2 letters Re: Dr. Nemeroff Failure to Disclose Conflicts of Interest_WSJ

Success in academic psychiatry is not measured in the improvement of patients' mental health, but rather in quantifiable commercial tender.How many grants one brings to the university, how many publications one churns out each year, and how many corporate and professional advisory . . . Continue reading →

Conflicts of Interest: Stanford University

An investigative report in Mercury News (below) focuses on Stanford University department heads, associate deans and other leaders because “these are senior people who set the tone at the medical school and are role models for junior faculty members.” Continue reading →

Doctors Back Ban on Gifts From Drug Makers_Journal Hypocrisy

"32% of the advertisements [in peer reviewed journals] misled readers regarding efficacy, 40% did not provide balanced descriptions of the side effects, and 44% could lead to improper prescribing if the physician did not use other sources of information regarding the drug." Continue reading →