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AHRP Speaks Out

AHRP Speaks Out

Dec 12, 2005: Mental Health Screening: A PhRMA Friendly Remedy for Societal Problems. Presentation by Vera Sharav, American Public Health Association

Nov 2005: Analysis of S. 1873 – The Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005 – Karen R. Effrem, MD

June 1-3, 2005: AMERICA’S OVERMEDICATED CHILDREN. Presented by Vera Sharav at YOUTH and MEDICINES workshop, KILEN: Consumers Institute for Medicines and Health, Stockholm, SWEDEN.

Apr 21: Statement of the AHRP Opposing the SACHRP Children’s Committee Recommendations

Apr 1: Statement by Vera Hassner Sharav, Anthrax Band Reunion Press Conference

Mar 30: AHRP Ethical and Scientific Objections to FDA’s Proposed Licensure of Anthrax Vaccine

Feb 8: Testimony of Meryl Nass, MD – Senate HELP Committee, Subcommittee on Bioterrorism

Nov 3: US Gov Pesticide Exposure Experiments: Target Children–$970 per child – Wash Post

Sep 14: AHRP Press Briefing Re: Antidepressant Drug Risks

Sep14: Press Statement – FDA & Concealment of Suicide-Related Risks of Antidepressants

Jun 30, 2004: Response to Washington Post Editorial "Missing Drug Data"

Jun 23: AHRP: Published NIMH Funded Prozac Trial Report Concealed Suicide Attempts by Teens

Apr 30, 2004: An Open Letter to Officials of the National Institute of Mental Health

Apr 19, 2004: NIH Rule change Re: Whistle blowers – Comments before June 15

Mar 28, 2004: Conflicts of Interest policy – New York Times

March 10, 2004: AHRP Calls for Federal Investigation of Drug Trials Using Children in Foster Care in Violation of Federal Regulations

January, 2004: AHRP Press Briefing – Scientists Will Analyze SSRI Data, Families Will Tell Their Tragedies

July 7, 2003: OHRP Found NHLBI Lung Experiments Violated Informed Consent

June 26, 2003: AHRP Testimonies re: Fatal ARDS lung experiment

April 10, 2003: Letter Submitted to New England Journal of Medicine re ARDS Investigation

April 5, 2003: AHRP Comments: DHHS COI Guidance for Human Subject Protection – These comments include a model self-executing conflict of interest affidavit, which AHRP has developed and is proposing for use.

March 27, 2003: Children are Humans: Don’t Sacrifice their Rights, Dignity & Welfare

January 8, 2003: “Should the EPA Accept Human Pesticide Experiments?", testimony by Vera Sharav before Committee of The National Academies of Science

December 2, 2002: AHRP Comments on Smallpox Vaccine Testing on Children 2 to 5 Years of Age

October 21, 2002: AHRP Press Release Children Policy Recommendations

September 4, 2002: AHRP Replies to OHRP Response re Surrogate Consent (ARDS Study).

August 21, 2002: AHRP Comments Re: DHHS Notice of Proposed Recommendation Regarding Support of Research Protocol: "Precursors to Diabetes in Japanese American Youth"

July 21, 2002: Media interviews Dr. Meryl Nass re: anthrax vaccine and anthrax attacks

July 18, 2002: Anthrax Vaccine Not Safe and Effective – Emergency Medicine News

July 8, 2002: Critique: U.S. to Vaccinate 500,000 Workers Against Smallpox (7/7/02)

June 10, 2002: Memorandum in opposition to California AB 2328

May 6, 2002: "Conflicts of Interest In Clinical Trials", a presentation by Vera Hassner Sharav before the U.S. Army Medical Department and Henry M. Jackson Foundation for Advancement of Military Medicine

April 23, 2002: Congressional Testimony re: Protecting Children in Research

March 11, 2002: AHRP Challenges Effort to Redifine Who is a Human Subject

January 28, 2002: Linguistic Tinkering with Regulatory Terminology Increases Risk of Harm for Children

October 29, 2001
Conflicts of Interest undermine Safety for Human Subjects

October 1, 2001
AHRP Infomail re: Maryland Court of Appeals landmark decision on August 16, 2001.

August 20, 2001
A landmark decision by Maryland’s highest court, the Court of Appeals of Maryland, is a victory for the human rights of children. 

August 20b, 2001
The Scientist News reports on AHRP as New Advocacy Group to Police Human Research  

August 6, 2001
Comments on Docket #00N-0074 April 24, 2001 Interim Rule: "Additional Safeguards for Children in Clinical Investigations of FDA-Regulated Products, by Vera Hassner Sharav, John H. Noble, Jr., Ph.D and Howard Fishman, MEd, MSW 

July 25, 2001
Specific Comment to National Human Research Protections Advisory Committee (NHRPAC) on FDA’s Decision

April, 2001
Comments Submitted to the Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP) by Vera Hassner Sharav and Marie M. Cassidy, Ph.D, D.Sc.

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