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Risks: Drugs / Vaccines / Trials / Treatments

Risks: Drugs / Vaccines / Trials / Treatment

Evidence of antidepressant harm

Oct 14, 2005: Andrew Finkelstein Letter to Dr. Russell Katz, Director, Neuropharmacological Drug Products, FDA about FDA’s Failure to Warn about Neurontin-Suicides
Aug 29: FDA Response to Utah Court Must Be Truthful Re: Zoloft / SSRI Suicidal Risks
Jul 21: Two Court Rulings Reject Pfizer-FDA Preemption Claim in Zoloft “failure to warn”
Jul 20: FDA Public Health Advisory: SSRI-Suicide link in adults
Jun 19: Traci Johnson driven to suicide by anti-depressants? Trade secret
May 18: SSRI Defects: Infants Suffer Drug Withdrawal / Adults risk GI bleeding
Mar 25: Petition FDA to Investigate if SSRI Induced School Shootings
Feb 10: Zoloft Warnings to Canadian Doctors – FDA Caves In to Lobbying
Jan 27: Eli Lilly Prozac Documents: What do They Reveal?
Jan 4: Prozac Suicide Risk – CNN Posts long concealed Eli Lilly Internal Documents

Nov 29 2004: Contracts Keep Drug Research Findings Concealed
Oct 15: FDA Orders Black Box Warnings on Antidepressants labels & Patient Info Guides to Warn of Suicide risk
Oct 4: Op Ed: Psychiatry on the Ropes–WP / Evidence-based Psychiatry
Oct 3: BBC PANORAMA TONIGHT – Taken on Trust – 13 years-Medical Deception
Sep 22: Will Cong Oversight / Investigations Committee Ask FDA Tough Questions?
Sep 21: 18% decrease SSRI use in Youth – NYT / Suicide Risk Not New – Globe / Prozac no different
Sep 19: Govt Prozac study Recommends MANDATORY Screening & Drugs – “Overdosed America”_OpEd NYT
Sep 16: Black Box Warnings for Antidepressants – What’s Next?
Sep 16: Tell the Truth About Antidepressants On Drug Labels & in Medical Journals
Sep 14: AHRP Press Briefing Re: Antidepressant Drug Risks
Sep 8:
FDA Forced Wyeth to REMOVE Suicide Warning from Effexor Label
Sep 2:
Antipsychotic Drug Use Doubled since 1996 in Tennessee Children – Why?
Aug 10:
Prozac in Drinking Water / Prozac in Streams Hurt Frogs fish / Newborns suffer Withdrawal
Aug 5:
Spitzer Expands drug Probe: Johnson & Johnson / New FDA analysis Confirms SSRI Risks to Kids – WSJ
Aug 4: FDA Approves Lilly’s Cymbalta for Depression Despite Risk of Suicide
Aug 3:
Drug safety Hearings-Sept-Congress/ FDA – Lilly Plans to Disclose Data
Jul 26:
Mosholder Suppressed Report Posted/ Bush Moves to Block Medical Suits – NYT
Jul 26: Pfizer Lawsuits: Zoloft / Neurontin Concealed Evidence: Suicide Risk/ Lack of Efficacy
Jul 24: Janssen Admits Hiding Risperdal Risks / TMAP & Illinois Mental Health Screening
Jul 22: Concealed Drug Trial Results Mislead Doctors & Put Children’s Lives at Risk – NYT
Jul 19: Clinical Trials Controversy Spotlights Flawed System – Psychiatric News
Jul 16: Congressional Hearing: What did drug companies & FDA hide?
Jul 9:
Paxil for Children: Safety, Efficacy Aren’t Established – Letter WSJ
Jul 7: Cong Hearing Re: Disclosure Pediatric SSRI Trials
Jun 29, 2004: FDA Alert: Effexor warnings added for neonatal adverse effects and suicidality risk
Jun 21: Antidepressants – USA Today Editorial / AHRP OpEd/ WSJ Editorial Bashes Spitzer
Jun 23: AHRP: Published NIMH Funded Prozac Trial Report Concealed Suicide Attempts by Teens
Jun 14: Guardian Reports: MHRA to Issue New SSRI Restrictions / Warnings for Adult Use
Jun 10: Antidepressant drug induced Suicides: Evidence of “Iceberg effect” Revealed
Jun 7, 2004:
Paxil induced suicides in US quantified – Glaxo Faces criminal action in UK over “suicide” pills – Times
Jun 6, 2004:
Graham Aldred’s Analysis of Prozac/Paxil/Zoloft use in US, 1988-2002 (156 K pdf)
Jun 6, 2004:
NY Times Editorial Gets it Right: When Drug Companies Hide Data
Jun 3:
Spitzer’s Lawsuit Will Shake Up the Drug Industry – Full Disclosure is the Goal
Jun 2, 2004:
NYS Attorney General files suit against GlaxoSmithKline
May 26 2004: Australian Judge blames Paxil & Effexor: mom free of murder attempt
May 25 2004: FDA role in suppressing damaging data – WSJ
May 212004:
No evidence that screening for suicide reduces suicide
