that bind American medicine–its practitioners, researchers,

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Institute of Medicine Calls for Doctors to Stop Taking Gifts From Drug Makers

April 20, 2009

ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION A catalyst for public debate 142 West End Avenue Suite 28P New

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AHRP Letter to Harvard Re: Dr. Biederman’s Research

April 18, 2009

Upon receipt of a letter from Sen. Chuck Grassley, requesting disclosure of NAMI drug industry funding sources,

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Culling the $$$ Evidence: National Alliance for Mental Illness