Making a Killing–Marketing Exercises by Dr. Carl Elliott

The catalyst for Dr. Elliott’s article was the tragic case of Dan Markingson, a 26-year old who committed suicide in May 2004, while enrolled in the CAFE trial, prescribed Seroquel. This case encapsulates the tragic consequences of a broken system which is not designed to detect the hazards for human subjects posed by market-driven research. Continue reading →

London Drug Trial Catastrophe: Collapse of Science and Ethics

The independent Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) challenges the report issued by the UK government medicines oversight agency, MHRA (equivalent to US FDA), absolving itself and those involved from any responsibility for a catastrophic human experiment that nearly killed six healthy volunteers.
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Guinea Pig Gang: Meet U.S. Students Who Rent Their Bodies for Cash

A series of news reports may be a rude awakening to the fact that there are hidden, potentially lethal hazards of participating in clinical trials—and those hazards are concealed from the human guinea pigs who are enticed with promise of easy money. Continue reading →

Top SFBC officials Quit Amid Senate Inquiry Clinical Trials_ Bloomberg News

In its continuing coverage of corrupt clinical drug trial practices, Bloomberg News reports that all three founders of SFBC International, one of the largest clinical trial business operations that had failed to even screen human subjects for turberculosis, and threatened others with deportation if they refused to become guinea pigs, quit after the Senate Finance committee began investigating  drug trial safety issues: Continue reading →

Big Pharma’s Shameful Secret

"Every year, drug companies spend $14 billion to test experimental substances on humans. Across the U.S., the centers that do the testing–and the regulators who watch them–allow scores of human test subjects to be injured or killed."

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