Video of Press Conference: Sunday January, 23, 2022, in Brussels at the Press Club.

The purpose of this Press Conference was to present to the wide public and the press, the wide magnitude and spectrum of the problems we are facing today. The objective was to share various approaches to different aspects by the wide range of presenters — experts in their field who are raising their voice against the assault on our freedom. Our mutual objective is to preserve democracy against a global assault.

More than 300,000people gathered for a Freedom Rally whose organizers had obtained a legal permit for the rally.

No sooner did the first speaker begin to speak, when the police ordered the crowd to disperse. The police used tear gas, water cannons, dogs and the threat of mounted police.

Brussels Freedom rally 1/23/2022   Video 


The speakers gathered at a local bistro where they videoed their “Forbidden speeches” for the historical record.  Video of Speeches

Never Again Is Now. Unless We All Resist
By Vera Sharav
[at 25:10 of video]

A vital lesson from the Holocaust is that genocide was facilitated by global silence, indifference and the failure to intervene. The Holocaust was set in motion when personal freedom, legal rights and civil rights were swept aside.

The author Primo Levi, an Italian Jewish survivor of Auschwitz, warned:

“It happened. Therefore it can happen again. It can happen everywhere.”  

As a Holocaust survivor, I am appalled by poseurs who control the Holocaust narrative. They deny the relevance of the Holocaust to current discrimination and increasingly aggressive and repressive edicts.

These vigilantes censor and silence those who speak out. By denying the relevance of the Holocaust to current repression, the vigilantes are Holocaust deniers.

Elie Wiesel, an Auschwitz survivor and Nobel laureate, was regarded as the victims’ voice. He stated:

Indifference and the silence of people led to the HolocaustTo remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all.”

Today, survivors are shaken by the fear-mongering, and divisive, discriminatory measures against a minority. Horrifying scenes include police in black uniforms brutally attacking demonstrators in European cities, in Australia, and, yes, in Israel. These are painful reminders of the prelude to the Holocaust in which the Nazis:

  • Used the psychological weapons of fear and propaganda to impose a genocidal regime.
  • Demonized Jews as the spreaders of disease and the cause of their misery.
  • Systematically obliterated moral norms and values.
  • Destroyed their social conscience in the name of public health.

Today’s predators are also using fear and propaganda to maintain a state of anxiety and helplessness. The objective — then and now — is identical — to condition people to become obedient and to follow directives without question.

The global assault on our freedoms and our right to self-determination is facilitated by the weaponization of medicine. Then and now, the medical establishment has provided a veneer of legitimacy to mass medical murder.

The Nazis declared disabled people — “unfit for life.” The 1,000 German infants and young children who were the world’s first medical murder victims were actually murdered in hospitals.

In 2020, global governments declared an emergency and issued deadly medical dictates:

  • Hospitals were ordered not to treat the elderly in nursing homes. The result was mass medical murder — which Sweden called “active euthanasia.”
  • U.K. hospitals used lethal doses of the drug Midazolam to medically murder the elderly — a drug they continue to stockpile.
  • U.S. hospital guidelines still call for the elderly to receive minimal treatment.
  • Doctors in Western Europe and the U.S. are forbidden to prescribe existing, licensed, safe and effective, life-saving treatments for COVID patients.

Today, humanity is threatened by the global heirs of the Nazis. The real virus that continues to infect these predators is Eugenics.

A report by the U.S. Commission on the Holocaust, chaired by Elie Wiesel, noted:

“… the inclination to duplicate the Nazi option and once again exterminate millions of people remains a hideous threat.”

The modern-day Nazis’ objective is global population reduction. The global oligarchs are determined to gain absolute control of the world’s resources — natural, financial and human.

Bill Gates, a lifelong eugenicist and major stakeholder in the vaccine industry, declared the COVID vaccine the “Final Solution.”

COVID injections use an experimental, gene transfer technology. Its testing on the global population is in gross violation of the foremost human right to
Voluntary, informed consent.

Those who refuse to be injected are vilified as spreaders of a deadly virus. They are subjected to increasingly harsh penalties and discrimination. Germany, Austria and Italy are once again swept up by an orgy of fascist hate-mongering. This time the unvaccinated are being targeted.

The claimed rationale for vaccine mandates was to protect people from getting and transmitting infection. However, the incontrovertible evidence shows that COVID injections do not prevent infection or its transmission and they do not provide immunity.

Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s director, Rochelle Wallensky, has acknowledged that COVID jabs cannot prevent transmission.

Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO, conceded that “two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection — if any.”

If vaccinated people can get infected and spread COVID — why are they privileged? Why are the unvaccinated — who refuse to be injected with a clinically worthless product — maligned, discriminated against, threatened with job loss, and the withdrawal of their children’s schooling?

