America’s Bitter Pill:Money Politics, Backroom Deals & the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System

In his new book, America’s Bitter Pill  (2015) Steven Brill explains why the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) won’t work. Brill’s damning indictment is based on the fact that this market driven system, with all its profiteering and run away costs in place, will . . . Continue reading →

Twentieth Century Ethics Of Human Subjects Research

Who determines whether a medical intervention falls within the parameters of an experiment?   Historical case is examined by Maria Rentetzi, who addresses the issue in “The Women Radium Dial Painters as Experimental Subjects (1920-1990), or; What Counts as Human Experimentation?” She notes . . . Continue reading →

1980: NIH Inaugurated the “Decade of the Brain”

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) inaugurated the “Decade of the Brain” and sponsored  Psychiatry’s Cruel and Inhumane Research Paradigm In the 1980s and 1990s increased federal funding accelerated clinical research into mental disorders. History has demonstrated that mental patients are most . . . Continue reading →

1981 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Bone Marrow Experiment Protocol 126

1980: U.S. documents reveal criminal human experiments conducted by Japan’s Unit 731 American journalist John Powell brought to public attention the criminal human experiments conducted by Japan’s Unit 731. Citing U.S. government documents that he obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, . . . Continue reading →

1990 FDA Issued a Waiver From Consent; Covert CDC Experimental Vaccine Test on Black / Latino Babies

1990: FDA issued a waiver from informed consent for military use of experimental drugs The FDA waiver from informed consent was to permit the DOD to use unapproved, experimental drugs and vaccines on enlisted soldiers—in violation of the foremost “absolutely essential” mandatory . . . Continue reading →

1990s Unethical Experiments at Prestigious Academic Institutions

1993 Kathryn Hamilton died 44 days after being enrolled in Protocol 681 at the Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle Siix days later, Hamilton’s doctors submitted the journal article documenting what they had known for more than a year: The primary rescue drug didn’t . . . Continue reading →

1997 U.S. Government Experiments Violate Ethical Research Standards

The Declaration of Helsinki defines ethical research: “In any medical study, every patient – including those of a control group, if any – should be assured of the best proven diagnostic and therapeutic method.” (1964; 1996) That standard for ethical research was . . . Continue reading →