May 19, 2004: Bristol Myers Squibb Takes Serzone off the market on June 14 – AP
May 17, 2004: US Paxil Suicide Calculations 1993 – 2002 – Graham Aldred
May 13, 2004: Prescriptions for antidepressant declined 10%
May 10, 2004: “The scariest thing is that nobody knows” risks of depression drugs for children
Apr 22, 2004: What’s in a Warning? Antidepressants and Risk of Suicide – FindLaw
Apr 16, 2004: Expert FDA Report: SSRI Suicide risk -SF Chronicle/NYT/NJ Ledger/AP
Apr 10, 2004: Meta-Analysis: Efficacy & Safety of Antidepressants for Children – BMJ
Mar 22, 2004:
FDA Asks Antidepressant drug companies to add Cautions on labels
Feb 25, 2004:
Member of UK Parliament Accuses Drugs Giant of ‘Voodoo Medicine’ – Scotsman
Feb 13, 2004: Lilly duloxetine drug trial–19 Quit after a suicide – Philadelphia Inquirer
Feb 12, 2004: 20% volunteers drop out after suicide in Eli Lilly’s duloxetine trial
Feb 11, 2004:
Update: 19 year old volunteer suicided in Eili Lilly laboratory
Feb 10, 2004: Healthy 19 year old volunteer suicides at Eli Lilly laboratory
Feb 6, 2004: Prescription for Suicide? TIME MAGAZINE
Feb 4, 2004: Advisory Committee tells FDA: strengthen warnings on SSRI drug labels now
Feb 2, 2004: Scientists Present Evidence at AHRP Press Briefing
Jan 10, 2004: What Parents Aren’t Being told about their Kids Antidepressants – A Suicide Side-Effect? – SF Chronicle
Jan 9, 2004: Zolft pediatric study in JAMA challenged by peers – JAMA letters
Dec 19, 2003: UK doctors told: No Prozac for kids; No Prozac for PMDD
Dec 18, 2003: National Assoc School Psychologists Communiqué Re: Paxil, SSRIs
Dec 13, 2003: ABCNEWS.com: Worried About Antidepressants? E-Mail Us
Dec 8, 2003: Glaxo chief: “Our drugs do not work on most patients”
Nov 20, 2003: Analysis of paroxetine Yellow Card adverse drug reaction reports (Seroxat/Paxil)
Nov 14, 2003: Frontline: Dangerous Prescription
Nov 11, 2003: Medication switched for research purposes – patient nearly dies
Oct 29, 2003: FDA reviews depression drugs–Intense or Cautious? WashPost/ NYT/ Herald
Oct 1, 2003: Lead author of JAMA article rethinks positive Zoloft report – Guardian
Sept 21, 2003: UK issues ban on second SSRI antidepressant for children
Sept 2, 2003: Wyeth Pharma Warns Doctors Against Rx Effexor to Kids
Aug 22, 2003: NIMH-Harvard study: 74% children prescribed SSRI suffer adverse effects
Aug 14, 2003: SSRI Risks: New Data or Renewed Scrutiny? – David Healy, MD
Aug 7, 2003: Debate Resumes on the Safety of Depression’s Wonder Drugs – NYT
Aug 6, 2003: Can a Popular Antidepressant Cause Teenage Suicide? Boston Globe
June 20, 2003: David Healy, MD, Ph.D. ANTIDEPRESSANTS AND SUICIDE. Briefing Paper.
June 20, 2003: David Healy, MD, Ph.D. SSRI-WITHDRAWAL/DEPENDENCE. Briefing Paper
June 19, 2003: GlascoSmithKline PAXIL Warning letter to Healthcare Professionals
June 19, 2003: FDA Statement Regarding Anti-Depressant Paxil for Children
June 18, 2003: GlaxoSmithKline issued letter to UK Healthcare Professionals – Paroxetine (Seroxat, Paxil) linked to serious undesirable effects in children.
June 10, 2003: UK Health Dept/ British Prime Minister/ Issue Statement Warning No PAXIl for children!
June 27, 2003: Toxicologist Blames Prozac for Wife’s Suicide – UK
May 21, 2003: BBC Panorama: Unprecedented public response to SSRI drug harm
October 11, 2002: Seroxat (known as Paxil in the USA) is the subject of a major BBC-TV documentary
September 16, 2002: 800 people hooked on Paxil Sue in UK
August 22, 2002: Three Questionable FDA policies: drug factory inspection rules/ clinical trials/ Paxil ads
August, 2002: Clinical Psychiatric News. Analysis of Psych Drug Trials, 1985-2000, Reveals High Suicide risk.
1998. The Next Generation Medical Guinea Pigs–Our Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil Babies by Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, Director, International Coalition for Drug Awareness
1999–April 2002. David Healy, MD, PhD. Director Correspondence with Medicines Control Agency (UK)