If COVID injections do not protect anyone’s health, what is the real objective of vaccine mandates and digital passports?

Many independent scientists are warning that these injections are biological weapons of mass destruction. Tens of thousands of doctors, scientists and nurses refuse the injections — even if it means losing their jobs and their licenses.

Government data from the UK, Israel, the U.S. and the EMA [European Medicines Agency] confirm that massive deaths and injuries have been reported. Close to 38 thousand Europeans have died following the shots. And more than 3 million,390 thousand have suffered injuries. Healthy, athletic, young adults have died. Children are suffering from myocarditis and blood clots. Neurodegenerative diseases are also emerging in the vaccinated.

We are at a catastrophic junction in human history. Today’s predators have unleashed an injectable biological weapon designed to deliver a poisonous spike protein, and stealth surveillance technology, into the body.

This weapon enables the predators to control the global population remotely 24 hours a day. We must choose — whether to disobey, and assert our freedom and our rights as human beings — or to be enslaved.

Auschwitz survivor, Mariann Turski, a Polish journalist, was asked if a Holocaust could happen again. He replied: “It could happen. If civil rights are violated — if minority rights are not respected and are abolished.

He urged everyone to “defend the constitution, defend your rights, defend your democracy. Minority rights must be protected… “

Thou shalt not be indifferent when any minority faces discrimination.”  


Dietrich Bonnhoeffer — an exceptional German Protestant minister during the Nazi regime stated:

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

Rabbi Michoel Green just posted an urgent plea: “Time to atone for the Holocaust by not allowing it to be repeated.” Green admonishes everyone not to obey tyrants’ orders and not to marginalize and persecute minorities. And he tells the Jews: “Don’t repeat the fatal error of blindly heeding your capo betrayers and walking obsequiously like sheep to the slaughter. Wake up NOW.”

Do not be deluded; the unvaccinated are not the enemy. The first step on the slippery slope to genocide is the stigmatization of a minority. Silence invites ever-increasing repressive restrictions. If we are to survive as free human beings, we must speak out against discrimination. We must not ever be silent again — not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Read the transcript in Hebrew.

Press Conference Host: Uwe Alschner Video:

Overarching various panels, the Presentations with Outlines of European Specifics
Panel 1 – Global Outlook: The importance of diverting current directions Humanity is
heading for the Future of our Children. The wider Context to the European Situation and a Call for Actions
Mary Holland, JD, President and General Counsel of Children’s Health Defense
Situation Overview and Children’s Health Defense’s Role, Actions & Activities rooting back to real democracy & freedom, addressing vaccines mandates, contradictions and collusions surrounding our governance and institutions today
Catherine Austin Fitts, president of Solari, Inc., managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC. Larger context to the Medicine based control including global governance financial agenda and why blocking the institution of COVID certificates is crucial act at the moment (Covid pass /Going Direct / Family Health, Family Wealth…)
Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor, founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research
Protection (AHRP) foreboding parallels to history.

Panel 2 – Overview of the Legal Situation and the way to Actions Dr. Renate Holzeisen, lawyer (Italy and EU) European Actions, Challenge of Vaccine Mandates and Conditional Marketing Approval EMA/EU
Dr. Nour de San, doctor (France) Pharmacovigilance
Panel 3 – Medical Considerations of the current situation and the way to Actions
Dr. Christian Perronne, former VP of WHO European Advisory Group of Experts on Immunisation
Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, doctor (Germany)
Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude, French geneticist specialises on RNA research, former director of
Research at INSERM
Panel 4: Social Political landscape with MEP’s and Actions at European and National levels
A Panel of Members of the European Parliament (TBD)
Panel 5: Book introduction : Robert F. Kennedy Jr. : The Real Anthony Fauci
French publication : Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, leur guerre contre la santé et la
Senta Depuydt, president of CHD Europe
Introducing the book and the work of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Dr. Christian Perronne, former VP of WHO European Advisory Group of Experts on Immunisation
Why he’s written the Preface, presents the book and his view on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. works and its importance for all of us
Marco Pietteur, director of Marco Pietteur Editions
Practical info about the book: where and when we can buy it and why he publish it
Panel 6: To the margins of the book – notes about the entanglement of Europe
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, international trial lawyer (Germany, California/USA)
Overview of the Legal landscape.
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, (MSc PhD PD) international health scientist (United Nations, European
Commission, Governments and the private sector) and teacher
WHO, International Instiitutions, Agensies and their implications, method of control for Europe
Panel 7: A Call for Immediate Action:
Justyna Walker – World Wide Demonstrations
Tom Meert – Europeans United – International


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