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Infomail Archive 2003

Infomail Archive 2003

News Stories on Human Research Protection and
Commentary by Vera Hassner Sharav

Dec 19, 2003: Eli Lilly Prozac UK Fact Sheet: “Not Recommended” for Children – PMDD Withdrawn in UK

Dec 19, 2003: Not-So-Public-Relations: Drug Industry & Bioethics – is it casuistry or sophistry?

Dec 18, 2003: National Assoc School Psychologists Communiqué Re: Paxil, SSRIs

Dec 17, 2003: Medscape Cites AHRP Concerns Re: New Law Mandates More Testing of Drugs in Children

Dec 15, 2003: Antidepressant Ban for Kids Puts Pressure On U.S. / Canada

Dec 13, 2003: ABCNEWS.com: Worried About Antidepressants? E-Mail Us

Dec 13, 2003: Chief of VA Research Departs amidst allegations of misconduct, financial indiscretion – BNA

Dec 8, 2003: Glaxo chief: “Our drugs do not work on most patients”

Dec 7, 2003: Stealth Merger: Drug Companies and Medical Research at NIH – LAT

Dec 5, 2003: Bush signed Pediatric Research Equity Act

Dec 5, 2003: Researchers Caught Faking AIDS data in NIH funded research

Dec 4, 2003: Senator Jeff Bingaman resolution: Review military vaccine program

Dec 2, 2003: Integrity of Scientific Findings Marred

Dec 1, 2003: Superiority of Zyprexa (Olanzapine) Challenged

Nov 28, 2003: “Orgasmatron” implant experiment – legitimate or dubious?

Nov 20, 2003: Analysis of paroxetine Yellow Card adverse drug reaction reports (Seroxat/Paxil)

Nov 19, 2003: Soldier’s Death Tied to Vaccines / Experimental Ebola vaccine attracts no volunteers

Nov 19, 2003: Survivor of Nazi Sterilization Experiments Says $8,000 Isn’t Enough

Nov 17, 2003: Just How Effective are Medical Screening Tests?

Nov 16, 2003: Freud Goes Up in Smoke – Toronto Star

Nov 14, 2003: Frontline: Dangerous Prescription

Nov 11, 2003: Medication switched for research purposes – patient nearly dies

Nov 10, 2003: Eugenics: the California connection to Nazi policies

Nov 8, 2003: Chromium 6_Carcinogen tested in 5 humans in the US

Nov 5, 2003: Debate: Ethics of Surgically Implanting Drug Device in Psychiatric Patients

Nov 5, 2003: FDA Advisor: “Ignore breast implant vote”

Nov 3, 2003: Safety of Smallpox Vaccine among Military Recipients Questioned_JAMA

Nov 1, 2003: TIME – Medicating Young Minds with Mood / Behavior Altering Drugs

Oct 29, 2003: FDA reviews depression drugs–Intense or Cautious? WashPost/ NYT/ Herald

Oct 27, 2003: FDA Issues Public Health Advisory Entitled Reports Of Suicidality in Pediatric

Oct 25, 2003: Why did OHRP SHRED informed consent documents?

Oct 21, 2003: UK to crack down further on antidepressants given out ‘like sweets’

Oct 17, 2003: Is it Cloning? U.S. experiment in China – Baltimore Sun

Oct 17, 2003: Nazi euthanasia files are made public – BMJ

Oct 14, 2003: Appeals Court reinstates Nigerian research case against Pfizer

Oct 14, 2003: WSJ: Court Revives Suit Against Pfizer On Nigeria Study

Oct 10, 2003: Antidepressant drugs Used as Placebos!

Oct 7, 2003: Ethics of U Penn surgical “drug implant” experiment

Oct 3, 2003: A growing Crisis: Aggressive Marketing of drugs for children – Lou Dobbs-CNN

Oct 1, 2003: China Daily update: Harvard genetic research in rural China

Oct 1, 2003: Lead author of JAMA article rethinks positive Zoloft report – Guardian

Sept 29, 2003: Doctor’s Misconduct Left Trail of Broken Lives–A Broken Marriage and a ‘Life Destroyed’ – WashPost

Sept 24, 2003: Babies given mind altering drugs in Florida / 68 Paxil Withdrawal Victims File Lawsuit

Sept 23, 2003: The DES Legacy – WashPost

Sept 23, 2003: U.K. Gov’t Issues New Warnings – Use of antidepressant drugs for children

