Eli Lilly Paid Mass Shooting Victims Hush Money in Prozac Lawsuit

The “norm and practice” of Pharmaceutical companies is to vehemently deny the most serious adverse side effects of their products. This industry’s success in concealing the truth about the serious harm caused by their drugs and vaccines has been aided and abetted . . . Continue reading →

“Real Men, Real Depression” Marketing Masquerading as Medical News_Newsweek

The pharmaceutical industry’s latest antidepression drug marketing campaign is being launched with collaboration of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) “Real Men, Real Depression campaign http://menanddepression.nimh.nih.gov/infopage.asp?ID=1 Continue reading →

SEC Filings: Eli Lilly Admits Problems Getting Liability Insurance For Zyprexa

These illegal practices are the secret behind this toxic drug–Zyprexa– becoming a blockbuster seller. Continue reading →

Reputations for Sale ? BMJ-BBC-Panorama-Seroxat/ Paxil

BBC-Panorama–third in a series: The Secrets of Seroxat.  "In the interests of patients and professional integrity" is to show those who have sold their reputations "intolerance and exposure." Continue reading →