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Smallpox Public Comments

Smallpox Comments

Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2002 11:46 PM

“I DO NOT support the smallpox vaccine study, Docket No. 02N-0466.” However, I would consider supporting the study if it involves only the children and grandchildren of the people proposing, advocating and conducting the study.

You have no right to use our children as guinea pigs!!!!!

Rick Ensminger Apple Valley, Mn.

To whom it may concern,

I DO NOT support the smallpox vaccine study, Docket No. 02N-0466. These are real, live children and we already KNOW that this vaccine will cause life-long injuries to some and death to others. Is that not enough? Whose children will the government decide is expendable? Perhaps the poor if they are offered enough money and left uneducated about the risks? If you truly want to do this study, then I suppose you could use your own children and grandchildren, but how comfortable are you with that? Please leave our precious toddlers and children (as well as your own) to live their lives without imposing this upon them.

Very sincerely,
Rebecca Sytsema,
Colorado Springs, CO

Why do I have more fear of my own government than I have of smallpox, and its possible threat in this “war of terrorism?” Because it uses lies, half-truths, or no truth at all to generate fear throughout the population of this country, and because it knows that if you tell a story often enough, the masses will believe it and fall into line. How honorable it would be to disseminate facts, defend our freedoms, and educate instead of instilling fear and propaganda. Smallpox “has a slow transmission, and is not highly contagious” stated Joel Kurtisky, M.D., a director of the National Immunization Program and Early Smallpox Response and Planning at the CDC. Other reputable doctors have said that contagion occurs only after an incubation period with fever, and after the rash appears. There will not be a sudden epidemic due to a terrorist act. There will be deaths from the vaccine, and the risk of death with the disease itself is about 9 or 10 percent.

To test the untested smallpox vaccine on infants and children is an insane, and horrendous plan .


Joan Taylor
Old Joe, AR

I strongly oppose testing the smallpox vaccine on young children. Whether the government or drug companies agree or not, I believe that my grandson became autistic from the mercury in the MMR. I watched a little boy who spoke, played games, etc become a zombie after the 3 in one shot. I will no longer take a flu vaccination due to the mercury in it. My youngest son was the only one who had the 3 in one after 1978, when the 3 innoculations were combined, and he is the only one of my 4 children with ADD, which is also being considered a link to mercury poisoning.

I am very opposed to 02N-0466. I am not in favour of testing the effectiveness of the Dryvax vaccine in children ages 2-5. In a situation with know side effects as serious as death, parental concent is just ludicrous. Smallpox does not naturally occur in our society today, and should not be potentially re-introduced by our government, due to a terrorist threat by another country. Has anyone thought that maybe the terrorist are using this as a ploy to get us to re-introduce it to ourselves? Based on AIDS and what is known about viral mutation, it’s probable that terrorists would try to use a strain that the existing 40 year old vaccine would not be effective against anyway. As a mother of a 3 year old, I would much rather deal with the situation and go get an emergency vaccination if it comes to that, but I WILL NOT WILLINGLY JEOPARDIZE THE HEALTH AND LIFE OF MY CHILD based on potential terrorist threat.

Asking children of this age group to keep a stick bandage on a wound for 30 days is absurd as well, not to mention the 30 day quaranteen. This does not only threaten the life of the vaccinated child, but also those in the communtiy. As a member of on of the proposed test sites (Cincinnati) and an individual who happens to have eczema, it could potentially affect me, as well as many others with eczema and immuno-compromized systems, if a parent does not watch their child like a hawk to insure the bandage is not removed or the sore picked at. As the mother of a 3 year old, I realize how absurd that is to ask of a child of that age group.

If the government and pharmaceutical companies feel that this is absolutely necessary, then go ahead and offer up your children, grandchildren and family members, seeing how you feel this is safe and worthy enough to try on others. If it’s that important, where is the plan for compensation for those who get injured and or killed from these tests? At what price point does it become not important enough? My guess is that the less educated and impoverished will wind up being innocent victims yet again, while being told by smiling faces that they are doing the right thing for humanity. Please do not test deadly substances on the innocent children of our country.

Mrs. Kelsey Unrue

We DO NOT support the smallpox vaccine study.

As a former nurse, I feel this has disastrous implications considering the enormous amount of immune deficiencies in this country.

We are setting ourselves up for a vaccine induced smallpox outbreak.

