November 18

1933: American donates $1,000,000 to Kaiser-Wilhelm; “400,000 Germans to be sterilized”

Sept. 16, 1933: The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute of Psychiatry in Munich, Germany, headed by Professor Ernst Rudin, MD, had “received a bequest of $1,000,000 (from an American donor) . . . as a culmination of many previous gifts.”

December 21, 1933: A front-page report in The New York Times estimates “400,000 Germans to be sterilized.” The thrust of the article is the economic savings that would accrue by eliminating the enormous costs of providing futile care for hereditary diseases, liberating up to 1 billion Reich marks annually.

“In no country of the world is eugenics more active as an applied science than in Germany. . . . Germany is the first of the great nations to make direct practical use of eugenics” (cited by Proctor. Racial Hygiene; and by Hanauske-Abel. Not Slippery Slope)

In 1934, American eugenicist Joseph S. DeJarnette, MD, who had performed hundreds of forced sterilizations at Western State Hospital, Virginia, implored the state General Assembly to broaden the scope of Virginia’s sterilization law complaining: “the Germans are beating us at our own game and are more progressive than we are.” He never recanted. (Encyclopedia Virginia)

1935: Nuremberg Race Laws codified racial theories and defined Jews by race, which became a hereditary, medical condition. The laws were formulated by Dr. Gerhard Wagner, the Reichsführer of physicians (Seidelman, 1995). The laws stripped Jews of their citizenship and essentially their civil and legal rights. Another provision mandated screening by a physician of all potential marriage partners to prevent “racial pollution” by carriers of hereditary degeneracy” — Jews were in effect added to those covered by the sterilization law (Origins of Nazi Genocide. 1995).

The Nuremberg Race Laws established an apartheid society empowering the Nazi regime to delegitimize the status of those deemed “inferior” “racial polluters.”These laws lent legitimacy to subjugating human being defined as subhuman.

1935: The Rockefeller Foundation withholds its funding for genealogical and demographic research at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Munich Institute in response to the Nuremberg Race Laws. The tab was promptly picked up by the notorious SS research organization Ahnenerbe. (Seidelman. Science and Inhumanity, 2001)

1936: The University of Heidelberg awards American Eugenicist, Harry Laughlin, author of the Model Sterilization Law (1922), an honorary Medical Doctor degree!

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