Other Risks

Apr 15: In the UK & Canada, but NOT the US Eli Lilly Warns about Zyprexa Lethal Side Effect

Apr 12: Zyprexa – Risperdal – Abilify – Clozaril Kill Elderly

Apr 8: Pfizer Statements RE: Bextra, Celebrex, Neurontin Lies

Apr 6: UK Parliament Report Re: Pharma Influence / US Regulators Comatose as 258 Fatal Suicides Linked to Neurontin

Mar 30: AHRP Ethical and Scientific Objections to FDA’s Proposed Licensure of Anthrax Vaccine

Mar 23: Antipsychotic drugs may be bad for your heart/ Clozaril and Zyprexa

Feb 10, 2005: Canadian Regulators Withdraw ADD Drug Linked to 20 Sudden Deaths

Dec 13, 2004: Officials at NIH Knew of AIDS Drug Risks and Failed to Inform White House

Oct 12, 2004: How Did the Vioxx Debacle Happen? USA Today / Lancet

Jul 15, 2004: Cong. Hinchey calls for ouster of FDA Counsel – Sen. Bingaman & Reed tell FDA: disclose all trial info

July 9, 2004: FDA Squelches an Article Raising Doubts on Safety Of Device to Repair Artery – WSJ

July 2, 2004: Bayer drops legal action against Friends of the Earth re: Concealed pesticide data

May 18, 2004: Citizens Petition to Warn About Neurontin Suicide Risk (posted April, 2005)

May 8, 2004: Comprehensive scientific review concluded: All pesticides pose serious health risks to humans–especially children

Apr 26, 2004: Recycled drugs: failed antidepressants– Stratera marketed for ADHD; Cymbalta for incontinence

Dec 4, 2003: Senator Jeff Bingaman resolution: Review military vaccine program

Nov 19, 2003: Soldier’s Death Tied to Vaccines / Experimental Ebola vaccine attracts no volunteers

Nov 5, 2003: FDA Advisor: “Ignore breast implant vote”

