November 3, 2011

 National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB) Voting and Ex Officio Member Roster  Voting Members   Chair, Patricia Quinlisk,

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NBSB Roster + Ex Officio Members

November 3, 2011

On Friday, October 28, the National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB), a government-appointed panel of "experts" voted its

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Infamous Endorsement of Anthrax Vaccine for Children

September 19, 2011

At the Republican Presidential Candidate debate, Michele Bachmann stepped on a hornet’s nest when she strongly criticized

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Art Caplan Challenged With Evidence of HPV Vaccine Harm

August 1, 2011

Commercially-driven biomedical research–in particular, research involving prescription drugs, vaccines, and medical devices—has corrupted the entire field of

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Useless Studies, Real Harm

May 10, 2011

The Tribune and The Deccan Herald report (below) that a report submitted by a high level committee

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Report Blasts Unethical HPV Vaccine Trial in India

April 14, 2011

Global Health Philanthropy and Institutional Relationships: How Should Conflicts of Interest Be Addressed?  by David Stuckler, Sanjay

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Private Foundations’ Conflicts of Interest Revealed

March 12, 2011

The editor in chief of the BMJ acknowledges that AHRP was right to criticize the BMJ and

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BMJ Editor Acnolwledges Failure to Disclose COI

March 7, 2011

At long last Big Pharma’s ill-begotten profits are slated to take a major financial hit. * This

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This Year Alone, Drug Industry To Lose $50 billion

February 14, 2011

MSD [Merck Sharp & Dohme Ltd] Signs Partnership With BMJ Group  Is it just conceivably possible, that

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BMJ & the Lancet Wedded to Merck CME Partnership

November 13, 2010

For years, the Alliance for Human Research Protection has been disseminating news reports documenting the corrosive impact

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Medical Journals Complicit in Corruption of Medicine

September 16, 2010

Today, five weeks after publishing a grossly dis-informative front-page report by Gina Kolata, "Spinal-Fluid Test Finds Proteins

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NY Times Corrects Gina Kolata Re: Alzheimer’s

September 10, 2010

According to a report by the Associated Press, the FDA has approved expanded use of Merck’s toxic

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FDA Expands Market for Another Toxic Antipsychotic

August 30, 2010

An editorial in The New England Journal of Medicine, by its editor Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D., and

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Research Integrity: Don’t Mess With the DSMB