Sept 21, 2003: UK issues ban on second SSRI antidepressant for children

Sept 17, 2003: Walk-in Drug Trial Clinic NYC Upper East Side

Sept 12, 2003: 4 compelling reasons against Mental Health Parity

Sept 6, 2003: 10 monkeys killed in botched experiment at Johns Hopkins

Sept 5, 2003: Medicare Rx Drug Bill Shaped by Drug Industry Blocks Elderly Bargaining Power – NYT

Sept 3, 2003: FDA approves Paxil for Premenstrual cramps

Sept 2, 2003: Wyeth Pharma Warns Doctors Against Rx Effexor to Kids

Aug 29, 2003: Schizophrenia drugs increase diabetes risk

Aug 29, 2003: Parkinson’s fetal tissue transplant experiment fails – Nature

Aug 27, 2003: British Psychiatrists Debate: “Clinical trials of antidepressant medications are producing meaningless results”

Aug 26, 2003: NYT Pitches New Brain Disorder: “Executive Dysfunction”

Aug 26, 2003: Connecticut Dept of Children & Families Bans Paxil

Aug 25, 2003: Drugging Our Kids – New American

Aug 24, 2003: Brain Development &Teen Mood Swings – ABC

Aug 23, 2003: Fast for Freedom: A debate (of sorts) about scientific evidence

Aug 22, 2003: NIMH-Harvard study: 74% children prescribed SSRI suffer adverse effects

Aug 21, 2003: CBS News: Smallpox vaccine fiasco

Aug 19, 2003: Gene Therapy Experiment Called “Crazy”

Aug 15, 2003: Almost 1/2 of faculty on IRBs have ties to industry – Harvard Partners

Aug 14, 2003: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Aug 13, 2003: “Drug Companies Should Make Their Studies Public” – NYT

Aug 11, 2003: Debate Over Antidepressants – Letters NYT

Aug 9, 2003: Soldier vaccinated with anthrax / smallpox died shortly from pneumonia

Aug 7, 2003: Debate Resumes on the Safety of Depression’s Wonder Drugs – NYT

Aug 6, 2003: Can a Popular Antidepressant Cause Teenage Suicide? Boston Globe

Aug 6, 2003: A Come Back for Psychosurgery?

Aug 4, 2003: Brainstorm to Breakthrough: A Surgical Procedure is Born – NYT

Aug 3, 2003: Psychiatrist’s Undisclosed Financial Ties Prompt Reproval – NYT

July 31, 2003: The Culture of Disease – Fierstein – NYT

July 29, 2003: Senate Passes Pediatric Research Equity Act

July 28, 2003: FDA Approves Lilly’s Growth Hormone for Healthy Children

July 26, 2003: SSRI’s found to adversely affect newborns during first days of life

July 24, 2003: Broken Brains or Flawed Studies?

July 22, 2003: 2,000 children to get experimental malaria vaccine – Nature / BBC

July 22, 2003: British Scientist Casts Doubt on ADHD-Ritalin equation

July 19, 2003: EPA Opens the Door to Testing Bug Killers on People: Spoon- Feeding Poison – VillageVoice

July 18, 2003: Ethics of ARDS lung experiment debated

July 17, 2003: Lawsuit filed re: ALLHAT Hypertension research death of human subject

July 14, 2003: British Medical Journal critized for promoting drug cocktail ignoring risks

July 11, 2003: Iowa seeks dismissal of lawsuit: Monster Experiment induced stuttering

July 11, 2003: AHRP Letter to Editor re: ARDS published NEJM

July 11, 2003: Cholesterol Myths Debunked–Bad News for Statin Drug manufacturers

July 9, 2003: Greatest Experiment Ever Performed: exploding the Estrogen Myth

July 8, 2003: Congressional Investigation of NIH: Cash Gifts From Grantees

July 8, 2003: Hopkins Asks Patients to Waive Privacy Rights to Facilitate Research Recruiting – AP/ ABC

July 7, 2003: OHRP Found NHLBI Lung Experiments Violated Informed Consent

July 3, 2003: NHLBI director Dr. Lenfant is Retiring

July 1, 2003: Psychiatry and Preschoolers

June 30, 2003: New Jersey Foster Children Lingering in Mental Wards

June 27, 2003: Toxicologist Blames Prozac for Wife’s Suicide – UK

June 27, 2003: Once Misdiagnosed, Writer Teaches Psychiatrists About Treatment – Psychol Today

