Rabbi Green Harassed By DCF – Political & Religious Persecution Targets The Esteemed Rabbi Green During The High Holidays

Watch the video he published on YouTube.

The harassment brigades of the Department of Child & Family Services of the State of Massachusetts are threatening to kidnap the children of Rabbi Michoel Green and his wife. 


Because Rabbi Green is an articulate, outspoken voice against the current corona medical tyranny.

“Due to my vocal opposition to medical tyranny, I am being punished by the most vicious tentacle of medical tyranny, the so-called  Department of Children & Families,” said Rabbi Michoel Green of Westboro, MA. The outspoken supporter of health freedom believes he is being targeted in what he describes as a “brazen assault against me and my family.”

Green courageously defends the God-given rights of parents to raise children in accordance with their individual beliefs. He and his wife Devorah have raised their family following the traditions of their culture and heritage. DCF harassed and attempted to intimidate the family for 10 days during the Jewish high holy days, the holiest of the year.

Watch the video he published on YouTube.

His family needs help to mount a legal defense.

Please send emails of protest to:

Below is a recent substack post by Rabbi Green.

Vera Sharav


Critical Race Theory Redefined

Michoel Green

Sep 19

Yes! Critical race theory* indeed.

We are in a critical race towards the finish line of the human endeavor and ultimate purpose of Creation, the Days of Moshiach.

It’s critical that we keep racing toward our goal and keep our eyes focused on the finish line.

Our ancestors passed the baton to us, and we must complete the race to liberate the entire Human Race for all times.

We will win the race because G-d Almighty is on our side.

G-d is One, and so are we, since each of us is fashioned in His image. Consequently, we are all just one human race racing toward our one mutual destiny of Redemption.

  • The are a few bad-apple humans — trillionaire supremacists and their useful idiots — who are desperately trying to hinder us in our inexorable race toward our goal.
  • They seek to sow dissension by creating fake divisions between humans, pitting man against his neighbor. They constantly attempt to resurrect historical “racial” divisions based on skin color that no longer exist.

These criminals wish to sabotage our critical race by fooling us into thinking that we are on the opposite side of our very own teammates.  They want us to become consumed with critical distrust of fellow members of our OWN racing team. It’s the same old “divide and conquer” strategy they’ve been using for generations.

  • Best way to defeat these villains is by simply ignoring and defying them. It’s critical to not be deceived by their counterfeit “critical race theory. Instead, let’s redouble our efforts to reach out to our fellow racers. Together, let’s race toward our common goal.

Remember: we’re all in this race together. It’s critical that we unite in defiance of the true enemies who attempt to divide us.

This is the TRUE critical race mindset.

Let’s proceed toward the finish line and achieve our shared destiny, the true and complete Redemption.

*Actually, this is no theory. It’s a fact.


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