Twentieth Century Ethics Of Human Subjects Research

Who determines whether a medical intervention falls within the parameters of an experiment?   Historical case is examined by Maria Rentetzi, who addresses the issue in “The Women Radium Dial Painters as Experimental Subjects (1920-1990), or; What Counts as Human Experimentation?” She notes . . . Continue reading →

Vera Institute of Justice Final Report (2009): 80 NYC Foster Children Died in AIDS Drug Trials

Background:  Between 1985 and 2005, at least 532 infants and children in New York City were conscripted as human subjects of clinical trials testing experimental AIDS drugs and vaccines. The New York City Agency for Child Services (ACS), the custodian of foster . . . Continue reading →

NYT Editorial: Safe Drug Testing in Prisons?

An editorial in today's New York Times is a follow-up to its riveting report by Ian Urbina on the recommendation by an Institute of Medicine panel to
lift 1978 federal restrictions on medical experiments on prisoners.
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Director Yale Psychiatric Institute concedes “I don’t think drugs can prevent full-blown psychosis”_

Our criticism of a high risk, speculative drug experiment conducted on healthy children and adolescents at Yale University’s Psychiatric Institute was validated by a federal investigation: and our criticism is now validated by the principle investigator, Dr. Thomas McGlashan. Continue reading →

Tots Used as Guinea Pigs? ABC News

ABC News reports that antipsychotic drugs are being tested on toddlers at Harvard University affiliate hospital, Massachusetts General Children’s Hospital.  Post your comments at:
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Yale-Lilly Experiment: Adolescents Rx Toxic Drug for Presumed Mental Illness They Do Not Have

When the Times refers to an experiment as "bold and controversial" the reporter is sanitizing the fact that the experiment is UNETHICAL—it violates medicine’s cardinal rule "First, do no harm."
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