June 26, 2003: AHRP Testimonies re: Fatal ARDS lung experiment

June 25, 2003: AIDS vaccine Worse Than Useless? – ISS

June 24, 2003: Cost and Consequence: drug “cocktails” deplete Medicaid – Globe

June 24, 2003: “Anthrax vaccine a deadly defense?” –NW Indiana Times

June 22, 2003: FDA Accepts Adverse Drug Reaction Reports from Consumers

June 22, 2003: AstraZeneca Pleads Guilty in Criminal Cancer Medicine Scheme

June 20, 2003: Time to put drug giants on trial – Scotsman (UK)

June 19, 2003: GlascoSmithKline Paxil Warning letter to UK Healthcare Professionals

June 19, 2003: FDA Statement Regarding Anti-Depressant Paxil for Children

June 16, 2003: Supreme Court Halts Forced Drugging – AAPS Press Release

June 15, 2003: Don’t Medicate Away Student Angst – Chronicle Higher Ed

June 13, 2003: Sen Schumer asks FDA to place hold on Paxil for kids

June 10, 2003: UK Government Bans Paxil for children

June 4, 2003: Auditing Standards in Accounting and Medicine

June 3, 2003: Hemophiliacs File Suit Against Bayer for selling Tainted Blood product

June 3, 2003: “Schizophrenia Digest” Canadian magazine

May 29, 2003: Suffer the Little Children in the Research for Cures_USA Today

May 28, 2003: Hormone Replacement Raises Dementia Risk in Women_NYT

May 22, 2003: Bayer Documents: AIDS Tainted Blood Killed Thousands of Hemophiliacs

May 21, 2003: BBC Panorama: Unprecedented public response to evidence of SSRI drug harm

May 21, 2003: Oral arguments in Anthrax vaccine lawsuit

May 20, 2003: Leading Antipsychotic Drugs Come Under New Scrutiny – NYT

May 19, 2003: Research dispute prompts patient-trials debate_Seattle Times

May 18, 2003: Trial Lawyers Are Taking Aim at the Drug Industry_NYT

May 10, 2003: Unreported Paxil suicides: company abandons “No Addiction” claim

May 8, 2003: New Fears Re: Smallpox Vaccine

May 5, 2003: FDA Warning Letter: child died from overdose during clinical trial

May 1, 2003: MedicAlert lifeline lent to patients in drug trials

April 30, 2003: VA administrators attempt to scuttle legislation to protect patients

April 30, 2003: Artificial Heart experiment without informed consent?

April 29, 2003: Cong. to act on GAO Finding: Families Give Up Kids to Get Treatment

April 28, 2003: Rehnquist Warns Drug Makers _Marketing Actimune for Unapproved Use_NYT

April 22, 2003: FDA Warning Letter Re: Fatal Experiment: Hexamethonium Inhalation_Johns Hopkins

April 21, 2003: Death & Other Problems at Fargo VA Research Detroit_BNA

April 17, 2003: UCLA Researcher Violated Federal Rules_LAT

April 17, 2003: Ripping Off the Rights of Children

April 16, 2003: FDA Requests Fed Investigation Of Itself After It Lost Medical Records

April 15, 2003: Psychiatric Drugs Pushing Children to Crisis Units_Tampa Tribune

April 13, 2003: Research at US Veterans Hospitals Nationwide Under Investigation_NYT

April 12, 2003: Harvard research in China: Open Letter to Pres. Summers

April 11, 2003: Risperdal Linked to Stroke; Zyprexa linked to Diabetes

April 10, 2003: Bill Introduced to Make ORCA Independent of VA

April 10, 2003: Letter Submitted to New England Journal of Medicine re ARDS Investigation

April 9, 2003: Smallpox Vaccine Testing on Kids Blocked_LAT

April 6, 2003: Failed Experiments: Child-Rearing Experts– Visions and Revisions

April 5, 2003: AHRP Comments: DHHS COI Guidance for Human Subject Protectio

March 30, 2003: CNN: Drug Argument Embroils Psychiatrists, Pharma Companies

March 29, 2003: Smallpox vaccine: Experts Urge Caution, Administration Pushes Hard