Nov 3, 2003: Safety of Smallpox Vaccine among Military Recipients Questioned_JAMA

Sept 23, 2003: The DES Legacy – WashPost

Aug 21, 2003: CBS News: Smallpox vaccine fiasco

Aug 9, 2003: Soldier vaccinated with anthrax / smallpox died shortly from pneumonia

July 19, 2003: EPA Opens the Door to Testing Bug Killers on People: Spoon-Feeding Poison – VillageVoice

July 14, 2003: British Medical Journal critized for promoting drug cocktail ignoring risks

June 25, 2003: AIDS vaccine Worse Than Useless? – ISS

June 24, 2003: “Anthrax vaccine a deadly defense?” –NW Indiana Times

June 22, 2003: FDA Accepts Adverse Drug Reaction Reports from Consumers

May 28, 2003: Hormone Replacement Raises Dementia Risk in Women_NYT

May 22, 2003: Bayer Documents: Tainted Blood Killed Thousands of Hemophiliacs

May 21, 2003: Oral arguments in Anthrax vaccine lawsuit

May 20, 2003: Leading Antipsychotic Drugs Come Under New Scrutiny – NYT

May 8, 2003: New Fears Re: Smallpox Vaccine

April 11, 2003: Risperdal Linked to Stroke; Zyprexa linked to Diabetes

March 29, 2003: Smallpox vaccine: Experts Urge Caution, Administration Pushes Hard

March 29, 2003: Anthrax Vaccine Consent Form / Should You Roll Up Your Sleeves_WSJ

March 25, 2003: Vaccinated Doctors Could Hurt Patients_JAMA

March 1, 2003: Bayer/ Baycol on Trial in Texas_- NYT

February 26, 2003: U.S. Contracts for Safer Smallpox Vaccine_Reuters

February 23, 2003: Internal Documents: Bayer Knew of Baycol Dangers _NYT

January 17, 2003: 18 Deaths Linked to Serzone – Removed from European market, not US

December 5, 2002: Japan Links 81 Deaths to new Lung Cancer Drug

December 5, 2002: Smallpox Vaccine Reactions Jolt Experts – WashPost

November 2002: Public Comments Re: Smallpox Vaccine Trial on 2 to 5 Year Old Children

November 27, 2002: US Gov Asks Court to Seal Vaccine Records

November 18, 2002: Critical GAO Report Belies Safety of Anthrax Vaccine – Insight

November 15, 2002: Homeland Security Bill – Pharma Immunity – WP

October 23, 2002: GAO Report critical of anthrax vaccine

October 10, 2002: Smallpox Vaccine: Doctor Lists 18 Points You Should Consider – Redflags weekly

October 8, 2002: Last Journey of Artificial Heart Recipient – NYT

October 7, 2002: Drug Test Loopholes

October 4, 2002: Serious Adverse Reaction in Gene Therapy- France & US Halt Trials

October 2, 2002: Ecstasy- Long-lasting brain damage and may trigger Parkinson’s – BBC

September 28, 2002: Smallpox Vaccine to be tested in children – why hasn’t CDC released their vaccine data?

September 5, 2002: Do the Ends Justify the Means in Human Research?

July 26, 2002: Cancer Trials: 60% to 70% of subjects are children

July 26, 2002: 2,610 Infants died of preventable hospital-acquired infections

July 23, 2002: Unhealthy Hospitals – 103,000 preventable deaths in 2000

July 18, 2002: Anthrax Vaccine Not Safe and Effective – Emergency Medicine News

July 12, 2002: July 12, 2002: Babies Exposed to Toxic Vaccines

July 12, 2002: Scientifically unsupportable treatments: Hormone replacement therapy and anti-depression drugs

July 12, 2002: Duke Warning: Zyprexa-Diabetes Link

July 14, 2000: New FDA Warning about fatal risk linked to Mellaril after 40 years

January, 2000: Evidence of Neuroleptic Drug-Induced Brain Damage in Patients: A partial, Annotated Bibliography by Vera Hassner Sharav

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