January 18

A critical analysis of Robert Heath’s publications by Alan Baumeister (2000)

Alan A. Baumeister (2000), distinguished professor and the former director of Vanderbilt University Kennedy Center, analyzed Heath’s published reports and concluded that the Tulane EBS experiments refutes Heath’s claims that the experiments were motivated by a therapeutic justification. Prof. Baumeister concluded that Heath’s claim was invalid. The experiments lacked both scientific and ethical therapeutic justification. He notes that Heath and his Tulane team were selective in referring to data that fit their hypothesis. And they knew that EBS was a drastic surgical procedure and its results uncertain. Furthermore, he noted that the Tulane researchers lacked essential knowledge about the specific brain functions and initially lacked surgical expertise.

The experiments appear to have been motivated by scientific curiosity; they were explorations into the unknown without a justifying theoretical rationale — “no sound basis has been advanced for the assumption that schizophrenia is due to specific septal pathophysiology.” Heath and his team justified these physiology explorations in the brains of living human beings, rationalizing that these patients were “hopeless” — in their view, they were expendable. Eugenics and racism are palpable features of experimental medical atrocities.

Harriet Washington, author of Medical Apartheid (2008), states that the subjects of Dr. Heath’s experiments were mostly African American prisoners; “under the guise of treatment, psychiatric experimentation with imprisoned African Americans has spanned the poles of barbarity and sophisticated personality destruction.” (p. 253)

Read The CIA and Tulane which outlines the covert ties between Tulane University and the CIA.

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