March 29, 2003: Anthrax Vaccine Consent Form / Should You Roll Up Your Sleeves_WSJ

March 27, 2003: Children are Humans: Don’t Sacrifice their Rights, Dignity & Welfare

March 25, 2003: Vaccinated Doctors Could Hurt Patients_JAMA

March 25, 2003: Walter Reed Seeking Volunteers to Test Anthrax Vaccine_WP

March 24, 2003: Minnesota initiative: Compulsory newborn congenital testing

March 22, 2003: Senate HELP Committee Votes to Send Children to Front Line of Drug Tests

March 20, 2003: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Following Deaths at VA_Albany

March 20, 2003: Studies Link Zyprexa to Diabetes & Deaths_Balt Sun

March 19, 2003: Conflicts of Interest Taint UK Gov panel investigating SSRI

March 19, 2003: Commonly recommended Treatments found Worthless

March 18, 2003: Anthrax Vaccine Lawsuit Filed by Military Servicemen against Pentagon

March 17, 2003: Asthma Drug trial Halted -Health Risk Are Suspected

March 16, 2003: Pfizer Nears Drug Settlement

March 14, 2003: FDA Requires Bar Codes on Drugs-IG resigns

March 12, 2003: VA Orders Nationwide Review of Research_BNA

March 9, 2003: MassHealth: Children overwhelmed with Psychiatric Drugs_Globe

March 9, 2003: Medical Confidentiality of Research Subject in Jeopardy–Lawyers Subpoena Anthropologist

March 6, 2003: Dangerous Drug Licensing Game the FDA Plays

March 1, 2003: Bayer/ Baycol on Trial in Texas_NYT

February 28, 2003: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome – ARDSNet experiment criticized – OHRP

February 27, 2003: Clarification Re: safety of pyridostigmine, Drug tested in Gulf War

February 26, 2003: U.S. Contracts for Safer Smallpox Vaccine_Reuters

February 25, 2003: Trauma counseling retraumatizes_Repress Yourself_NYT

February 24, 2003: LA Times Editorial: Honest Medical Research

February 23, 2003: Internal Documents: Bayer Knew of Baycol Dangers _NYT

February 20, 2003: Repeal of Thimerosal Rider under Omnibus Approriations Bill

February 20, 2003: Feds Launch Probe of VA Hiring Practices_Albany Hired Researcher Despite Revoked License

February 19, 2003: Hopkins Study: Medical Consent Forms Confusing

February 17, 2003: Experiment infects AIDS patients in China with malaria

February 16, 2003: Death of Baby Prompts Scrutiny of Research Risks_St. Louis Post Dispatch

February 16, 2003: Fuzzy ethics of nonlethal chemical weapons_Christian Science Monitor

February 13, 2003: Just Say NO to (Legal) Drugs_The Other War on Drugs_WSJ

February 8, 2003: American Eugenics: Bad Seed or Bad Science?

February 6, 2003: Drug Tested in Gulf War Is Approved for Troops_NYT

February 6, 2003: VA Drug Study Deaths under Criminal Investigation in NY_BNA

February 5, 2003: Smallpox Researchers Seek Help from Millions of Computer Users

January 30, 2003: Incentives to Pharma Companies but Health Care Leaders Voice Doubts on Smallpox Inoculations

January 28, 2003: Military proposes serious relaxation of IND regulations

January 21, 2003: Tests Are Set for Adult Drugs Children Take

January 17, 2003: 18 Deaths Linked to drug – Serzone Removed from European market, not US

January 17, 2003: Smallpox Vaccine Program snag–Union Workers demand Protections – WashPost

January 16, 2003: Hutch Settles consent Case out of court – Seattle Times

January 15, 2003: Chemical giant paid students to drink pesticide – SundayTimes – Ethics of Human Pesticide Studies Questioned – Reuters

January 14, 2003: Another Child Devloped Cancer: SCID Trials Suspended – ABC

January 14, 2003: Instead of a War against Drugs, Children Riddled with Psych Drugs

January 11, 2003: Senate to Repeal Law Shielding Drug Giants – NYT, WashPost

January 9, 2003: Debate Erupts Over Testing Pesticides on Humans – NYT

January 4, 2003: Pesticide firms want to test chemical toxicity on humans instead of rats

January 3, 2003: How Pharma Took Over Medicine: Research and Practice – BMJ / NYT

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