July 18

AHRP Testimonies and Presentations

AHRP Testimonies and Presentations


July 18, 2005: Cheaper than Chimpanzees Statement by Vera Hassner Sharav before the Committee on Ethical Consideration for Revisions to DHHS Regulations on Protection of Prisoners Involved in Research

July 2-Ê8, 2005: Protecting People with Mental Disabilities & Impairments Against Biomedical Research Abuse by John H. Noble, Jr., PhD and Vera Hassner Sharav. Presented by JohnÊNoble at theÊ29th International Congress on Law & Mental Health, Paris.

Feb 8, 2005: Testimony of Meryl Nass, MD – Senate HELP Committee, Subcommittee on Bioterrorism

Sep 2004: FDA’s Waiting Game Exposes Children to Preventable Risks (Comments to FDA Advisory Committee, Sept 13-14, 2004 Meeting re Suicidality Associated with Antidepressant Drug Treatment)

Feb 2, 2004: Where is the Scientific Evidence to Justify Exposing Children to the Risks of Antidepressant Drugs?

Summer 2003: The Impact of the FDA Modernization Act on the Recruitment of Children for Research, by Vera Sharav, published in Ethical Human Sciences & Services

August 18, 2003: Comments submitted by The Alliance for Human Research Protection
Re: Best Pharmaceuticals for Children’s Act of 2002

June 26, 2003: AHRP Testimonies re: Fatal ARDS lung experiment

January 8, 2003: "Should the EPA Accept Human Pesticide Experiments?", testimony by Vera Hassner Sharav before the Committee on the Use of Third Party Toxicity Research with Human Research Participants; Science, Technology, and Law Program; The National Academies of Science

May 6, 2002
“Conflicts of Interest In Clinical Trials”, a presentation by Vera Hassner Sharav before the U.S. Army Medical Department and Henry M. Jackson Foundation for Advancement of Military Medicine

April 23, 2002
AHRP Testimony submitted by Dr. John H. Noble, Jr., and Vera Sharav to U. S. Senate re: Protecting Human Subjects in Research: Are Current Safeguards Adequate

October 1, 2001
AHRP Amicus Brief Supporting Maryland Court of Appeals Landmark Decision in Higgins v Kennedy Krieger Institute

April, 2001
Comments Submitted to the Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP) by Vera Hassner Sharav and Marie M. Cassidy, Ph.D, D.Sc.

February 2, 2000
Congressional Testimony submitted by Vera Sharav: "Chemically Induced Psychosis Experiments: An Inhumane Paradigm in Psychiatric Research"

January, 2000
Evidence of Neuroleptic Drug-Induced Brain Damage in Patients: A partial, Annotated Bibliography by Vera Hassner Sharav

September 18, 1997
Research Victims Testify before the National Bioethics Advisory Commission

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