The wonders of mother’s breastmilk continue to amaze scientists.
“Mother’s milk is a comestible marvel. It’s packed with nutrients and other benefits for babies’ health. A steady stream of research has linked breastfeeding to lower risk of infection, obesity, diabetes and respiratory disease in infants.”  Unravelling the mysteries of microRNA in breast milk (NATIRE, 2020) 

An examination of the clinical, real-life evidence refutes one after another of the false “safe and effective” claims made about the experimental Covid-19 injections. However, nothing prepared the world for the medical directives that deliberately misinform women and urge them to  expose their unborn and newborn infants to injury and death.

Public health officials have embarked on an unprecedented, aggressive vaccination campaign — without confirmed evidence of safety. Doctors are violating medicine’s foundational precautionary ethical principle: “First, do no harm”. 

Despite the lack of adequate safety studies, government officials and their partners in Pharma, medical institutions, and high profile academics embarked on an aggressive Covid-19 vaccination campaign. 

  • They targeted children who were not at risk of harm from the coronavirus.
  • They are even targeting pregnant women and breastfeeding women—despite the fact that the experimental mRNA, genetically manipulated injections were NEVER TESTED in pregnant women or even in animals. Neither was the effect of the experimental mRNA injections tested on breast milk.
  • A new Israeli analysis of 648 VAERS cases

Evidence of harm suffered by breastfed infants whose mothers received a Covid-19 injection. 

A health worker administers a dose of the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine to a pregnant woman at Tel Aviv’s Clalit Health Services, in Israel.

The Israeli analysis was prompted by the fact that more than a year and a half passed, and millions of breastfeeding women around the world have already been vaccinated; yet, “the health implications of the mRNA vaccine on nursing babies are almost never considered or discussed”.

This analysis examined the U.S. government Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and identified 648 cases of reported serious harm – including deaths — among breastfed infants whose mothers received the Covid-19 injections. 

  • The most common serious adverse events were life-threatening bleeding, anticholinergic syndrome, liver problems, anaphylactic shock, neuroleptic syndrome, neurological side-effects such as convulsions or encephalitis, and hypoglycemia. 

Bear in mind that the voluntary VAERS database only represents between 1% and 10% of actual cases of harm. In most of the 648 reported cases, several life-threatening side effects were recorded in the same baby. 

In one case, a mother reported losing her 5-month-old infant 13 days after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Jan. 28, 2021, and breastfeeding him. After being rushed to the hospital, “doctors were able to get his heart beating again with excessive effort. Organ damage was extensive and he had no brain function; he did not recover.” In another case report, dated March 17, 2021, a 5-month-old died just one day after his mother was vaccinated. 

This study included 17, 014 pregnant and lactating women who had received a Covid booster or third dose. Most women (82.8%) reported a local reaction; and 11,542 women (67.9%) reported at least 1 systemic symptom after a COVID-19 vaccine booster or third dose.

The researchers state that most pregnant (97.6%) and lactating (96.0%) women reported no obstetric or lactation concerns after vaccination. Most concerning is the utter lack of concern about the infants – whose welfare is ignored entirely. 

“This study was determined to be exempt from institutional review board review under Common Rule category 2 by the University of Washington Human Subjects Division.” 

This is a red flag. Common Rule category 2 exemptsresearch involving educational tests, surveys, interviews or observation of public behavior.” 

  • This study involved the effects of experimental products on pregnant women, lactating women, and their infants!!! 
  •  Disclosure requirements under the Common Rule apply.  The IRB of the University of Washington violated the Common Rule requirements.  

It is truly chilling to note that the researchers avoided entirely examining the effect of the boosters on the infants involved. Their focus was on whether women’s work was affected by the boosters.
The report mentions, but once; almost as an insignificant afterthought: “Among lactating individuals…121 reported any issues with their breastmilk-fed infant after vaccination.”

  • However, the researchers fail to disclose – or care about — the nature of those problems that affected the infants.

Instead, the researchers spun favorable findings to serve their financial sponsors:

“The findings of this cohort study suggest that COVID-19 boosters or third doses were well tolerated by individuals who were pregnant and lactating. Data on COVID-19 vaccine boosters are particularly important as vaccine uptake during pregnancy is lagging, and strategies to reduce vaccine hesitancy, increase vaccine acceptance, and help guide discussions between pregnant and lactating persons and maternal care professionals are needed.”

Read Igor Chudov’s dissection of the study which as he states: “the study was devoted to showing how safe Covid boosters are for pregnant and lactating women.” He also identified differences between the text and Table 2. 

Nothing to see here… just extensive, significant ongoing financial conflicts of interest. 

In addition to the funding from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Women’s Reproductive Health Research and the National Institutes of Health, the lead investigators are
financed by vaccine manufacturers who have a direct financial interest in the publication of favorable Covid vaccine safety reports. 

