“Real Men, Real Depression” Marketing Masquerading as Medical News_Newsweek

The pharmaceutical industry’s latest antidepression drug marketing campaign is being launched with collaboration of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) “Real Men, Real Depression campaign http://menanddepression.nimh.nih.gov/infopage.asp?ID=1 Continue reading →

SEC Filings: Eli Lilly Admits Problems Getting Liability Insurance For Zyprexa

These illegal practices are the secret behind this toxic drug–Zyprexa– becoming a blockbuster seller. Continue reading →

Reputations for Sale ? BMJ-BBC-Panorama-Seroxat/ Paxil

BBC-Panorama–third in a series: The Secrets of Seroxat.  "In the interests of patients and professional integrity" is to show those who have sold their reputations "intolerance and exposure." Continue reading →