May I suggest that if the FDA decides to go forth with this trial, to insure confidence of the American people, that the children & grandchildren of the manufacturer and the children and grandchildren of the FDA be considered as the first participants of said trial.

Mr. Oscar S. Carver & Mrs. Donna J. Carver

I DO NOT support the smallpox vaccine study, Docket No. 02N-0466 .

Until you guys can figure out what it is that you are doing with current vaccines that are poisoning our kids brains and bodies right now, I suggest you hold off on making more. You can’t even figure out what it is you have already done.

Will the Small Pox vaccine be tested for more than 4 days at a time? Will these children have the benefit at least of long term follow up studies so that when you mass release it at least it has a safety record?

Please take the time to learn from past mistakes before you make any more that are even bigger. This is a very, very serious illness. I don’t doubt that for a second. But please make sure that you are doing all that you can to make it as safe for EVERYONE as possible. Remember that one size does not fit all when it comes to vaccines.

Shelley Reynolds

Please do NOT start small pox trials on innocent little two to four year old children of untested new vaccine. The vaccine we all took as children (school age) was sufficient to wipe out smallpox worldwide the first time. Why are you discarding what is proven and using the nations young children as guinea pigs for a new more dangerous vaccine? PROTECT OUR CHILDREN – stick to the proven vaccine of my childhood. There are already too many autisitic children in the US as a result of misguided vaccine policies.

Sincerely, LaDonna K. Sasscer 5725 31st Court East Bradenton FL 34203

I believe the researchers and committee members that are for this study should first start with their own children, grandchildren, or close relative. I am not sure why any parent would allow their child to participate in this study. Most research is conducted on a short term basis and does not look at side effects that can occur past a week or a month. If the child does go on and develops ADHD, growth hormone problems, weaken immune system, autism, the researchers refuse to look at any correlation. In too many of these studies, consequences or reactions, are buried or downplayed, and the public is unaware of them. Consider the roto-virus vacinnation. The researchers were aware of possible bowel obstructions, however, because of the greed and power of individulas, this vacinnation was allowed to be given to children. How many deaths occurred before it was finally pulled? I for one do not trust the very people that were hired to look at safety concerns. Most research is bias. I do not think this one would be any different. NO! Do not allow even one child to face reactions just for the committee to observe.

Mrs. Carol Ondracek

I do not support the testing of ANY type of vaccine on children, adult civilians nor on our Military personnel in all branches of our Military.

The life of human beings is not to be treated as “experiments” invoking in the name of “science” researches.

No on testing Smallpox vaccine on children of all ages. No on testing of any other vaccines on children of all ages, including but not limiting children, adults, Military personnel, within the Continent of the United States or outside of the United States for the benefit of laboratories researching and stationed in the United States.

We are members of the human kind, brothers in mankind, not “test” parasites.

Taking a stand.

Raquel Kebic

Please stop using our children as guinea pigs, and the American people, for the test of the smallpox vaccine. I have a suggestion how about this, I bet that there are a lot of people that work for the FDA, how about if they do the testing themselves for the “effectiveness and safety” of the samallpox vaccine. And let me know hoe brave they are and think it’s SO SAFE!

Marie NC

I DO NOT support the smallpox vaccine study, Docket No. 02N-0466.

Brandi Maynard

Please please DO NOT test toddlers and young children with the potentially deadly vaccine for smallpox. All their vital internal systems are growing and vulnerable – DO NOT use them as drug guinea pigs! With all the valid concerns that have been unearthed about vaccines and especially the dreaded MMR, the FDA is should not even consider using children to test one of the most deadly vaccines of all — smallpox.

Thank you.

Julie Genovese 11 Brook Drive Dover, NJ 07801

My thought is, why? No where have I seen a valid, logical reason for vaccinating, period. I thought maybe somebody was holding out on info but what we do know is that if attacked, by use of Smallpox, chances are great that it will be genetically altered thus our current vaccine will have little, to no, effect. While knowing this, if we do vaccinate, we will needlessly kill more than the few hundred being disseminated in the press, especially since vaccinated people will not stay out of the public for the 3-4 weeks required. For the normal, healthy people that are vaccinated, we currently do not have enough vaccinia immune globulin for them to be treated, when complications arise for them, let alone the population as a whole. It won’t work and is harmful/deadly, so why do it? Seriously, why?

Thanks, Kel
Disclaimer: Though a member on the Board of Directors for the National Eczema Association for Science and Education [NEASE], the comments in this message are of my own, and do not reflect any opinion, official or not, of the organization but do reflect those of the Eczema Informant.