Conflict of Interest Disclosures state: 

“Dr Kachikis reported serving as a research consultant for Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline on maternal immunization-related projects in 2020 and as an unpaind consultant for GlaxoSmithKline in 2022 outside the submitted work. Drs Kachikis, Englund, and Drake reported receiving grant support from Merck outside the submitted work. Drs Kachikis and Englund reported receiving grant support from Pfizer outside the submitted work. Dr Englund reported receiving grant support from GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca and serving as a consultant for AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sanofi Pasteur, and Meissa Vaccines Inc outside the submitted work. No other disclosures were reported.

The authors of the study examined 11 “lactating individuals,” after getting either the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA shots. Nine of them were white, one black, and one Asian. Five of the participants “had detectable vaccine mRNA in their breast milk.”

The evidence shows that the Covid injections are contaminating breastmilk. 

These data demonstrate for the first time to our knowledge the biodistribution of COVID-19 vaccine mRNA to mammary cells and the potential ability of tissue EVs (extracellular vesicles) to package the vaccine mRNA that can be transported to distant cells. Little has been reported on lipid nanoparticle biodistribution and localization in human tissues after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination.

In rats, up to 3 days following intramuscular administration, low vaccine mRNA levels were detected in the heart, lung, testis, and brain tissues, indicating tissue biodistribution. We speculate that, following the vaccine administration, lipid nanoparticles containing the vaccine mRNA are carried to mammary glands via hematogenous and/or lymphatic routes.” 

These researchers adhere to medicine’s precautionary ethical principle, stating: 

“caution is warranted about breastfeeding children younger than 6 months in the first 48 hours after maternal vaccination until more safety studies are conducted. In addition, the potential interference of COVID-19 vaccine mRNA with the immune response to multiple routine vaccines given to infants during the first 6 months of age needs to be considered. It is critical that lactating individuals be included in future vaccination trials to better evaluate the effect of mRNA vaccines on lactation outcomes.”

This study is discussed at length in this Epoch Times article: COVID Vaccines Contaminate Breastmilk With mRNA: Study By Enrico Trigoso, September 28, 2022

Dr. Christiane Northrup, a former fellow in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Northrup (and a member of the AHRP Distinguished Advisory Board) reminded doctors and public health officials: 

“It is an axiom of medicine that one never gives pregnant or lactating women any new drug or therapy that has not been thoroughly tested over many years. Giving pregnant or lactating women a fast-tracked injection for an infection with a survival rate of 99 percent goes against common sense.” 

The CDC and the medical establishment continue to urge pregnant and lactating women to take the Covid injections with knowingly false claims and outright lies

if you have COVID-19 during pregnancy, you are at increased risk of complications that can affect your pregnancy and developing baby. For example, COVID-19 during pregnancy increases the risk of delivering a preterm or stillborn infant.?

The CDC claims and recommendation are not backed up with any legitimate study showing a benefit vis-à-vis the serious risks. However, the CDC recommendation is widely echoed by the medical establishment and the obliging corrupt media.

Their recommendations are not to be trusted.
The aggressive Covid vaccination campaign is violating medicine’s precautionary principle – “First, do no harm” – as well as the moral and legal requirement under the 1947 Nuremberg Code which mandates full disclosure of risks and “Voluntary, fully informed consent.” 

The vaccination campaign is led by corrupted, irresponsible, public health officials, medical institutions, and bought academics. It is worth noting that these high paid “authorities” have opted for the latest politically-correct obscenity that degrades women and motherhood. They no longer differentiate between men and women. They refer to gender-neutral meaningless terms such as, “pregnant people” and “breastfeeding people.”   

  • Those who urge pregnant and lactating women to gamble with their baby’s wellbeing are pushing an evil genocidal agenda.

Former Chief Scientist at Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, Warns Vaccines May Be Deliberate Depopulation Ploy

As of Sept 23, 2022, the VAERS database recorded 4,486 cases of aborted pregnancies following COVID19 Vaccine. By contrast, during the 30 years prior to Covid-19 injections, there were 2,239 recorded deaths of unborn babies in VAERS. 


  • See also, Dr. Naomi Wolf videos Re: evidence of harm reported in Pfizer’s own Covid-19 vaccine documents: these are the documents that FDA sought to conceal for 75 years.

Dr. Naomi Wolf: mRNA Found In Breast milk Given to Children, Babies Experiencing Side Effects Sept 27, 2022

Naomi Wolf Lays Out The Case For Banning Covid Vaccines For Pregnant Women Aug 30, 2022 (See also the transcript)

Naomi Wolf Discusses Attempt Of The Global Health Community To Cover Up Their COVID Misinformation Sept 28, 2022


648 VAERS Case Reports of  Infants Who Suffered Harm After Exposure to Covid-19 Contaminated Breastmilk, Real Time Magazine:


Read the entire Real Time Magazine analysis here.

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