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AHRP Speaks Out AHRP Press Briefing 9/14/04: Antidepressants & suicide-related risks for children Open Letter to NIMH re Prozac & Concealed Suicide Attempts Open Letter to Officials at NIMH AHRP Briefing 2/2/04: Scientists present suicide evidence Conflicts of Interest policy – New . . . Continue reading →


Letter from David Healy, MD to Peter J. Pitts Executive Summary of suicidal evidence not addressed by FDA In the light of Traci Johnson’s death on February 7th 2004, will FDA obtain Pfizer’s entire folder on the 1982 Hindmarch study in which . . . Continue reading →

Risks: Drugs / Vaccines / Trials / Treatments

Risks: Drugs / Vaccines / Trials / Treatment Evidence of antidepressant harm Oct 14, 2005: Andrew Finkelstein Letter to Dr. Russell Katz, Director, Neuropharmacological Drug Products, FDA about FDA’s Failure to Warn about Neurontin-Suicides Aug 29: FDA Response to Utah Court Must . . . Continue reading →

Unreported Paxil suicides: company abandons "No Addiction" claim

Unreported Paxil suicides: company abandons “No Addiction” claim Sat, 10 May 2003 GlaxoSmithKline, Britain’s biggest pharmaceutical company will change the label in the UK to reflect the severe withdrawal that its antidepressant drug, Seroxat (Paxil in US) generates in many patients. In . . . Continue reading →

Time to put drug giants on trial – Scotsman (UK)

Time to put drug giants on trial – Scotsman (UK) Fri, 20 Jun 2003 The UK media-including BBC, the Guardian, the Scotsman, the London Times, and others–have been informing the British public about the hidden health hazards underlying the industry-controlled drug approval . . . Continue reading →

Infomail Archive 2003

Infomail Archive 2003 News Stories on Human Research Protection and Commentary by Vera Hassner Sharav Dec 19, 2003: Eli Lilly Prozac UK Fact Sheet: “Not Recommended” for Children – PMDD Withdrawn in UK Dec 19, 2003: Not-So-Public-Relations: Drug Industry & Bioethics – . . . Continue reading →