If all possible side effects are fully explained to parents and they are taken on a voluntary basis, the parents should be the determining factor as to whether they choose to have their child participate. The full spectrum of side effects must be clearly understood by the parent before proceeding. Both parents must consent unless it is a single parent and the other parent is totally out of the picture. This is my take on the testing of these children. I am a Public Health Nurse with Fresno County Human Services System in California.

Phyllis Reilly, RN, PHN

Who would volunteer their child for this? Where are you going to get your subjects? I think this is being rushed.

Mrs. Mellissa Keplinger

If the children used for this study have parents who are medical doctors, politicians or officers of the FDA, I would be in favor of the study. As I am sure that is not the case, that only children of the poor and under educated will be used for this study, I am entirely opposed. It is unethical at best.

Mrs. Linda Lawson

The testing of the Dryvax vaccine should not be done on Children. This is unethical because of the known issues with the vaccine. An effort to create a SAFE vaccine should be pursued before EVER using this on children. It is important that the pharmaceutical industry focus on the safety of our children, NOT PROFITS. I have seen side effects from childrens Vaccines in my own son who now has asthma after getting his vaccines before kindergarden. I have also seen the side effects and Adverse Events that occur because of drugs/vaccines. It is terrifying to think that we would put our children’s lives at risk because of a possible threat of bioterrism. It makes one wonder if our government cares for us at all at times? Let’s not let fear dominate our lives and let’s challenge the pharma industry to research and develop SAFE vaccines. One death in 1 million may not seem like much when looking at the statistics, but if it is your child it will seem like EVERYTHING.

Thank you,

Lisa Droz’e

I’m extremely concerned with testing of smallpox on children. Why is it necessary to test. Didn’t we already test this vaccine? Who are these children and why must they be used?

I’m protesting this test. Do not do it!

— Michael Sterioff —

This testing of any smallpox vaccine on children should not take place. The dangers of the previous smallpox vaccines are well documented. I will not subject my child to vaccine safety testing, it doesn’t make sense. Who would be willing to subject their kids to a potential danger for the sake of the general population? I would also ask that everyone understand the real threat of smallpox. What does everyone really understand about smallpox’ real dangers that we’re contemplating making some children recipients of a vaccine for a disease that may be more easily treated and less dangerous if treated correctly than the drug companies, the govt., and the media have reported. When was the last time someone really studied smallpox, it’s symptoms, and how people are affected.

Since it’s believed it has been eradicated, is the risk of actually getting it and dying from it or being permanently affected by it greater than the risk of any vaccine that was previously developed and shown to be dangerous or any new vaccine worth taking a chance with our children? I think not. I’d like to suggest the drug companies offer up their employees children, then the elected leaders in Washington offer their children as the recipients of the test trials to demonstrate to the general population a statement of confidence. Any side effects and efficacy testing can be done, and if all works out OK for them, then we should have the ability to decide on our own if we want to have our children receive the ‘vaccine’.






How many innocent children’s deaths are enough for you in search of scientific research? How many more need to be mamed before it is realized that more harm is being done than good? What is the acceptable number of casualties that must be reached, before it is realized that science will never be able to keep up with biological technology through vaccines? And while you’re thinking of these questions, think of this one: When will human beings begin to be treated as human beings and not research material? This is a very BAD idea.

Mrs. Randi Airola

Due to ongoing questions about the safety of the smallpox vaccine, I DO NOT support the smallpox vaccine study, Docket No. o2N-0466

Mrs. Fran Marcyjanik

I am against a study of smallpox vaccine on children, or on anyone. Some good reasons we are heading in the wrong direction in this regard are below.

1. The authors of a study published in 1980 by Mutation Research came to the conclusion that smallpox vaccination has a ‘mutagenic effect’ on human chromosomes. [Neil Z. Miller’s 1999 book Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?, p. 46] ‘Viruses and viral vaccines are agents for the transfer of genetic imprints from one host to another. In other words, because they contain pure genetic material (DNA and RNA) from a foreign organism, once injected into a human recipient, the new genetic material is incorporated into the invaded cells.’ [Miller, p. 48] In the 1960s, Joshua Lederberg, Dept. of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine, said that ‘live viruses are … genetic messages used for the purpose of programming human cells’.

