Jacob Puliyel, MD, MRCP, M Phil

Jacob Puliyel, MD

Jacob Puliyel, MD, MRCP, M Phil, heads pediatrics at St. Stephens Hospital Delhi, India, and member of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) of the Government of India. Dr. Puliyel leads a group of concerned pediatricians, health care activists, teachers . . . Continue reading →

Presidential Panel Condemns US Syphilis Study in Guatemala


  A year after professor Susan M. Reverby, a historian at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, uncovered a heinous Guatemalan syphilis experiment conducted between 1946 and 1948, on at least 5,500 under the auspices of the US Public Health Service, a hearing was . . . Continue reading →

US Gov Medical Experiment Radically Departs from medical “Best Practices”

The US government is initiating several radical medical experiments that will ensure widespread, increased use of mostly toxic drugs whose adverse effects trigger chronic, debilitating illnesses.

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Theory suggests that a shortage of vitamin D triggers outbreaks of flu

The Baltimore Sun reports (below) that in a paper scheduled for publication in the journal Epidemiology and Infection, a Harvard University-led team proposes that a vitamin D deficiency caused by inadequate winter sun exposure may predispose people to infection. Continue reading →

Harvard Study: Multivitamins Effective in Thwarting AIDS progress

Harvard Study: Multivitamins Effective in Thwarting AIDS progress Thu, 1 Jul 2004 A report in the New England Journal of Medicine may be the first serious challenge to the current accepted treatment of people infected with the HIV-virus. Those expensive and toxic . . . Continue reading →

Int’l Registration of Clinical Research WHO

Int’l Registration of Clinical Research WHO Tue, 6 Apr 2004 On April 3, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Current Controlled Trials, Ltd (based in London, Philadelphia and Tokyo) announced that all randomized controlled clinical trials approved by the WHO ethics committee . . . Continue reading →