October 26

Individuals Participating in the ARDS Network


The individuals participating in the ARDS Network are listed below:

Steering Committee Chair:     Gordon Bernard, M.D., Vanderbilt University

Clinical Coordinating Center:     Massachusetts General Hospital:

David Schoenfeld, Ph.D.
B. Taylor Thompson, M.D.
Nancy Ringwood, R.N., CCRA
Cathryn Oldmixon, R.N.

NHLBI Project Office:

  • Andrea Harabin, Ph.D.
  • Myron Waclawiw, Ph.D.
  • Pamela Lew

Clinical Centers and Network Investigators:

  •  University of Michigan Medical Center
    Galen B. Toews, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    Robert H. Bartlett, M.D.

    • Leonard D. Hudson, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    • Kenneth P. Steinberg, M.D.
    • Ronald V. Maier, M.D.
    • Harborview Medical Center
  •  University of Maryland at Baltimore


  •  Henry J. Silverman, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    • Roy G. Brower, M.D., Johns Hopkins University
    • Carl Shanholtz, M.D.


  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    • Herbert P. Wiedemann, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    • Alejandro Arroliga, MD
  •  University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
    Edward Abraham, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    • Robert McIntyre, M.D.
    • Carolyn Welsh, M.D., Denver VA Hospital
    • Thomas Bost, M.D.- St. Anthony Central Hospital


  •  Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
    • Arthur P. Wheeler, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    • Gordon R. Bernard, M.D.
  • Duke University Medical Center
    • Neil MacIntyre, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    • Joseph Govert, M.D.
  •  Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    • Paul N. Lanken, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    • Jason Christie, M.D
    • Jonathan Gottlieb, M.D., Thomas Jefferson Hospital
    • Pauline K. Park, M.D., Thomas Jefferson Hospital
  •  LDS Hospital
  •  Baylor Medical College/Ben Taub General Hospital
    Kalpalatha Guntupalli, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    Venkata Bandi, M.D.
    • Alan H. Morris, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    • James Orme, Jr., M.D.
    • Terry Clemmer, M.D.
    • Lindell Weaver, M.D.
    • Charles B. Lawton, M.D., McKay-Dee Hospital
  • University of California, San Francisco
    Michael A. Matthay, M.D., Moffitt Hospital – Principal Investigator
    John M. Luce, M.D., San Francisco General Hospital
    Mark Eisner, M.D.
  • Baystate Medical Center
    Ray S. Steingrub, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    Mark A. Tidswell, M.D
  • Louisiana State Univeristy Health Sciences Center
    Bennett deBoisblanc, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    Francesco Simeone, M.D., Tulane University Medical Center
  • St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC
    James A. Russell, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    Dean Chittock, M.D., Vancouver General Hospital
  • University of Chicago Medical Center
    Gregory Schmidt, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    Jesse Hall, M.D.
    Jane Dematte D’Amico, M.D., Northwestern Medical Center
  • University of Texas Health Sciences Center
    Antonio Anzueto, M.D. – Principal Investigator
  • University of Virginia Health Systems
    Jonathon Truwit, M.D. – Principal Investigator
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
    Peter Linden, M.D. – Principal Investigator
    Michael Donahoe, M.D.
  • Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
    R. Duncan Hite, M.D. – Principal Investigator
  •        Peter E. Morris, M.D.
    Patrick Wright, M.D., LeBauer Health Care, Moses Cone Hospital



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