Lederberg said that ‘we already practice biological engineering on a rather large scale by use of live viruses in mass immunization campaigns.’ [Miller, p.49] ‘No one knows the long-term effects of tampering with the genetic codes and delicate structure of the human organism. However, the physical invasion of the human body by foreign genetic material may have the immediate effect of permanently weakening the immune system, setting in motion a new era of autoimmune diseases. For example, research indicates that psychotic disorders may be caused by viral infections. The incidence of schizophrenia is on the rise compared to earlier times, and studies now indicate that about one-third of all cases are autoimmune in nature. Once again, some authorities implicate the childhood vaccine programs.’ [Miller, p. 49]

2. Bismarck, Germany’s Chancellor 131 years ago, stated after there were 124,948 deaths in highly vaccinated people (96%), ‘the hopes placed in the efficacy of the cowpox virus as preventative of smallpox have proved entirely deceptive’. [Isaac Golden’s 1998 book Vaccination? A Review of Risks and Alternatives, p. 89]

3. Charles Campbell, M.D., of San Antonio, TX, a century ago, found that the bedbug is the carrier of smallpox and that if the premises are kept free of that insect, smallpox will not spread to persons living with the patient. He said that this was the case in all stages of the disease. His experiments showed that the commonly held belief that smallpox is an airborne disease is not true. He also found that fomites (bedding, clothing, hangings) are not contagious, as long as they are free of the bedbug. He also said that smallpox is a disease of people in poor health due to lack of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. http://www.reformation.org/foreword.html http://www.reformation.org/variola.html http://www.reformation.org/bedbugs.html Type smallpox bedbug into your Google or other search engine to see an article about the smallpox bedbug connection. Although such a connection was not commonly known, there is an interesting story about it from about 1914. The people involved probably were not aware of the connection, either, but I think you’ll enjoy reading it.

4. Pure water, Vitamin C, raw fruits, raw vegetables, and their juices are what is needed to have a strong enough immune system to be able to safely get through smallpox without any lasting effects, such as scarring or pitting of the sores.

5. Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano tells how to cure smallpox and how not to do it at http://www.rense.com/general31/pox.htm. Dr. Vetrano takes you through all the stages of the disease, telling you what is the cause behind every single part of it. She tells what to do to get through it safely. She also knows what NOT to do in the care and treatment of the patient. It was written November 2, 2002, and is one of the most important articles you can read about this. 6. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O., knows what you can do in a smallpox outbreak. Her very informative article was written soon after the June 20, 2002, Center for Disease Control meeting of the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP). It can be found at http://www.whale.to/a/tenpenny2.html.

We are so lucky that someone of her stature was willing to take the time to write about that meeting because two weeks had passed and the media had still not reported on that historic event. She wanted everyone to read her report so they would have the proper perspective on smallpox so that if there is an outbreak, you will see that there is NO NEED TO PANIC. Susan Pearce Wyoming Vaccine Information Network [Wyoming Chapter of Vaccination Liberation]


Mrs. Susan Pearce

I am completely AGAINST the testing of the smallpox vaccination on children of any age. The only people who should be tested are adults who are informed of all the risks and consent to the test. YOU ARE GOING TO KILL AND INJURE THESE CHILDREN. What if it were your own child? Would you have them be the guinea pig?

Ms. Susan Bowen

Experimenting on any one is insanity but children….what are you thinking of? If you must pursue this than I think the people making the decision should experiment on their own children and grandchildren.

Ms. Rivers Quinn

To whom it may concern: NO!! To the smallpox shot. I have never been vaccinated with any of the so called immunizations. The public needs to educate themselves on the safety and risks of vaccines. Most of the public is unaware of the fact that the government actually set up the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Paying out millions of dollars a year to parents who have lost children or children with adverse effects from being inoculated. Who would want a study done on their child with a chance for DEATH. No, to small pox and all vaccinations.

Dr. Rhonda Marty-Anderson

I DO NOT support the smallpox vaccine study, Docket No. 02N­0466.

Dr. Gary Erkfritz

HI, I don’t feel as if a child that don’t know what there getting should be able to get the vaccine. Where as an adult knows what there getting and will know why there sick. But a little kid cannot tell why there so sick. So I think it is very wrong to subject a small child to the vaccine.

Mrs. Jennifer Davies

I want to know what parent in their right mind would volunteer their child to be a guinea pig. It is appalling to think about. No, this smallpox vaccine should not be tested on innocent children. There is not a big enough risk of smallpox to take the chance with children’s lives. You won’t have me lining up with my children.

Mrs. Angela Robinson

I do not agree with the idea of having a smallpox vaccine tried out on children. The smallpox vaccine itself can be considered dangerous for those people who have a weak or immature immune system. Many children in that age group don’t have strong immune systems yet and I think it would be extremely unwise to have a study done on this age group.

Ms. Tennille Lisonbee

My main concern with this study is the possibility of side affects that may not be known yet. Are the parents of these children being warned about the repercussions of the vaccines? Is this a new vaccine, or is it one of the stockpiled vaccines that contains a Mercury preservative. The Mercury preservative has been outlawed from any new vaccines, but the vaccine manufacturers are not required to recall existing vaccines. Terrorism is a very serious issue and I am glad that the FDA is approaching it as such. But there are many concerns regarding this particular study and I urge you to pursue other means of testing the vaccine before forcing it on healthy children.

Mr. George Mihale

The testing of the Dryvax vaccine should not be done on Children. This is unethical because of the known issues with the vaccine. An effort to create a safer vaccine should be pursued before EVER using this on children. It is important that the pharmaceutical industry focus on the safety of our children, not profits. As someone who works in the pharma industry with Regulatory submissions, I see the side effects and Adverse Events that occur because of drugs. It is terrifying to think that we would put our children’s lives at risk because of a possible threat of bioterrism. Let’s not let fear dominate our lives and let’s challenge the pharma industry to research and develop SAFE vaccines. One death in 200,000 may not seem like much when looking at the statistics, but if it is your child it will seem like EVERYTHING. Thank you.

Mr. Jon Northington

I have heard that eli lily was going to be sued or investigated for allegations that its vaccine for something else caused autism because of mercury contamination in some children. The reason this was done was so that the company would not lose money if there are problems with the smallbox vaccine. This is not something that needs to be rushed into so quickly. We need real honest and extensive clinical trials. We can easily end up harming more children by providing the vaccine than would be harmed by a localized terrorist attack that may or may not happen.

Mr. John Publik

Your literature states that the current smallpox vaccine will work up to 4 days after exposure. Why then, would it be necessary to flip-a-coin with our children’s lives? Would it not be wiser to wait until there was an actual problem and then treat cautiously? Treating after exposure would seem to me, in most cases, to be an acceptable risk/reward ratio. However, no medication or vaccination should be forced on any individual without their consent. What right do any of us have to knowingly subject our children to tests that have a great potential for harm and no guaranteed benefit? No one is expendable, let alone our children! Maybe we should be focusing more on bettering our water, air and food supply so that our bodies can handle infectious diseases (2 out of 3 survive small pox) and less on lining the pockets of the drug companies. No, I do not support the randomized study of Dryvax (small pox vaccine) on our children.

Ms. Lisa Fairchild

As the parent of a child with eczema, which puts him and the rest of our family in the group of people contraindicated for smallpox vaccination, I am horrified to think of this vaccine being tested on children. The study guidelines state that the children will need to be away from school or daycare for 30 days. Who will guarantee this? Who will keep the test subjects from infecting others during the time they are contagious? What may seem but an inconvenience to parents who would submit their children to this test, could be life threatening to my child if exposed carelessly. Aside from the serious, and highly understated possible side effects to the test subjects, what dangers exist for those in the surrounding community?

Mrs. Andrea Fisher

I would like to suggest that the CEO of the drug companies who would benefit the most from the sale of the new smallpox vaccine offer up their own young, healthy children as test subjects. There must be enough 2-5 year olds among that group of men and women to fulfill the study’s requirements.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Porter

Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water. Bioterrorists potentially MAY (‘may’ being the operative word) use smallpox as a weapon against our children, but we will be shooting ourselves in the foot if we definitely DO subject them to the deleterious effects of smallpox (as expressed in the vaccine). We should work on methods of controlling and treating the disease, rather than killing off (remember the mortality rate with this vaccine) our children in our fear, and in an attempt to protect ourselves.

Thank you.

Ms. Teresa Manidis

There are too many unanswered questions about the safety of the smallpox vaccine, I DO NOT support the smallpox vaccine study, Docket No. 02N-0466.

Mrs. Pam Haley

This is awful and I vehemently oppose this! I’d like to know when our children, and all citizens in general were relegated to guinea pigs?

Mrs. Nancy Gronewold

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